How to Whatsapp a Song in Iphone 4?

I have purchased I Phone 4. I have copied about 200 songs via Itunes Sync. Now I want to Send a song to one of my whatsapp contact. How could I do that Because the Songs i have copied only shows in Music Player. I am new to Iphone So Please Guide Me.

I ordered an iPhone 6 at at&t and it hasn't came when it was supposed to?

I orders an iPhone 6 about a week ago, and they said it would be here in 7 to 14 business days. 7 business days pass, no iPhone. So we check online to see where it is at and it said "there has been a blockage on your order". So I call up there to see where it is at, and they said it would be he with in the week. A week passes by, no iPhone. There is a website where I track where it is at, and it seys preparing to ship. It was supposed to come the Tuesday we called, but it has said preparing to ship since that day. It is now Thursday November 20th and it still seys preparing to ship. It would take a day or so for it to come in, so if it was going to be here Friday it would say package has been shipped. It can't be here Saturday and Sunday because those sent business days. I don't know when it will be here. But if this has happened to anyone else could you tell be what this is? I'm really starting to get ticked off. Experienced people, or AT&T workers would be appreciated. Thanks!


The guy i like called me (btw he doesnt like me back as he says) but i didnt pick up because i was busy with something and it wasnt a right time to call. So i called him back half an hour later and it said "sorry the number you have dialled is currently switched off or unavailable (what does this mean, did his fone die?)
And so i called 15mins after that and it rang three times then beeped and on my iphone screen it said "user busy" (what does this mean?) and i just replied to his text now, and he didnt reply. I dont get it