Music solution to listen to?

I have a iPhone and I want to start listening to my own music selection for free and all that what do I use! I see google play and it says 10$ a month but can j construct mu own playlist and even get music from YouTube. I listen to trance,house music,Indie country and rock

Do I have to help the Police?

Basically someone's car got stolen and I have some footage of it on my CCTV. The car was found and the women has a new one on insurance. I refuse to help the police simply because I don't want too, I really do not trust them with anything. Anyways now I am getting police calling me, visiting me, asking nicely, asking badly. Can they do this?

Added (1). Its more of a "all the cr*p you done to me why the hell should I help you".

Added (2). Also I remember one time they wanted my phone a iphone 4 (when they were new) to check contacts ect as my friend had some weed on him. It took 9 weeks to get that phone back, over 2 months having to still spend £45pm on contract for nothing. This is just one of so many examples, ya fair enough if they found something on it but they didn't.

Added (3). Another example the same Police station wanting the evidence had a huge go at me when this old lady got mugged right in-front of me. The Police station was about 2 mins away like you could see it, so I think I do the good thing and instead giving chase to the guy I ran to police. I go to the phone phone "QUICKLY! GET OUT HERE NOW! WE NEED Help ASAP!", "What's the problem sir?", "An old lady just got mugged! QUICKLY GET THE F OUTA HERE NOW!", "Sir DO NOT USE THAT LANGUAGE!", "Awww I give up".

Added (4). I start giving chase to the guy and then POLICE CHASE ME! It really sounds funny looking back on it but at the end of the day they literally helped that mugger get away only because I swore at them in panic.

Added (5). Ohhh and all the "Your known to Police aren't you?", I think nooo not at all I never been to jail, I never been charged, I never caused you any problems, I have no criminal record. Still its like if I can't be bothered to wear nice clothes I always be stopped, they always want my name and I always get the "Your known to Police aren't you?"

I've just always thought "if I can ever help you I won't". Its like they can do WHATEVER they want to me and I have to bite sh*t and accept it

Added (6). Oh and when my door got kicked in. I go to the Citizens Advice and they advise me to call the police for a crime reference number and then give that to my landlord for him to replace the door. I call the Police "Oh Hello my door got kicked in and I need it replaced." Before I could say anything else "Oh what do you want us to do about it!"

IPhone 6s case with the best protection inside and out?

I am looking for a new iPhone 6s case. Unfortunately the one I have which was quite expensive and from one of the better known manufacturers from the US caused scratches on the back of my iPhone while in the case.

Can anyone advise what cases offer the best protection for your iPhone inside and out? I am hopefully looking for something with soft material and cushioning on the inside.

Looking for something I can play my music from my iPhone 6s in my car?

I have a pretty old car so I can't use Bluetooth etc to play music from my phone in my car but I'm looking for some kind of transmitter (not sure if this is the name) so I can play music in my car from my phone, preferably one where I can skip through music etc using the car not the phone if they exist (my sister has one which connects at 88.7 but she can only skip music through her phone, not by the car)

Upgrade from iPhone 6+ to 6s?

So I've had my iPhone 6 Plus for 1 year and 1 month and yet I still haven't got used to the 6+, my dad got me the phone and it's really irritating me from how big it is, I called the place where my dad got the phone and they said I can replace it for a fee which I can pay off myself, my dad said yes and everything but I'm scared there will be a dramatic difference to the phone since I just at the largest phone in the world, I think it will be hard to get used to the normal 6s… Will it?

What should i do? My iPhone 6s plus drops on the floor?

Today my iPhone 6s plus drops on the floor. Luckily it was inside a flip case of iPhone, my screen is safe but the upper part of the body got some scratches how to remove that? Im scared is it possible to remove scratches on the body of an iPhone?