Iphone 5s storage very full?

Iphone 5s storage very full?

Added (1). I got my iphone 5s about 3 months ago, i barely have any apps but my phone is constantly saying that my storage is full. I plugged my phone into a computer today and it says my internal storage is VERY full.

What is actually causing this problem?
I have tried turning off backup on most apps but still no difference.

I am taking my iphone to the apple shop to see if they can give me any advice.

What things can I bring to Air Force tech school?

After basic are you allowed to have things like laptops, tv, xbox 360, ps3, iphone, etc. At tech school, like can I have my family bring stuff like this to me after graduation? I

Iphone 5S - Worth the upgrade?

Hi guys I have been given the option from my parents to have the iPhone 5s for my birthday, right now I have the iphone 4 and it's getting a bit worn so I do need a new phone. Is it worth the upgrade to the 5s and why? Cheers.

Christmas list ideas for teenage girl?

Hi! I'm out of ideas of what to ask for! I've already written down- new Louis Vuitton purse, makeup, camera, iPhone 6s plus, and a new laptop. Anything else I should add? By the way, I'm 16.

Checking text messages online?

I think my spouse is cheating, can you suggest any way to check her mobile phone messages from an account or remote place via internet?

What tool does law enforcement use to unlock iPhones?

I heard that in iOS8, the data is encrypted so that law enforcement can't unlock iPhones, but my friend in high school got his phone taken away, and the school was able to unlock his phone even though he was on iOS 8. Also what tool do they use to do this, and how come it is still possible for law enforcement to unlock iPhone?