Can I use both wifi and data plan on my iphone 4s t the same time?

I have activated my data plan and i'm also receiving wifi from home. When i turn the wifi on i can see the wifi bars. When i turn the wifi off i can see the E which means my data plan is on. I was wondering if i can turn my wifi on and also use my data plan at the same time on my iphone 4s?

Is it normal for iphone 5 to heat up?

Is it normal or okay for an iphone 5 to heat up? Like when i'm using a video recorder after a couple of minutes it started to heat up. Does my iphone have a problem? Sometimes it just heat up my i'm playing games on it or even when someone txted me and i haven't read it yet and the lights in my phone is still open and i've notice that something in my bag is hot (my iphone was insinde my bag secret pocket with my wallet) turns out it's my iphone. But when i'm in a cold area like with aircondition my phone cools down or even when i put it in front of an electric fan it cools down. It's like this new iphones is like an old cpu that needed an airconditioning room to not heat up while using it. So can anyone help me? Is not normal for an iphone to do this or should i get rid of this one and buy something else?

Is this optus internet fast enough for gaming?

This is the link, it is 200gb a month and 256kbps. I use it for gaming, streaming and downloading movies and games. I don't want high ping or lag when im playing games, we usually have 2 computers 3 iphones and an ipad connected at one time. Will i be lagging. I play games on computer like, "Garry's Mod, TF2 and xbox GTA5, COD" etc thanks

USPS package doesn't arrive?

USP problem. Hi I made a purchase from eBay on December 13 and was sent to my address in Maryland the same day but it's 20 and im not received my package, ebay providedme a tracking number they said the package was shipped on the 13th from Louisiana and came to Nort Carolina 15 but from there the package is not updated in the tracking number, the package is a iPhone 5s and the package is with 50$ of insurance, 2 day shipping. I dont understand why my package has not come yet to my address on Maryland, i talk to USPS and they said my package was actually late and I opened a case but say they dont know anything, really I dont know what to do if you expect more or talk with the seller to return my money.

Added (1). I order a screen protector and a case for the iPhone from another seller from California on December 15 and I received the items yesterday but not the other pack from luisisiana on December 13 had to receive the package in December 16 but nothing my package is on Charlotte NC

My iPhone 5s screen is uncalibrated?

My iPhone 5s has been working beautifully since I got it last month, but this morning I woke up, picked it up and noticed the screen was all uncalibrated and blurred with a greyish tint. Some parts of the screen work but I can't click on any app or scroll or anything like that without it being complete luck. Everything else is fine as far as I know, including the fingerprint scanner. I never dropped it yesterday, and it's never fallen more than 2 feet lightly. I also didn't set it in anything when I went to sleep. I am wondering what could have caused this and how I could go about getting it fixed. Also note I cannot shut it off and turn it on because the slide to power off button is on the screen and. Well, you know.

Thoughts on these gifts for my family?

I was thinking of getting my older siblings iPhone 5s, they are aged 23 to 16 and my younger siblings aged 7 to 4 Nintando Ds3 XL's well my middle sibling aged 9 iPod touch. But I dont know what to get my mum, step dad, youngerest sister aged 2 and neice aged 3, Thoughts help?
And what do you think of the gifts I haved picked for my other siblings? Are they to young for them or not?
I thought to get my step dad and mum new Laptops or a camera?

Added (1). my older siblings are not older then me, I should have stated that. Im the oldest by far, my mum and step dad are poor and they have been nagging for this stuff.
I said older siblings as they are the oldest of the ones living at home.

My Iphone gets submerged in water?

Hey guys…
Well it happened like this. I went down from my hotel in Bali to the beach with my iphone 4 in my pocket. Then i swam into the water with my phone in my pocket and played with my sister going out and in the water (that sounded weird) but no matter, it lasted for like 15 minutes.
After that i finally found out that my phone had been in the sea water for that whole time!
I panicked and tried to turn it off…(found out it was a bad move) and then I ran to the hotel's kitchen asking for rice (got that idea from my sister) i put in a plastic bag since i had to return back to my home country right after the beach adventure…
when i got back home the next day, i placed my phone in a electronic drybox and left it there for 5 days until today. Today i recently tried to turn it on by charging it… It didnt turn on after 30 seconds,
i decided to put it in a bowl of rice+place it in the electronic drybox… Like just now…
I am worried sick…
Please help…
will i ever see my phone come back to life again?
Please Help ANY OF YOU! Its five days since the submerged iphone incident…