Is iPhone camera the best one in phone photography?

I'm not satisfied with my phone camera and I see photos taken by iPhone are very attractive even if people don't know much about photography. Is there any better choice if I want to change a phone? I have an Interchangeable Lens Camera but I still can't take it everyday. I want to have a phone that can take nice photos even at night… Any suggestions?

Is It Safe To Ride A Greyhound Bus?

I am seeing my big sister in Calgary… And it takes 3 hours to get there from Edmonton. Leaving on Wed. But theres only a 15 min stop. Im only bringing my Iphone 4S, and ear buds for my carry on, and my luggage is going in the deparment. Im so nervous/excited. Never been alone on a travel bus before. But once I did it with my class when we went to WE day in grade 6. Is there a bathroom?

Added (1). And also its only one stop. Also do they keep track of your luggage?

How do people do those symbols?

On IG I see like cloud symbols and heart symbols and really cool texting styles. And I can't figure out how to get those. I'm on my iPhone so I want it on my phone and not a computer. Does anyone know how I could do this? Please answer! Thanks.

Why won't my iTunes sync my music onto my iPhone?

When I plug my iPhone into my laptop and open iTunes to sync my music, it starts to back up all my things onto my computer but it never actually goes passed the backing up, it just stays on that. I've left my phone being plugged into the laptop for over 2 hours and when I returned it said it was still backing up. I want my music on my phone but I don't know why it wont work, help?

Dropped my iPhone 5 in Sprite?

Not my iPhone but my mom's. In the car in the cup holder there was a small plastic cup of sprite. It wasn't all the way full but my mom placed her phone in the cup thinking it was empty so now it freezes and the screen motion is tough like if you try sliding the screen you have to slide it really hard to get it move all the way. And it freezes up so what should I do?