How to recover my photos from my IPhone?

I had over 1,000 pictures on my IPhone 5 and I was running out of storage so I decided to delete them all (even from the recently deleted file) but before I did I put all my photos on Google Photos. They were All there and then when I went back to Google Photos only about 50 pictures were left. I was wondering if there was a way to get all my pictures back. Please help!

IPhone Jailbreak Fail - TaiG 2.0.0 x Cydia?

Alright - hey! I am Arilyn and my brother decided he would jailbreak his iPhone 5c. He used TaiG and a Cydia Downloader and something screwed up. All of his Default Apps vanished and he can only use what comes up in the Spotlight Search. He admitted that he made a mistake and we need help fixing it. Any ideas?

Dropped iphone 6 in water help?!

About 2 hours ago i dropped my phone in the sink. It was only in there for maybe 5 seconds but it was totally submerged in the water. I put it in a bag of rice right after this happened. And the phone is still on and it looks like its working from the lock screen, but the touch screen wont work. Will keeping it in rice for a while work?

Can you roam with an iPhone 5c from Boost mobile?

Can you roam with an iPhone 5c from Boost mobile?

Added (1). Because the Sprint network is not that great, can you roam on AT&T's network for example?

Added (2). One more thing-
Can you roam with an iPhone that is on Virgin Mobile's network?

Iphone 6 music downloader app?

Hello I am looking for a iPhone 6 music downloader app that works without the phone having service. What I mean by this is that after the music is already stored in your playlist the music works when your phone has so service. The app I currently use doesn't work when I use the train so I'm looking for a app that works without service. I am willing to pay in the app store or is there any website that lets me download for free and works without service? Please help.

How to reset Apple i.d on a used 5s without knowing the old apple i.d?

Hi, my mom's friends's gave me his brother's old iPhone 5s but i don't have any connections to him. I had to unlock the phone to be able to use it in my country. So while setting up the whole language, country e.t.c. It asked for the apple i.d but i don't have it. What do I do? I need to use the phone to make calls tonight!

Memory from an old iphone 5c to a new iphone 5c?

This isnt a question back backing up data/music/pictures. I want to know if i can take whatever space the broken 32g phone has and stick it into my 8g phone that works, giving it more gigs of storage. If this is possible, where do i go to get this done? Thanks!