Is my iPhone 5s draining the battery too fast and if so, how can I make it last longer?

I got the iPhone 5s a few days ago. I discharged the battery and then charged it for 8 hours. After that it seemed like it was draining power fast, so I looked for some solutions online. I disabled Location Services, some Push Notification, Auto-Brightness, and some apps processing in the background. It was fully charged several hours ago, however, I've been using it for approx. 3 hours now and it's at 52% as I type.
Is it draining battery life too fast, or is this the normal pace? Or does this always happen in the beginning. Are there other things I can do to prolong battery life? Thanks.

Why are people so against us?

Why do people discredit my relationship? So I’m 19 and my GF of a little over a year is a Hooters girl. The day we met, a buddy and I headed down there because, well, we’re poor single guys, foods cheap and then there’s the girls ☺ I remember our entire conversation because I knew instantly that I liked her. She brought us our drinks and I was on my iPhone googling pick up lines
Me: Let’s say hypothetically I were going to flirt with you. What number would I be?
Her: You’d be the 5th guy to flirt with me.
Me: Well because I’m a gentleman, I’ve googled “ pick up lines” now I’m going to rattle off 3 and then you pick the one you like the least and I’ll use that.
Her: * picks her least favorite *
Me: * recites line *
We continued small talk throughout the meal. She put a ☺ on the check I left her a $20 tip and my phone number, she wrote hers, and here we are. Nobody sees our relationship as “ legit” because we aren’t classmates who dated and we didn’t meet at a party. Why the bashing? And by " people" I mean people that I live in the dorm with and know who I'm dating.

How to know if iphone is using carrier instead of home wifi?

hi, i jsut got my brand new iphone today, first time that i have those touch screen phones so its a big change. However im wondering if it is using my phone service wasting money, instead of my wifi, I have connected to the home wifi, but i want to amke sure that its using the wifi and not the 4G

Why I'm I not getting my text messages?

I have a iPhone 5 from t-mobile and I've been noticing these past 2 weeks that I'm not getting my text messages. I can send messages but not receive them. I receive them sometimes but not all the time.
Is it my phone or do I need too go too t-mobile? Help!

Which is the best cellular connection in Canada?


I am a new immigrant arriving in Calgary in the 2nd week of June. I would like to know which cellular network is the best these days in terms of plans and coverage. I have my own iPhone.

Also, can I buy plans at airport?


Price to turn on iPhone with Verizon?

I'm wiping my moms iPhone (she gave it to me don't worry), and I'm having it turned on with Verizon. How much would that cost me to activate it?

Video Star app? Is that best? Or what should i use?

I am going on holiday with friends over summer, and last year on my family holiday i used the iPhone app 'videostar' to make a sort of collage of videos with a music background - worked really well!

So I'm wondering if there is any other good apps like this, or can i do it after i come back
e.g is there a app for macbook that allows you to combine lots of video clips into a music video after the holiday?

I presume iMovie doesn't do this as i have only ever managed to use some rubbish sample over a few seconds of my video… Or is this wrong?

Many Thanks