What to do when you drop your iPhone 5 in water?

I'm going to keep it brief, I dropped my phone in the toilet before I peed and it got wet and I tried to see if it still worked and it did but the screen was laggy and it had lines and the appearance looked smeared. I've turned it off and submerged it in rice. What else can I do to suck moisture out?

Iphone 5 on ios 7 battery drain?

So I have an iphone 5. Now my battery dies extremely fast. I'm talking it'll be on 100% and go to 50 randomly. It also cuts off on high percentages. My battery never goes to zero. It always just will cut off fat any given percent, typically a high one. What can I do to fix this as it is a serious problem

Iphone 5s connect to itunes! Help!

So i just got the iphone 5s and i came home to back it up and when it finished i updated it but it gave me an error and sent me into recovery mode… I tried DFU mode already and my computer wont recognize it! I also fixed the administrative tools thing for phones. I need help! Thank you.

What are some good songs to download?

I want some more songs downloaded on my iphone because I'm tired of the ones I have now. Any suggestions? I want more meaningful slower songs?

Will the Apple Store sync my iphone?

I have an appointment with the genius bar tomorrow and I have to drive very far to the closest apple store near me. I'm getting my phone replaced- will they back up all my contacts and apps and sync it to the new one? I need google maps to get back home and I'm afraid if I do it myself I'll mess up and end up deleting it or something because I'm an idiot.

IOS 7 update seriously messed up my iPhone 5?

Okay, I first downloaded iOS 7 when it became available to the public back in September. Didn't have any problems with it whatsoever.

I downloaded the second update that came along with it a couple of days ago. Since then, my iPhone 5 has been glitching and going crazy. First, my iMessage wouldn't work. It eventually started to, though.

Then I had to turn Siri off completely because she would randomly pop up, even while my phone was locked and no buttons were pushed.

Also, my music app, youtube, and grooveshark are all having problems streaming. The music in my library will freeze, skip like a broken CD, or randomly start playing when i'm trying to watch a video on the youtube app.

My iPhone is in perfect condition, I haven't dropped it or spilled anything on it, plus i've always had a Lifeproof case on it. This is Really pissing me off, though.

Is anyone else having similar problems? Should I take it back to Verizon or the Apple store?

IPhone 5 charger not working!

Ok so I got my IPhone 5 on Sept.1 so I've only had it for like not even 2 months and the charger already stopped working! At first it would only charge if I held it in a specific position and that lasted for about 10 minutes until it stopped working completely mind you I have the only iphone 5 in this house so I either have to buy a new one (which I have no money for) or find a way to fix it. What should I do?

Is there a iphone 5 adapter?

I need a adapter for my iphone. I need an adapter for when i plug a iphone 5 plug into a iphone 4 adapter to charge a iphone 4

Suitable adapter for a battery extended pack?

Hello community,

I purchased a battery extended pack today at Noel Leeming. It is a Lenmar battery pack with 7000 mAh as capacity. However, it only came with a USB cable but there is no adapter for charging. My question is I have an Ipad 4 adapter and an Iphone 5 adapter, I wonder if I could use 1 of them to charge my battery pack safely?

This is the information about the batter pack:
Input: 5VDC -- 1A
Output: 5VDC -- 1A, 2.1A
2USB ports for Phone and Tablet charging at once

I am looking for your answers soon,

Thanks in advance