Interactive story games like a dark room?

So I was looking for a game similar to the iphone game "A Dark Room" which is an interactive text based story with different actions that can be taken and effect the way the game plays later down the road. I've also played Sorcery! Which is another text based game, so anything on these platforms and with this genre will suffice.

Im selling a Wii, Nintendo DS, iPhone 4, and video games?

I am selling a Wii Black with 1 Controller and Nunchuck, a Nintendo DS Lite blue, a cracked iPhone 4 with a broken power button, and a Need For Speed Wii and FIFA Soccer 13 Wii for $250. Anyone Interested. I'm willing to lower price.

What should be my main Christmas present?

I was thinking about a good camera because I love taking pictures and recording Youtube videos. I have an IPhone 5C, IPod, Computer, and a flat screen T.V. I just turned 13. What should I ask for? Please help!

How to stop my iPhone 4 from pausing music?

How do I stop my iPhone 4 from pausing music?

Added (1). My iPhone 4 keeps pausing music and the sound control disappears. It does this with headphones, aux cords, and when its playing through the speakers. It keeps the music app open, just pauses music.

IPhone 5c battery issues after jailbreak?


So a few months ago I jailbroke my phone, and since then I have experienced really bad batter drain. I will gladly pay the money for a replacement battery if that will solve the problem, but I was wondering if it will.

These are my battery statistics:

Design Capacity: 1500 mAh
Max Capacity: 1400 mAh (this number fluctuates, sometimes going as low as 1350 mAh)

If someone could tell me whether I need to buy a replacement battery or reverse the jailbreak/restore the phone, it'd be greatly appreciated!

Thank you!