Can i use the moto 360 just for the time and date? - 2

I lost my watch recently and I am looking for a new Digital watch. I like the look of the moto 360 a lot and for $150 USD its not a bad price it may go cheeper when the moto 2 comes out in a few days. I want to know can it can be set up right out of the box if not will my old Huawei Ideos U8150-B be enough just to get it going? Will i need it for updates new faces anyway? I am an iPhone user now I may try the app that allows basic music controls and text notifications but this is not essential. I take my watch off at night and place it by my bed so nightly charging is not a bother. Also any recommendations of a simple clean digital watches would be welcomed Thanks

I dropped my iPhone 5c and the screen is very dark?

I recently dropped my iPhone 5c and when I dropped it, it landed face down. When I picked it up the screen was very dark but I can t still see everything. Everything still works fine it s just the phone screen is too dark. Is there anyway to fix it?

Found Boost mobile iPhone 5c, want to activate but I can t… Help?

My aunt found an iPhone 5c that i would like to use as my phone. It was found two months ago and was factory reset shortly after found. I went to go try and activate it at my local boost mobile store but was unable too.

The phone is apparently still linked to this persons account and the man at Boost Mobile said I needed the 4 digit pin for the account accociated with the phone activation to switch it over…

Is there any way i can completely wipe out the phone as if it was fresh out of the box and associated with no one? I have a boost max and i literally cant stand the size of it and would be happier with this small phone lol.

and no there is no way i can try and return the phone to its original owner because there were no contacts or texts on the phone when i received it
plus we are in a city 5 hours away from where it was found!

I have an iPhone 6 but I want to go back to iPhone 5?

I have an iPhone 6 but I want to go back to iPhone 5? - 1

Added (1). b

Added (2). I have the at&t contract thing where it allows you to get an upgrade every year, but i dont know if its time for that yet (but ive had it for quite some time)… I have an iPhone 6 but i really miss the 5s so i want to trade it in, but my iphone has a crack in it.idk if that changes anything but is there like anyway i can cheaply trade it in?

What cellphone service can I get for my verizon iPhone 5S?

I had my verizon iPhone go off because of fees I didn't feel were fair, and the moral of the thing, I wouldn't pay for it, and they shut it off.

Is there another service I can go to and get my verizon iPhone 5S turned back on? What cellphone service can I get for my verizon iPhone 5S - 1

Will 16 gb be enough for an iPhone 6+?

Will 16 gb be enough for an iPhone 6+?

Added (1). Currently on my phone i have a decent amount of apps and probably 3,000 pictures. My phone is an android and comes with a lot of bloatware, so with my 16 gb i only get about 8. In the last year I've been using it, I've been able to store about 3,000 photos and maybe 10 apps. I use applications for music so I don't worry about that. I'm not sure if i should commit to a 16 gb iphone though since storage is unable to be altered. I'm a teenage girl with a limited income, so money is an issue.

Whats a good camera for recording video?

Me and a couples friends decided to make a YouTube channel and are in need of a new camera since all we've used right now is my iphone 6. But we wanted to get an actual digital recording camera. We want one with good quality, something under $500. Preferably Nikon or Canon.