How to connect to my university wifi?

Hi. My university has banned all mobile phones to connect to its wifi but from laptop we can connect and also from windows phone( just not android and iphone). Is there anything from that I can unlock and connect to wifi? Btw i use iphone.

Does my son have any sense of realty?

my son is 24 but he looks 16 so all the good looking girls find him cute he can get any girl he wants to find him cute so all the girls love him and he knows tons off good looking girls and he lives in a big house with us and we say he don't ever have to move out and he has everything from a iPhone 6 to a apple laptop to 3 cats and a dog and a pet reptile and his celeb crushes follow him on twitter and have inboxed him and he has hugged his celeb crush and she called him cute and they all find find him cute and he also has his own attractive hairdresser and a 3d tv and he knows tons off people most girls

Mail app on iPhone is taking up a lot of space even though it is empty?

So recently I've been getting pop ups about my storage being low. I went to check and mail was taking up 5 GB! I went and cleared it out, physically through each folder and deleted everything. Nothing happened. I went and I disabled it and even while disabled it took up lots of space. I turned it off from iCloud too and still nothing. I even went on my account on the computer and deleted everything there yet still nothing. Right now it's at 6.4GB someone please help. Thanks.

Are there any apps like iTube?

I have the iPhone 6s and I noticed that iTube no longer exists. I'm looking for an app that's similar, as in you make a playlist of songs and can listen to them without wifi. Are there any?

What's the best case for my iPhone 6S, I don't normally like cases?

I'm trying to decide what kind of case to get for my gold iPhone 6S. I don't normally like cases, but this phone is so slippery and I think I should try to protect it. I want something thin, I want a nice feel to it and be able to show the apple logo. I was thinking of getting the Apple cases, either silicone or leather, but not sure what color to get, or if I should at all. I need a cool case that looks premium. I'm a guy btw if that helps.

Does AT&T Mobile Insurance cover cracked iPhone 6s screen?

My friend dropped my iPhone 6s a couple days ago. I have the AT&T Mobile Insurance Plan. Are they gonna replace my phone a new one or are they gonna repair my screen? How long will it take to get a new one? Are they gonna charge me anything? If they do how much?