How to make my iPhone think I'm in Canada?

I have a iPhone 4S. I want to make it think I'm in Canada because there's a website that only works in Canada. So is their any way to make my iPhone think I'm anywhere in Canada.

Jailbreaking/Rooting Voiding protection plan?

I want to Root my phone and my brother wants to jailbreak his iPhone. We were wondering if doing so voids our protection plan. Keep in mind this isn't warranty given to use by apple/samsung, it is the warranty we pay $10 extra out of our phone bill every month.

Everyone at school hates me?

Ok, so I have been emotionally abused by kids at school since first grade. I used to pick my nose and I still do it but not around anyone. People bully me because I like Pokemon, Halo, Nintendo, etc. When ever a new iPhone game comes out everyone is playing it, so I join the fad and I gain a lot of new friends. About a month later when the game isn't popular anymore, I lose all of my friendships from that fad. The only friends I have are two friends since kindergarten and 2 eight graders and a few high schoolers. I will be in seventh grade this year. I have never had a true relationship with a girl, lots of people bully me because of that. I also get bullied because my face isn't, "clean" I have a mole and some zits, but that's normal for a twelve year old boy, right? Apparently not anymore. People critisize me because I play too many video games, but that's because I have something bad in my neighborhood which I cannot say here. Please help, I'm tired of this awful bullying.

IPhone sat in hot tub for 5 minutes?

iPhone 5 was in hot tub for five minutes. It's been a month since the incident. Phone does not work and won't turn on. BUT I just plugged it in and it keeps making the same sound that it makes when you plug it in to the charger EVERY 5 seconds! There is no picture, it is just black but there is this beeping constantly. Is there hope for the phone?

Guys: Why do you ignore girls texts?

There's this guy I've been talking to for a few weeks online now. He showed a lot of interest in me, flirting, trying to get to know me, etc. The last conversation we had was us joking around and he said "im sowwy" and I replied lol you should be, then he said lmao with a kissy face. Three days passed and hadn't texted me, so I decided to say a simple "hey(:" we both have iPhones and you can see when the other person has read ur message. He read it and hasn't replied, it's been a little over a week. I know he's not that busy because he's been online. Please help, I'm so confused.

Browser not loading any pages on Windows 8 Toshiba Satellite?

My other computers work. Desktop is on ethernet and has windows XP. This Dell Inspiron is on XP also but on wifi. My NEW toshiba satellite is Windows 8. Connected to the internet on wifi. When I open the browsers up, Internet explorer and Google Chrome they roll and roll and load forever. Never getting anywhere. I tried to go on everything but nothing is showing up ever. I type in regular random stuff facebook youtube google etc. Nothing just backwards rolling of the loading wheel. And the bottom left says connecting. I CAN SKYPE CALL people. If you are familiar with Yu_Gi-Oh Pro. I dueled someone in a game online and it was fine. MY Browsers just dont work. I ran network diagnostics multiple times and windows couldnt identify the problem. This happened after I put the computer to sleep for like 4 hours.
This is stressing me out so so very much and I dont know how to fix it. It is connected to the internet signal full strength. NO viruses at all according to Webroot. It was working fine before I put it to sleep.
Any ideas?

Any advice on how to protect my iPhone 5c?

I can't afford a case and my mom says I'll have to pay for a new phone if I break this one and I can't afford that. I have a history of breaking my phones and I'm really scared the same thing will happen to this one too

Name Game-#2 All Girls. For Fun?

Ages 11-13. Averge weight and height. Middle Names.

1- Girl. Light Brown hair with blonde, Loves Tumbling, Dance and Basketball. Loves to shop. Grateful, Likes weather and taking pics. Likes doing hair. Likes fishing, and driving 4-wheelers. Name start with R or S.

2- Girl. Blonde, Loves tumbling, drawing, basketball and organizing girly rooms. Loves to go to the mall. Likes to Swim. Loves horses and playing on Iphones. Names start with R or D.

3- Girl. Blond hair with red. Loves cheer and tumble. Likes doing hair and Nails. Shy around certain people. Obsessed with boys. Can be Judgmental and Snooty. Has an Attitude. Can't fight. Names with N or C.

Middle Names Short or 2 middle names.
Names- Unique but not weird, cute.

Can't get past iPhone password lock. Tried everything?

I purchased an older iPhone at a thrift store for my mom to use and it has a password lock on it.

I have read all the tutorials online to get past the stupid security lock.

I can't get my computer to sync to it since it was never linked as a trusted computer.

I tried doing the whole 'hold down the power and menu button' to put in recovery mode also, but it won't do it. All it does is says it is password locked.

I can't get anything to work. Any suggestions?

I dropped my iphone accidently, stuck on black screen and not turning on?

Ok I was running around and I tripped then my iPhone fell out of my pocket, I picked it up and noticed it was on a grayish screen, I managed to turn it off by holding both the home screen and the power button, but when I tried to turn it on, it would not, it was stuck on a black screen, I am able to hear sounds coming from the iPhone but not sure what to do.

Added (1). it wont turn on if I hold down the home and power button