Do I have to disconnect my iphone from Verizon before switching to Straight Talk?

I want to get off my father's plan because he likes to use the fact he pays for it against me sometimes and I'm getting tired of it. So my question is, do I have to have him talk to Verizon (which I really want to avoid…) to disconnect my line, or can I just remove the sim from my iphone and put a straight talk one in?

How to restart Clash Of Clans?

So, I completely screwed up my first Clash Of Clans account on my iPhone. I restarted on my iPad and I'm happy with that account, but I want to restart on my iPhone. It keeps pulling up my old game no matter what I do. Is it possible to make a new game with the latest update?

How to survive socially sans a cellphone, blu-ray player, iPod, iPhone?

I'm a old-lady in the shape of a girl who is almost 30 when is comes to technology. I don't mind texting but I really dislike social networking sites, Facebook, Twitter, MySpace. I also sometimes get annoyed about how much technology has changed about ipones, iPods, Blu-ray I find they make people lose their identity and there is less face-to-face time. Because for thousands and thousands of years people didn't ride cars, listen to the radio, no electricity. And people survived ok. But now there is much technology people don't even care how pollution wrecking their damn own planet and cellphones give cancer. Besides most of Africa has starving people who have no technology at all and people should try to spend money on helping starving people. 'im finding it increasingly hard to maintain a social life without my smartphone though. It's like if you don't play ball, you're not invited to the game with some people. I find some people will not continue to talk to me unless they have texting as a communication platform. Should I just accept that I will be somewhat of a loner for the rest of my life because of my distaste for technology?

Can I Use a h20 on an at&t iPhone 5c?!

I want to buy an iPhone 5c from eBay.
But their all to expensive but i found an at&t iPhone 5c and i was wondering if i can use it around the world like at Yemen without an at&t sim card?
And does it have to be Unlocked? And how much will it be to Unlock it and where? Thank you!

Device already associated with an Apple ID?

I recently had had my sister sign in to her apple id on my iPhone, i downloaded a few songs, and then signed back into my ID. But now, multiple songs of mine are set for iCloud download. But, when i click to download them back, it comes up with a warning stating "This device is already associated with an apple id. If you download past purchases with your apple id, you cannot auto-download or download past purchases with a different apple ID for 90 days" And it gives me the option to cancel, or transfer. If I click transfer will it delete my songs, or what would happen?

The photos in my photo stream on my iPhone is deleting all by themself?

I just checked my photos and about half of the photos in my photo stream has been deleted. I haven't touched it at all it just deleted.
The photos in my camera roll are still their is their a way to transfer the photos from my " CAMERA ROLL" not my photo stream to my PC I have a Mac book pro. Just incase if they start deleting too.

I need to delete 15,000 photos from my iPhone 5?

I have ios7 on an original iPhone 5. I have access to a MacBook. I need a pretty much one step option to delete all 15,000 photos from my phone since I already have them all saved to my computer, and the options I've found such as selecting them by date will take me around 600+ taps on the iPhone itself and I am not selecting them all individually since there are 15,000 photos any ideas are appreciated

Dropped iphone 5, speakers are crackly?

I just dropped my iphone 5 in the snow. When I tried to play music out of the speaker, some message popped up (which I didn't read), and the sound came out really crackly, and it wasn't as loud as it usually was. Also, I noticed that i can't muffle the sound by covering the right set of speaker grills, which I usually can. What's wrong with it and how can I fix it?