How much does it cost to make a music video?

ok heres what i got… A iphone 5, and a friend and only $80.00

how much would it cost too pay someone to record a music video for me? My friend said he might not be able to do it. I need someone who knows what he or she is doing. OR how much would it cost me to make the video? What program do i use? Are there any free music video programs online or on laptops? What is the cheapest camera i should use or buy? Would my iphone camera be good enough for this video? Please answer all my questions quick easy 10 points

Restore iphone 4s help?! Please?!

I recently got my iphone 4s unlocked (so i can use tmobile) and i accidentally downloaded the newest update -ios 7.1, but i havent installed it, if i factory restore my iphone, i understand i will have to get i unlocked again, but will it erase the file of ios 7.1 or will it stay? I dont want to accidently install the new update and it always asks me if i want to. Thank you

Iphone 5c or 5s for college student?

i really like the 5s because it is obviously the latest technology from apple, but the 5c is cheaper.
i am a college student paying for the phone my self, so obviously cost is a heavy factor. I am also on the go a lot and use my current phone (iphone 4s) for pictures, music, and social media. I have the 16GB 4s right now and im pretty low on space.
the $99 5c is a really great deal, but storage space is just as important to me as cost.

do you think it would be better to pay the $199 for a 32GB 5c, or would a 16GB 5s be worth it?

does anyone have a c and like it?/ have tried both?

i just want to make sure that the 5c isnt lacking in quality for such a cheap price.


Can I restore flappy birds on my new iphone?

I have a iphone 4s right now, it has flappy birds installed on it. It's backed up on my computer and everything.
I am getting a new iphone 5s tomorrow, I'm wondering if i restore all my apps, will flappy birds be there?

if not, is there any way to get it, without jailbreaking?
thanks xoxo

How to have more space on my iPhone 5s?

I want to have enough space on my iPhone to atleast have 800 photos and maybe 600 songs and at least have up to 25 apps (not including the apps that it comes with, of course). But my iPhone 5s is only 16 gb so thats kid of an issue. Any tips?