IPhone Twitter app unable to quote tweet properly?

so Twitter has added this new feature of quoting the tweet with a box to it and this allows more room for commentary (regarding the quoted/boxed tweet). Somehow on my iPhone 6 I am unable to perform this? Running on the latest Twitter app version and have tried uninstalling/reinstalling countless times.

Why wont my iphone 4s screen work? - 2

It turns on and the buttons work but when i try to unlock the screen just doesnt respond.It also keeps turning on and of on its own. Please help me fix it.

Is it normal for all photos to sync to Mac, even deleted ones?

When I sync my iphone to my Mac, all the photos sync, even the ones i deleted on my phone. These deleted photos are supposed to be gone permanently, they aren't even in recently deleted, I always keep my recently deleted photo album empty. Yet, these deleted photos show up on my Mac. Is this normal?

How to stop voice recording on messages iphone?

i'm not talking about the talk and it will write the text out - i'm talking the bit where it records what your saying and will send as a message. Please does anyone know how to turn this off or get rid?

Erase all data on broken iphone 5c?


I have an iphone 5c that I dropped. After the drop, the screen wasn’t shattered or anything, but the phone has a black screen and the touch screen wasn’t working.

I want to just erase all my data on this phone and sell it for parts on ebay, but whenever I click restore iphone on itunes, it says that I need to disable find my iphone, and I cannot do this because I cannot even unlock my phone.

I’ve tried itools in an effort to mirror the screen on to my computer, but it doesn’t seem to work. I wanted to try reflector 2 since my phone is jailbroken, but in order for it to work I would need to turn on the wifi on my phone and I can’t do that because my screen is unresponsive as I said before.
Can anyone help disable find my iphone without using the phone, or let me know how to erase all my information on my phone?

p.s. My phone is jailbroken on ios 8.1.2

Wallpaper for an iPhone with a moving fish background?

So I thought it would be cool to have a background that was of fish moving around. It looks like a live fish tank. I've seen it before on computers, but had trouble finding any on the Internet for my iPhone 6. Can anyone tip me somewhere where I can download one? Thanks.

How to turn up the base on my iPhone 6?

Is there a possible way to turn up the base on an iPhone? I have the phone under the Bass Booster setting but I'm unsure if that's working. Help?