What to do with shattered iPhone 6?

Today my phone took a hard fall and shattered, sadly. But luckily the phone still works but the bottom half of the screen is covered with cracks (think black ones) everywhere but the top only has a few thin cracks. I can't get a new phone for another 6 months so is it worth getting my screen replaced or should I replace it myself or is there a special screen protector that I can use to help it out. Right now I threw it in my old lifeproof that I was stupidly not using so it won't cut my fingers, but is it worth getting it replaced, or is there a screen protector that I should try that will fix the cracks? Thanks to anyone who helps me and sorry for my terrible grammar

How to get a multiple voice effect?

I m recording a song on a multiple track app on my iphone but I also have cakewalk, garageband, and audacity. Is there any way to get the same sound as recording the same vocal track multiple times without actually doing so? It s extremely difficult to sing exactly the same each time. Thanks.

IPhone problem with no service?!

I m currently on straight talk with my iPhone 4. I bought an iPhone 5s but it s has "no service ". And I m having trouble having my number on this new iPhone, that I bought on eBay. Please help me!

How to Pair my iphone with generic car radio? Double din aftermarket?

I read the instruction and it didn t help at all. I turned on my iPhone Bluetooth and the car radios and nothing happened.


Why do people from the United Kingdom think they are better than Americans?

like im not saying all of them but some of them think they are so much better than Americans like why:/ we're the land of the free and we design most of the stuff over here like iphones, androids and we have have some better stuff like hip-hop, shoes, guns etc… But they have good stuff over there too but im just wondering why they think they are superior and better

Slim case for iPhone SE with access to all buttons and ports?

Hi, I'm looking for a slim case for my iPhone SE (it's compatible with 5&5S cases) that provides access to all buttons and ports. I've been using the Elago Outfit Matrix cases for my 5S, but would like to try something different. All suggestions are appreciated, thank you!

Can I use my iPhone 6 on a prepaid plan?

I have a sprint iPhone 6 and I wanted to get it unlocked but I don't know how. So my other option is to get it on a prepaid plan. And how do prepaid plans work?

Find My iPhone - Erase iPhone?

Am I correct in thinking that if I log in to iCloud and use the Erase iPhone feature for my phone, it will turn remove the passcode, and deactivate Find My iPhone?


Added (1). Basically the phone doesn't turn on and I need to deactivate the passcode and deactivate Find My iPhone. I'm concerned that if I erase all data, Find My iPhone will still be active but the device will longer be linked to my iCloud in order to turn off Find My iPhone. I'm also concerned that if I turn off Find My iPhone first, I won't be able to factory restore the device in order to deactivate the passcode.