My iphone 5s storage is almost full?

On my iphone i have 338 pictures and 52 videos, also i do have many apps i don't want to delete it all as i will loose everything. Im not asking because it makes no sense because it does as i have used up Alot of storage i have 16gb so how can i get my storage back with also having my pics and everything somewhere so i can access them. Thanks guys x

What happened to the iTube app and why?

I can't find the original, free iTube app in the App Store, I have an iPhone 5s. My phone recently got stolen and all my data and music and that iTube was on there and now I have a new phone and I can't find that app.

After Erase & Sync, Can I Restore From Backup?

In iTunes, when I go to iPhone>Summary and check "Manually manage music and videos" under options and press "Apply", I receive a confirmation pop-up explaining that my phone can only be synced with one iTunes Library at a time.
It asks if I want to erase and sync, and I understand that it deletes everything and replaces it with what is in my current iTunes Library.
My question is: Will the backup that I just created (both on iCloud and on my computer) restore my contacts/photos/app data etc. After I erase & sync or will that be lost as well?

My iPhone front camera is blurry?

The normal camera works fine but when I flip it it is blurry almost smudgelike and i can't take any pictures with it-when i press the button nothing happens. Then i have to restart the app so it would let me flip it back. I'm not sure if this is a hardware or software issue- i have tried rebooting the app and the ipod itself but nothing changes
it doesn't appear to be damaged on the outside, but i don't know
thanks for any help!

to get an image idea: go to this one
My iPhone front camera is blurry

basically it's like the image on the far left but it's a worse and i can't take pictures with it

My 5c battery is dying quicker than normal?

I got my iPhone 5c in June and it's been great, but this past week it's battery life drains the entire battery in about 4 hours, I don't text non stop because I am not aloud to even have my phone at my job from 8am - 5pm then when I am at home I am with my family cooking and cleaning, the only apps I use is snapchat and Instagram and every once in awhile I use my Pinterest. I think it's because I used my friends cheap charger for a couple days, but maybe I'm wrong just wants some opinions, maybe I hit something in my settings or an app I use is bad.

Why won't it allow me to download apps to my iPhone 4s from the App Store?

ok so a couple of days ago I purchased two game pack for $0.99. One day I wanted to download something and this thing popped up saying, "your payment method was declined. Please enter another payment method." so I put in all of my card information, but I didn't have any money in my account so I used my boyfriends visa debit card and it still said the same thing. He has money in his account. It gives you the option to use a visa, master card or an amex. I chose visa because I have a visa debit card from Canada Trust but this thing still won't allow me to download anything. Because of this stupid thing I had to reset my phone thinking it would fix the problem but it didn't. Now I'm stuck with absolutely nothing on my iPhone because the App Store won't allow me to download anything. Please help?!

How much to Cancel my at&t contract?

I am under my mother's phone plan. My contract was due to end in February of 2015, however this past June (2014) my iphone randomly broke. I went to at&t and they told me I would have to purchase a new phone. Now I guess I'm under a contract with them until 2016. I really don't want to be because as I said I'm under my mom's phone plan and I have to share data with 5 people. I want to go to Virgin mobile. How much in total would it be for me to buy out or cancel my at&t contract?

Is it possible to test/run android apps on an iphone?

So, I've been told by my professor that he wants us to test our apps on our mobile devices. Thing is, I got an iphone. Is it even possible to run android apps on an iphone? Or do I gotta run out and get me an android phone?

P.S. I got a macbook pro