Why can't I see snaps on my iphone from an android snapchat user?

My friend has an android my touch and every time he sends me or my girlfriend a video (we both have iphones) we can't see it? We can see his pics but not videos. We are able to see other videos from other android users and his wife who has an android can see his videos but why can't we? Any help would be awesome!

Can i trade in my iphone5 for a new iphone 5?

instagram blocked my device so I cant use it… But I want to trade in my iphone5 for the same kind of iphone 5. Can I do that? I have Verizon and still have a year warranty left and my iphone is in great condition… First person to answer ill give 10 points!:)

I cracked my iphone 5 screen? What do I do?

I cracked the bottom white part and it's a little bit on the screen. I found a screen replacement for 5$ and then a screen replacement with a digitizer. I'm confused on what I need and need to do. I don't wanna go to apple because I know a guy that can put screen replacements on. Do I need the digitizer?

Is she overreacting or am I a jerk?

so me and this girl have been dating for a few weeks now and it's good so far but she's starting to get annoying since she complains about the smallest things…

Like if i like a picture of others girl I know from school on facebook or instagram and occasionally girl i find cute she gets really upset about it and she thinks there hotter then her or something I've tried explaining too her that i only have eyes for her and im with her not them.

but she still gets upset about it theres also other stuff like she complains when i dont wanna do facetime with her on my iphone like all do facetime sometimes but sometimes i just dont feel like doing it.

btw ive already stopped doing liking other girls pics since I know how upset she gets about it even though i dont think i should have too and i think shes overreacting its not like im flirting with them but whatever.

what do you ppl think is she overreacting or what?

Why won't my iPhone send messages to non-iPhone users?

I've had my iPhone 4 for a while now, I go through Virgin Mobile. I've never had problems until recently, but it's really strange. I can text certain people with non-iPhones, but some I get an error. I can receive theirs always. Any resolutions?

Added (1). I have changed the contact from iPhone to just mobile… Still doesn't do the trick. I have turned off MMS. No such luck.

I can't put music onto my Iphone?

So my mum's just given me her Iphone and I've got a bunch of music on my laptop that I'd like to put onto it.
I connected it to the laptop via USB, but the laptop couldn't install it properly and the Iphone wasn't picking up the fact that it was connected.
And I tried sending the music to myself via mail, then I downloaded it, and I can't find it.

How exactly does AT&T Next work?

I am planning on getting a new phone probably with AT&T because I currently have a phone with T-Mobile and let's just say they don't have the best service ever. I would really like to get an Iphone 5s with AT&T without a contract and without having to pay a lot of money. I heard about AT&T Next but I'm not really sure how it works. If I were to get an Iphone 5s on AT&T Next, around how much would I end up paying for the phone and how much would the plan cost if I wanted unlimited talk, text, and data as well as international calling (which is $10 a month I believe). If you have any information at all, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you! (: