Can I use my iPhone on a cruise?

Hi, I am going on a cruise tomorrow, and was wondering what to do about my iPhone 4s. I don't want to rack up any charges, so what should I do? Basically, just want to use my phone as a camera/video camera until I can buy a wifi package on the ship. When I buy a package, is there anyway I can call or text with an app or something. I'm going on a Royal Caribbean Eastern Caribbean Cruise on the Allure of the Seas by the way. Thank you!

How to restore all my music?

So I'm getting a new iphone an I want to know how do I transfer all my music and apps to the new one from the old one and since all my computers don't work literally they all crash:/ can I just log in to my iCloud account on my new one and sync it from there or will I need a computer too

Random Numbers Keep Texting Me?!

The area code isn't even near where I live. These two numbers: 1-601-507-6164 &
1-601-954-6173 keep texting me. The first number randomly texted me "ok." And then a few hours later "Wyd" and the second one sent "meet the dogs." An hour went by then "Wyd." 2 hours later "have fun."
I haven't replied to any of them. My phones not even turned on. I'm using iMessage off my old phone. IPhone 3GS. How can I block them or make them stop texting me. I'm kinda freaked out.

IPhone home button got wet and Siri keeps popping up. Help?!

my iphone got wet while riding splash mountain at disneyland (lol) and now my home button isnt responding. Not only that, but the siri on my phone keeps popping up. I cant even use my phone for at least 30 seconds without it showing up. Please help me solve this problem. I've tried doing everything to fix my home button. I feel like giving up on this phone. Please Help -- thanks in advance.

Reseted my unlocked iphone 5, now i have no service?

Hello, i resetted my iphone 5 (because i didnt have alot of room so i was lazy to delete stuff) the phone is factory unlocked ( not sure which is the original carrier, i bought it from some guy on craigslist months back) ive been using it for tmobile sence. Ok after i reset it i poped my sim card back in my phone and sense then its been reading "No service" please help me i dont know what to do

How to leave a Group MMS on my iPhone?

My friends constantly text message every 2 seconds. Its so annoying -.- All the time I have to unlock my phone to see it so it doesn't remind me 10 times to see it. Sadly the iPhone doesn't know you don't care about the text message. Help please? (Im pretty sure I have iOS 7.1.2) I have an iPhone 4S

How to tell if dead iPhone is charging?

How to tell if dead iPhone is charging?

Added (1). My iPhone died this morning. I have two chargers, both of which require me to play around with before they charge. If I unplug it, it has a red flashing battery with a lightning bolt and charger underneath. If I plug it in, it just has a non-flashing red battery. It has been plugged in for 30 minutes now and it still is showing the red battery without turning on.

Sold a guy a iphone on craiglist, guy claims it doesnt work?

Hello, i sold my Iphone 5 on craigslistwhich was unlocked for tmobile. I used it for tmobile and it had no problems. Now the same day i sold it, he called me saying " i have no service with my tmobile sim card in why did you sold me this etc etc" ( he told me he went to tmobile to buy a new nano sim card )now when i had the iphone it worked prefectly. Alot of people told me to ignore him and not to take back the phone and give his money because i didnt sell the phone like that ( i sold it working prefect ) now he knows where i live. So please tell me what to do? Phone worked great when i had it. Now that he has it its been saying No service sence.
I currently blocked him from texting me and calling me