How to recover Iphone 3g data?

I accidentally scratched the iphone 3g motherboard and now the iphone 3g will boot the apple logo, then reset or a white screen. I now wan't to recover data on it. Is it possible to replace the motherboard to recover the data, something else, Or am I screwed?

How to add mp3 music files to your iphone 5?

Usually I get it to work all the time. I download my music to mp3 files and just drag it into the music folder on my device and it usually works. Now it wont let me drag the file into the music folder on my iphone 5. I went to go sync my music but a message comes up saying it will delete my entire music and movies if I choose to sync which i dont want to erase all my stuff and have to download it again.

Buying 100 IPhone cases from China to the UK. Any tax costs?

I am going to buy 100 cases made to fit the iPhone 5 from china. They are posting it to the UK. But before i buy anything i was just wandering what tax costs (if any) are there going to be for these cases. ***Note the iPhone cases do not have any logos on it so there is no copyright infringement.***

thank you

Please tell ma how to do this.iPhone?

When I first updated my phone, I put it to auto update all. Now there is an app I dont want to update… So how do I turn the auto off?

Is there a unlimited money hack for Asphalt 8?

I am playing Asphalt 8 on iphone 4 and i really like the game but it's getting very tough… I searched the internet and youtube for a hack for unlimited money, but most of the videos directed me to a download site which asks me to complete a "survey", basically i have to sign up for a website or some free service like free greetngs… But when i do the download never starts, i've tried a dozen such sites…
do these actually work or am i wasting my time?
i'll be very grateful if you could help me find / send me the hack file…
i haven't jailbroken my iphone… So i dont want a hack that requires jailbreak…
Please Help

Convert music to computer then iphone?

Ok so i converted some youtube song links on the computer to mp3 and saved them in my music documents and idk how to get them to my iphone now?

Switching from iPhone 4 to galaxy s3? - 1

I'm thinking about switching BUT I do not want to lose my apps and the information I have on them. I do have everything backed up in iCloud, but will I be able to use iCloud to transfer EVERYTHING onto the galaxy s3? I don't want just my contacts to be transferred, I need everything that's backed up on my iCloud to be transferred.

Unknown caller keeps calling?

Me and my friend were prank calling In N Out and McDonalds but we didn't talk, we just made random funny noises and hung up. A couple minutes later I get a call titled "Unknown." I didn't answer. Yet all night that person tried calling me. Any advice? Am I in trouble? I am using an iPhone 5 with iOS 7.

Ios 7 iphone 4 youtube lagging?

I'm going to ask this again because I didn't get any answers last time. I recently downloaded ios 7 for my iPhone 4. But every time i try to watch a youtube video, frames drop like crazy. The whole youtube video could be completely buffered but the video still drops frames. It does this in both the youtube app and the website on safari. Is there anything i can do to fix this.