Relationship Advice? Please?

I’ve been dating this girl since January and everything has been great thus far. We live together and have shared goals together. In July, we decided to save money and be on the same phone plan. Yesterday, she decided to go with yet another carrier to get the latest and greatest iphone 6. Her current plan does save her a mere $2 a month (total 74 with taxes) where as her portion of her old plan was a total of 76$ w/ taxes. So it’s not a big deal, right? That’s what I thought. One of her reasons (other than wanting to have one nice thing for herself), was to save money to pay off her debt. Earlier last week, I had offered to pay a portion of her phone bill because I am debt free…only if she agreed to use what she would’ve normally paid to towards her debt. Maybe it’s a pride issue, but it’s completely disheartening and disappointing to see someone who I care about do this for a mere item that will be out of date in a few months. If that isn’t good enough, I had hopes of marrying this women. For me the larger issue is that she is not responsible of her finances and is dysfunctional when it comes to understanding the importance of saving for her future. Originally, I had planned to purchase a trip with her (as it was a common goal to travel), but with this…it’s a game changer in my mind. Gold-digger? Doubtfully. Like I told her this morning, diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but no matter how big and pretty they are, they won’t keep you warm at night.


Should I keep my Nokia Lumia 800 or get an iPhone 4S?

At present I have a Nokia Lumia 800 and I think it's great. However, the lack of a front facing camera and lack of apps on the Windows Marketplace does annoy me a little.

My 24 month contract is coming to an end and I don't know whether to keep the Nokia and get a SIM only deal or whether to get an iPhone.

At the moment, the only iPhone within my price range in the 4S. I have found a 24 month deal with enough minutes, texts and data to suit me for £15 per month but I am worried that when new iOS updates come out, they won't be compatible with the 4S and therefore I won't be able to download certain apps, get certain updates etc.

Can anybody give any suggestions? Any help would be much appreciated.

Will I have to attend court for my injury claim?

I'm on an iPhone, excuse my spelling and talking like a robot.
I had an accident
Minor guy went into the back of me
2 friends and me = 3
We claimed for the injury
Other side signed document saying he was at fault
I got date of accident wrong
Was 23rd of may
I said it was 13 may
I SIGNED documents saying it was 13th may
My insurance have informed me at the time I reported it as 23rd may
I WAS NOT insured on the 13th may
I have asked solictor to change accident date.
Is this possible?
She is pissed off
Now other side insures will CLING on to the fact I said the WRONG date to try not pay out
I have other shyt on my mind at the time, I was having a miscarriage n other BAD BAD stuff happen to me.
I was confused and I'm really upset about this.
What can I do about this?
Will I have to go to court?
I'm in the uk
Thank you for any helpful answers

What color iphone 6 should I get?

I did not like the gold finishing. I'm currently looking into space grey or the white(silver) one. My older iPhone broke down so I'm in need of a new phone.

Not a fan of any other smart phone brands so don't even bother if you're an anti-apple fanboy. I'm entitled to my own personal desires.

How to transfer music from my iphone 5 to my pc using itunes?

How to transfer music from my iphone 5 to my pc using itunes?

Added (1). I have an album on my phone that I would like to transfer to my computer. I would then like to delete that album on my phone and just keep it on my computer. How would I do that using itunes?

Someone stole my new iPhone 6:?

Hiiiiiiiii before you call me "stupid" or 'you don't derserve it' please read my full story.

As i was in a party, i was with a group of girls (I'm 24 btw) and this boy comes up to me and tells me "is that the new iPhone 6, I always wanted one" (He looks like 18 and I was texting my friend, britney.) I nodded and he says cool.

Two hours later my phone was in my front pocket and soon i feel something like touching me on my thigh and it was him and he gets my phone and just run away. Two-five minutes later I was panicking and i soon told my other friend and we went to the app "Find My iphone" on her phone and it was located 2 miles away, and going more farther, (mine has a password in it) thirty minutes later it was now 35 miles away and it stopped moving. I located that area in googles map with my other friends phone and it was a motor-home area.

Should I call the cops and tell them about it? Or Should I go there by myself? :(

this happened last night Im ready to get my phone today he stole it:(.