Water out of screen protector?

I got my iphone 6+ wet and it had a screen protector and a case on it. When i took it out of the place it got wet, my screen protector looked like it had water in it? Is there any possible way to take it out? I have my phone in rice and its been 1 & 1/2 days that it has been in there. I'm going to take it out tomorrow. Also, I had put my phone in recovery mode and put it in the rice. When I take it out do I turn it on normally or is there a specific way to turn it back on?

Grounded for 1 and a half years Help?!

I'm 16 My dads an asbestos removal worker and my moms a Physical therapist. I spent a total of $7000 on gambling. I also sold their TVs yesterday and that's when the Visa bill came. My mom was still at work when my dad got his visa bill when my mom got home he told her what I did and they both agreed I would be grounded for a year and a half! I have to stay in my room all day expect for school I can't go anywhere except for errands which my parents know I hate going to. When they go to Cedar point in June they will hire a babysitter to watch me. And no books expect for school text books… Also they are taking Laptop ( using my brothers laptop ) no ps4 no Xbox one no tv ( they sold mine to buy 3 new TVs that I sold ( I sold my bros and sisters TV as well ) also no iPhone 6s and this summer starting May 17 when I'm done with school I have to get a job. To pay for the gambling I did. And any extra money i make they will take. And for 10months they are taking my mattress, pillows, and covers away. Also for 3months they are putting bars in my windows to make it like jail and so if I do it again I will know what will happen Why are my parents so stupid I shouldn't be grounded for this long. I should be grounded for a week at the most. How can I do this for a year and a half Please help!

IPhone 6 phone not vibrating or going off when I get a notification?

I can get a text but I won't know when until I actually open the app. My phone won't vibrate or make sound and not even the little red button will show on the messaging app to let me know I have a message. I also can't install IOS 9.3.1 it won't let me

How to connect my iPhone to my chevy volt?

I would like to play my music in my car without using the usb cable and simply use the Bluetooth. How can I have my iPhone/iPod connected to my car without the damn cable?

I m thinking of buying a used iPhone 4s?

I m thinking of buying a used iPhone 4s and I don t know if it s stolen or not and don t know how to check and I just want to be sure because I ve heard stories, it has the iPhone 4s box with it along with the charger, also it s on the set up screen still where it says the big giant "HELLO". And also, because it s an iPhone, can I set it up without using a cell phone plan and just use wifi 24/7?

Should I get the 64GB or 128 GB iPhone 6s?

Well I have been saving up my money to get myself a new phone, and I now face the question on which amount of storage space I should get. I know I will have a lot of Apps on my phone, and pictures too. I was going to settle for gold 128GB in order to have enough space, since they were out of stock in Rose Gold 128 GB. However I do not mind settling. The price of each doesn't matter, I was just looking for some opinions. Thank you

Why am I obsessed with my electronics?

I got an Iphone 5s, Ipad Air 2, and a Hp windows 8.1 laptop. I'm on it like all day and I don't get out much except to go to the store. But that's it. Any ideas?