My iphone wont reboot and it shows a grey screen or BLUE screen? - 1

So i got this brand new iphone 4 and it had a notification on the settings for some upgrade for ios something software and so i did and it shut up and then showed the apple loading sign but it would not load, as i was expecting a call from someone i wanted to stop the update so i pressed the home screen button and top button trying to cancel the update.

Then after that it just would not reboot, i see the apple sign but as soon as it turns on it goes on grey blank screen or bright blue screen and when i connect the phone to my laptop, it will not even acknowledge the connection.


Hold home button and power button at the same time:) that should fix it


Recover mode and then restore
I hope you have a back up

A similar thing happened to me. I just left it sitting for a while, and its battery eventually ran out and it shut off. When I turned it on, it was fine.

Let it sit for a few hours or days - it has to turn off sometime since that battery isn't invincible. Once you see that it's a completely black screen and off, plug it in and turn it on.

If that doesn't work, I would call Apple support or a local iPhone repair shop.


Take it to the shop where you bought it from, they will be able to help. Its because when you update your phone, it erases the old os and replaces it with the new one, and if you interupt the process of updating the os, it makes your phone unusable because the old os has been eeased and the new one was not fully installed. But dont panic! I had a similar situation with my blackberry and i managed to get it working again by rebooting and updating it via my laptop (which took quite a few tries). But iphones are different to blackberries so just take it to the shop and they ahould sort it out for you!

Well, sounds like that's a big problem. Normally when it's in the process of updating the ios, it will delete the older one and if the update is interrupted, it would have most likely corrupted the files on the iphone, meaning that the file that allows the computer to recognize your iphone as an iphone is either corrupted or was already deleted. Since reconnecting the device to the computer doesn't do anything, I'd try holding the top button down for say 10 seconds until it powers down. Then wait a few seconds before starting it up again and see if anything happens. If you get a grey screen, wait a few minutes to see if anything happens. If nothing happens after 10 minutes, I'd consider taking it to an apple store to see if they can fix it. Or return it and say that the phone crashed during update and see if you can get a new one.