I dropped my Iphone 5 into the toilet?

It was in my pocket then it fell into the toilet. I immediately took it out and dried it. It works fine, no problem. At first there was a problem with the speaker but now its fine. But it says "This cable or accessory is not certified and may not work reliably" even though I am not using any. Is it safe to charge it? I turned it on and off and this is the only problem I have.

The new iOS and full screen picture vs small circle picture for contact incoming calls?

have an iPhone 5 but have not upgraded to the iOS. Im still usinng 6.1.4. I haven't upgraded because I like that when a contact calls the picture of them fills the whole screen, and isn't just a small little circle of their picture. My friend downloaded the newest iOS and she said that for one day it was the whole screen but the next day it was back to the small circle picture. She said she didn't know if she changed a setting, to get the small circle or if it was just a glich. So with the new iOS is it a full screen or a circle picture when a contact calls?

How to persuade my Step-Dad to give me my iPhone back?

So basically, on Thursday night me and my mum were arguing (like mums and daughters do). We argue very rarely because we are so close. Anyway, my step-dad decided to take my iPhone off of me and he said that I need an "attitude adjustment". I 100% get why he did it, but he wants to take it off of me for a month or so (for a 20 minute argument with my mum). I really need it back because I have anxiety and I feel that when I leave the house without my phone, i'm not safe. Idk why? Also I need it for school and that's also the only way I can get in contact with my friends (to meet up for lunch etc.) He said that I need to really consider making it up to him for my actions, but I have no idea how to? I have no money to buy/make him anything to say sorry. I've tried everything! I told him I was sorry and that I accept my consequences but he still doesn't accept it. I didn't even do anything wrong to him, it was to my mum but he said "if it upsets your mum, it upsets me". I have apologised to my mum loads and she accepts it and she thinks I should get it back but there's nothing she can do. So what now?

How much shall I sell my iphone 4 for?

Got a year old iPhone 4 the contract has just run out so im getting a new phone. I get to keep my old one. How much do I sell it for it works and everything.

and will it be locked I don't understand it

Ipod touch 5, iphone 5s or iphone 6?

ive been wanting the ipod touch 5 since it came out and now its only like $236 but i dont want to get it if the ipod touch 6 is coming out. I researched it and someone said it was this october or 2015. The iphone 6 is cool but i want to be able to buy clothes that i want. The iphone 5s is cool too but everyone has it.

What knitted stitches are these?




Does anyone know what those stitches above are called, please?

Thank you if you can help me. I know the theory of knitting, and can knit simple things, but I'm not at all good at it. I still kinda suck. It's just that I want to knit my mom something for her birthday, which is coming up in November. I realize it's a month away, but I still kinda suck at knitting, and I'm a perfectionist so I should have started months ago.

I need to get started on her present right away so let the knitting, frustrations and swearing (I can let out strings of swear words that shock Howard Stern- that's my talent- except I swear either in Spanish or under my breath, so no one ever knows what I say!).

***H*** de la p*** ch******!***

Oops, sorry. ;)

Seriously, though, thank you if you can help me.

Added (1). Or should I make my mom something simple, like a matching garter stitch scarf and sunglass case? Boring I know, but versatile and safe.

Added (2). By the way, I have not forgotten about you guys who answered my questions last week, and I promise to get to selecting a BA this coming week. I hope you'll forgive me.

I received some excellent answers, and I can see you guys put much time and thought into them and it cheered me up because I had been kinda sad lately. It's much appreciated and of course I'll be in touch.

I'm just asking this? Now because I must get started on my mom's present.

Added (3). Oh no no, I don't want to rip off someone else's pattern, I just wanted to know the names of those particular stitches.

Does an Iphone without a sim card still have information on it?

I want to sell my old iphone 5 on ebay for parts as it is water damaged and cracked and I've seen them go for decent prices for parts, I have taken my sim out but I don't want to sell if if I'm giving a stranger the personal information that was on it? Is there any way of them getting it?

Can I upgrade from 16gb to 64gb?

I have an iPhone 6 with 16gb
Can I upgrade to 64gb and keep all of my current stuff in it?

Thank you for answering

Best cheap phone recommendation besides iPhone?

I need some good phone recommendations available in the Philippines that are not too expensive but not too cheap either. No local brands please. What I need:
1. Good battery life (very important!)
2. Clear display that is tolerable outdoors
3. Decent amount of RAM
4. Nice hardware


How to set up my new iPhone without backing my old one up?

So I got a new iPhone 6 Plus, I had an iPhone 4S and I wanted to ask can I put all my data from the 4S on the 6+ without first backing it up on the computer/iTunes (I don't want to use iCloud). So like, go straight from the old phone to the new without doing an extra step (backing up on comp) (preferably on iTunes)

thank you