How much is the fee to have an iphone in comparrison to a regular smartphone?

My husband and I are considering selling our new iphones and switching to another regular smart phone (Samsung or something) And my question is, how much EXTRA is is a month to have the iphone? I was sure their was an extra fee?

We have AT&T, so anyone that knows there pricing… Would be even MORE helpful!


IPhone 5 power button acting funny?

My iPhone 5 (AT&T) power button has been acting really strange lately. Randomly, while the power button is NOT being pressed, it will show the power off slider that shows when you hold down the power button for a short while. I won't even be pressing the button and this will happen. It also has occurred while I am using the phone causing a lot of screenshots and shut offs. This is quite annoying while I am trying to text. At times the power button WILL work but mostly it is unresponsive; to the point that I have to use AssistiveTouch instead of hoping the phone will recongnize my power button. I have tried restoring my phone thinking that it was an issue that was caused by my phone being previously jailbroken, but restoring to factory settings did not fix my problem. I hardly drop my phone and it has never had water damage either. My phone is OUT of warrenty so taking it to Apple would not be a very economical solution for me. If anyone else is experiencing these issues please respond and if you have found a way to fix it let me know.


Anyway of getting music from iPhone onto mac?

Basically my mac hard drive crashed and it had to be wiped and repaired and everything's gone! My music is my life I know you can't do it from any apple software but is there any other way?

Database Server which can connected by any device?

Database server which can accessed on any device?

So i want a free database server which i can connect to using any computer or device(Iphone) using php to connect to that database and input new information into that database(such as info from a form)?

How to turn my iPhone 4s on?

I have had it for one year now but I have never figured out how to turn it on?
Any help please?


I badly want to jailbreak my phone! Im using iphone 4. I accidentally updated my phone cos of the sickening popup asking to update to 7.1 omg! Ive done searched on the internet and most of it is fake. But is geeksn0w real? Is thr any other sources? Help!

Is there anyway i can copy or move the pictures on my photo library ( iphone) to the computer?

my iphone doesnt appear on on my computer. It only appears on itunes and i can't find a solution. I have so many problems with the phone and i desperatley need to move my pics to my computer because i hadnt backed it up for a long time. And i cant import it because like i said the phone doesnt appear in the connected devices on my computer no matter how long i wait.