Transfer game data from old iPhone to new iPhone?

I couldn't find a clear answer, so I decided to ask the question. Tomorrow I'm getting my old iPhone 6 replaced by a new one (because my screen is cracked), and I would like to know if I can transfer my game progress (data) from my old iPhone to my new one… I'm talking about game progress in games like: Sniper 3D or Need for Speed No Limits… I won't have both iPhones available at the same time, I should get the other iPhone in 3 days.

How to transfer ringtones to iPhone 6?

I tried to transfer some ringtones I downloaded on my Mac but when I try to transfer them to the iPhone, they end up being in the iPod, how can I transfer them to become ringtones I can set to my phone?

How to know if someone blocked you on iPhone?

my imessage works for every one of my contacts except one person. It doesn't say error or anything it just doesn't say delivered. However when i send it as a text message it says 'sent'. So is that a sign that the person blocked me?

Will I lose my data if I update my iPhone?

my iPhone 5 is still version 6.1.4, I have never updated since the version with the new look came out with the circle unlock pad and even the app icons look different. I've always been scared that I would lose all my data such as my music and my photos. But there are too many apps out there now that requires iOS 7.0 or higher and I thought its time I update my phone as well. I asked some of my friends whether I lose or keep my data and I don't have a solid answer. So anyone who know for sure, can you please help me with this. If I have to use iCloud please tell me how I do it.

Looking for a live decibel meter program for Windows?

I live in a dormitory, and there has been some complaints about loud music in the bar. Therefore, we are planning on measuring the sound level, and publish it live on our website, so people can monitor how loud the noise is from the bar.

What I need is a software that can measure the sound level from the microphone, and then (as close to live as possible) output the results to a file. The program is supposed to run 24/7, so it must be able to output the results while it's running. I'll take care of how it's getting published to the website.

I've tried googling, but all software I can find can either not output the results live, or is an iphone or android app.


Why Do Celebrities Use iPhones Instead of Androids?

I think androids are superior to iPhones but whenever you see a celebrity like Amber Rose, Beyonce, or the Kardashians post a picture, they always have an iPhone in their hands. Does apple pay celebrities to advertise their products? I've never seen a celebrity post a picture with an android device.

Any app for the iPhone that can change where my location is?

This weekend IEM Katowice will be held in Katowice, Poland. People who attend the event will get special crates that you receive skins from for a game called Counter Strike Global Offensive. I'd like to receive one of those crates but there's one problem, I live in Wisconsin. Talking to a friend of mine who owns an android he said there's an app that allowed him to change his location so that he appeared to be in Katowice. Anyone know of apps that would help? Thanks:)

Can I use an iphone 5 without a data plan, and use it as an ipod?

My friend recently generously gave me a brand new i phone 5c and I wanted to use it, but without the hassle of taking it to a company and adding a nasty bill for it. I s there a way for me to set it up, so I can only use the internet while connected to wifi. Is this? The phone is currently not setup.