Something trapped in my iPhone audio jack?

I recently had my iPhone in the pocket of a new jacket which I didn't realise had a burst packet of silica beads in it. Now one of them is trapped at the bottom of my audio jack where my headphones go in. Does anyone have any idea how to try and get it out?


How much can I sell my iphone with flappy bird for?

So nice seen some people actually buying phones on eBay that have flappy bird on then for more than $100,000, and I. Have an iphone 4 that has a cracked screen but is perfectly fine otherwise, and I was wondering how much I could sell it for? Its physical condition is pretty bad but it's fine otherwise. :P

Is it practical to us an Iphone 5S as a work computer?

Is it practical to use an Iphone 5s as a work computer? I was thinking of putting an app that is compatible with MS Office (any suggestions?, there are a few) and hooking up a larger screen using a Lightning Digital AV Adapter and using a Bluetooth connected keyboard. The phone would still serve as a mouse. I could store my work in the cloud, eliminating the need for a large drive, I have a 16 gig phone. I am thinking this should be adequate for what I do. I work for a company that gives us PC's and an Iphone. I have a personal MacBook and really prefer it over my work PC and I was hoping to accomplish the ability to use a mac OS by utilizing my Iphone this way, is this possible and/or practical?

Every time I have an issue with a PC I think about this, I just would like some input before I proceed with buying the necessary hardware.

Thanks for reading, have a good day.

Entire laptop screen freezes on the internet?

Alright so, whenever I go on the internet it takes a few minutes, and then the screen freezes and I cannot do anything. Notice that the entire computer freezes and not only the internet.
This had never been an issue before it just happened from one day to another. Since I didn't have any internet connection at home I used to use my IPhones Internet on my laptop and I thought it might have something to do with that, but then it did the same after I bought a subscription, one of those USB Internet plugs. When I use the internet at my school this doesn't happen. I really don't know much about computers, I ran a virus scan but I don't know what to do, so I would really appreciate some help. Thanks!

IPhone 5s home button durability?

Just wondering how durable it is? Do I have to worry about it breaking on me? How ruff of a press can it withstand? Thanks in advance!

Same games i can play on iphone and android?

my friend has a iphone and i have an android is there any app me and my friend can download that we both can play together that is on both apple store and google play? :)

Found present don't like it?

It's my birthday on Thursday and I really was hoping for iphone 4 but my mum has got me iphone 3 how do I respond wen I open it? A's student not my first phone

My iphone 5 is using 7.1gb of memory on photos and i have only 200 photos?

I recently discovered that my iphone would not allow me to take pictures as i was out of memory it says i have 3gb left of 10.3gb and the most usage by a mile is my photos which is using of memory all my other things arnt even a gb i dont understand this as i have around 200 photos in camera roll same in pictures and 33 videos, but surely that wouldnt use 7gb would it? It also keeps attempting to back my phone up but gives error of no memory please help thanks.

New Asus laptop that keeps dropping internet connection?

So I got a new lab top last week and i have had trouble with the wifi for some reason. It usually drops connection in one room of the house but it does in others also. I know I have a good signal bc iPad iPhone. What should I do? I have about a week if I want to return.