Bose earbuds vs standard apple earbuds?

My boyfriend's birthday is coming up and I'm considering getting him Bose earbuds for his iphone/ipod. He already uses standard apple earbuds. The ones I'd be getting are $150 - they have where you can talk on the phone, skip songs, volume etc, an extension cord and an armband for an iPhone.

But they're $150. Are Bose worth it?

What to do with my iPhone after put on rice n charge?

Well my iPhone got drop on the toilet n I put it on rice for 2 to 3 days today's I charge it n it turn on but it has some letters on top n the apple sign… What should I do n what does this mean it does go all the way like it use to. Thanks for your help:). Here some pictures.html?src=www

An app on my iphone won't delete?

I have an iPhone 5c and it automatically updates my apps. I had to turn off my data because I was about to go over for the month but the app tried to update anyway.
Because it couldn't update, now it's like darkish grey over the app and it says "waiting…" under it. I tried to just delete the app but it won't let me and when I tap it nothing happens. Please help! Thanks!

What is happening with my iphone?

Okay, so I have an iphone 5s. I used it in the morning and it was working perfectly fine. I went to school came back home still it was working perfectly fine. An icon appeard in the settings, it was about updating the new ios 7.0.1. I wanted to install it but I had only 22% of battery and it was said that in order to install it it was needed 50% or to be conected to a charger, so i charged it.

I waited and minutes after I noticed that my iphone has gotten really hot as well as the charger.
At first there was an itunes icon. But I took of the charger cable. Turned off the iphone(completly) then turned it on again. After turning on there was this blue cracked screen and it wont turn on completly.(i dont think its the blue screen of death)

So what should I do now? Are there any chances that it will get back to the begging condition? Or is it broken?

Best iPhone 5S plan to get? Australia?


I'm looking at getting two iPhone 5S's on a plan. I have done some researching as to what plans would best suit me, and I have come down to two. One on the Virgin Mobile Australia network and the other on Vodafone.

$72 per month plus insurance - total of $81.95 per month.
On that plan you get----
$700 value
3GB data
Unlimited calls to Virgin.
Unlimited SMS to anyone in Australia.

$77.00 per month plus insurance - total of $88.00 per month
On this plan you get ------
$65 value
Unlimited calls to anyone in Australia.
Unlimited national and international SMS.
Unlimited voicemail.
3GB data

I have been with Virgin once before, for a limited time only though - probably 12 months or less. I don't remember having a problem with the service, etc. But now researching reviews online seems so many people have an awful experience. I have never been with vodafone but have done research and every site I have been to, I have read only bad reviews about the company. I live near Brisbane, Australia - not giving exact location for privacy reasons. Want to know which company is the best to go with for these plans?

Added (1). Either plan would do me good/fine, I'm just worried about the things I have read. I want to know which COMPANY is better.

Instagram profile won't load?

Everyone else's seems to be fine. I can't view my profile through my computer or my iPhone and I'm getting really frustrated. It just says cannot refresh feed. I tried deleting the app and then reinstalling it, I tried turning my phone off. Nothing's working

Which is a better MP# player, 3DS XL or PSP 3000?

Just to get this out there, I don't care if there is iPods or iPhones or smart phones or anything else that can handle this more efficiently or better. I've given up on Apple, I don't want a 3rd party MP3 player, and these are just the most convenient for me since I carry either/or with me everywhere. Which do you believe is the better MP3 Player overall? Personal experience is much appreciated, and thank you ahead of time.

Is it best to take my new iPhone 5s back to an Apple Store or to O2?

Hello all,

Today I purchased my brand new iPhone 5s and have noticed a rattle which should not be there. It is from the Lock Button, and I have heard this is a common fault?

Should I take it straight back to an Apple store, or to O2 where I purchased it from for a free replacement?

If I was to take it back to Apple, would I need to wipe the phone first and if they provide me with a new one, will it simply mean placing my O2 sim card back in and restoring from back up?


Why won't my iPhone 4S connect to my WiFi?

Every time I enter the password (it's correct) it says that it is "Unable to join the network" and then shows my network. Does anyone else have this problem with iOS 7? What should I do?