IPhone chargers keep breaking, why?

My iphone 4 charger stopped working after not even having it for a month and has not been chewed or damaged in any way. I bought another one and the NEXT DAY after opening it and using it, it stopped working. Third back up charger that came with the 2nd one, I started using a few days ago and have been super careful with it and hardly touching it and it is super stiff from being new and today this afternoon STOPPED WORKING… WHAT IN THE WORLD… I thought it could be my outlet but I have a powerstrip extension… What is the problem?(phone charges fine on my brother's charger which he has had for the same amount of time as my first one)

How to move playlists from iPhone to mac?

So I recently got a mac (switched from a pc)
Anyhow- I managed to move all my music over from my phone, but it didn't transfer the playlists!

How do I move them to my iTunes library?


I'm trying to figure this out?

Okay so about a month ago this guy blocked my number on his iphone through the iphone (the block caller feature). I knew he blocked me because he wasn't responding to texts and for a month when I would call it would ring once or twice and then go straight to voicemail. Well Monday for whatever reason I tried calling him and it rang 4 times. I knew my number was unblocked so I texted saying sorry. No response. Well last night I thought to give him a call and it rang twice and he picked up and said "hello" so I said "joe?" There was no response but he didn't hang up we were still on the line and then I hung up. I texted him twice the first time it said delivered the second text said "sent as text message." So I have a few questions.

1. If he got a new iphone but has the same number, would my number still automatically be blocked?
2. If the text says "sent as text message" did he block my number again? Anytime I would try to send a text in the last month when my number was blocked, they always said "delivered"
3. If he unblocked my number himself, why wouldn't he respond to my texts?

I'm just trying to figure out if he unblocked my number or if maybe he got a new phone? But it's still the same number so I would assume I would still be blocked regardless.

How to set up a home network?

Ok so I suck at this. I want to set a wireless network to connect my iPhone laptop xbox and my printer together but I have no idea how to do it. What do I need? Any help is appreciated

Soccer Showdown 2015 Hack, Cheats for iOS?

Hello friends, Soccer Showdown 2015 game is now available for all iOS devices so that's why I am looking for Soccer Showdown 2015 Hack, Cheats for my iPhone. I want to get free Gold without spending my money at iTunes.

I will be really thankful to the person who can provide me the working Soccer Showdown 2015 Hack or Cheats for my Iphone 5S and also please make sure that the Hack is working without root or jailbreak.

Thanks in advance friends!

New iphone number unknown? Help?!

Just got a new phone, an iphone 4, my old phone is still working and i didn't link this phone to my new one. I can't text with the new one, and when i call it says (on other phone) 'unknown'. Internet + everything else working fine, how do i fix this, preferably without going to phone shop. Thanks!

How to fix wi-fi's constant disconnection on iphone 5c?

hi, i have an iphone 5c, operating on IOS 7.1.1, my problem is that after connecting on my home network, its connects normally for about a minute or two then it disconnects and reconnects and sometimes i need to turn wifi off and on so it reconnects only to disconnect two minutes later, this happens always, and since the day i bought it, and ONLY on my home network, on other wifi networks it connects normally, this is a huge problem cause i'm stuck at home for the summer! , i tried everything from update, to restore network settings, nothing works, it always disconnects, help please!