Why won't Iphone photos import or show onto my computer?

When I plug in my iphone it gives me the option to import photos and it only imports from the camera roll. But for my Iphone 6 I m trying to get it off the section where it says like Years/Collections/Memories which has a bunch more photos but it wont show up.
And these were btw transferred from another device where the original photo was taken but it was same apple. But where it was originally taken is gone now.
Anyway any help please?

IPhone and carrier advice/help?

So I've been using android phones since I've had a phone. At this point in time I'm using a cheap lg from metro PCs. I really want an iPhone now, preferably the 6 or 6s. Especially using my friends phones. Anyway my question is; what provider would be best to go with concerning the iPhone 6/6s and having a decent plan based on you guys' knowledge and experience:) sorry if I wasn't smooth in my description, sleepy x) thank you guys

Is it possible for my iPhone to have a virus?

I keep receiving this notification everytime I open safari on my iPhone 6:

"Cannot Verifiy Server Identity
The identity of dsv2.rotator.hadj1.adjuggler.net cannot be verified by Safari. Review the certificate details to continue."

It then gave me the option to cancel, view details, or continue. I've pressed cancel most times but this time I pressed to view the details and when I did it said "Issued by Go Daddy Secure Certificate…"

I have closed now closed out all of my tabs thinking it may stop.

Why does this keep popping up and what is it?