What is Bluetooth on the iPhone?

Ok so I got my new iphone and I notice that Bluetooth is turned on… What is Bluetooth and what does it do? What will happen if I turn it off? If I turn it off will I save battery?

Risks of buying a jailbroken iPhone 4s?

I'm about to buy a jailbroken iPhone 4s and I want to know if are there any risks? Should I buy it or no?
and also I'm in Greece so it is factory unlocked so it can work in any network!
Thank you in advance:)

Transfer music from iPod to iPhone? - 1

So I just got an iPhone for Christmas. I have a bunch of music on the free music app app and I want to transfer them to my iPhone. I figured out a way to do it, but it takes FOREVER. It there an easy, fast way to do it? I really need help. Thanks

What can I do about my internet?

In my small print it says I should be getting a minimum of 3mbps. When doing a speed test on my ipad, iphone or laptop, I get around 3.4. On my PC, however, I get 2.4mbps. Should I be using a wired connection? I tried using some TalkTalk Homeplugs that came with my youview box, but it made no difference… Should I try a hard wire connection or are homeplugs the same?

Iphone Home and Lock buttons quit working?

I replaced my Iphone's battery earlier today, and decided to upgrade my phone to IOS 7 right after. I went through trouble getting it to upgrade, getting stuck in a "restore your iphone" loop with iTunes, so I looked up the solution to that.

The solution was to put the iPhone into DFU mode, which requires you hold down both the home and lock buttons.

- The fact I was able to perform this successfully proves the buttons suffered no damage from the battery replacement, so please no suggestions about that. -

However, immediately after installing IOS 7, both the Home and lock buttons stopped working. I can no longer turn off the phone, go to the home screen, put the phone asleep, or if it is already asleep I can not turn it on.
Both the volume controls and the vibration buttons work fine.

If anyone knows a way to fix this, I would be grateful for your assistance.

I cant use any of my christmas gifts?

Im unable to use any of my christmas presents. I got an iphone case and I don't have an iphone. I got a bunch of nail polish but I can't have my nails painted at work (I work full time). I also got peanut butter candy and I have a peanut allergy.

I dont want to offend my mom by not using it but I literally cant and there is no receipt. Usually if I dont like something ill use it only around the person who gave it to me to be nice. What am I supposed to do?

Iphone 4S turning on straight after turning off? - 1

I have a iPhone 4S, version 7.0.4 and if i turn off my phone it does the loading symbol goes off for about 3 seconds then turns back on again. Also when it is out of charge, the battery needs charging symbol keeps going on and off, as if i keep pressing it the sleep/wake button. Because of this i have ordered a replacement battery and replacement dock connecter as that what some people have said

Please Help

P.S. Any tips to get better battery life, pretty bad especially as i can't turn it off