My iPhone 4 headphone jack isn't working?

Ok so this started today and I tried to plug in headphones and the speakers on the iPhone kept running and I looked in the small headphone jack hole and I could see it lighting up when I turned my pone on and off? Is there a way I can fix this? And I'm getting a pone upgrade soon but will apple take it with a broken headphone jack? Thanks

Is 500mb of data enough for these apps on my iPhone?

I pretty much just want enough to use kik, instagram, and twitter. A tmobile plan would give me 500mb a month but no overage charges so does that mean I can go up too 2, 000 mb a month without any charges? Ty

How to make a voice memo through siri?

I ride my bike very often with my headphones in. My headphones have the in like mic so im able to access Siri while riding. But im un able to get Siri to leave a voice memo without taking my iPhone out. Every time i ask siri to make a voice memo she takes me to "Siri settings" to change her voice or something. Please help figure this out.

Why dont little kids show respect?

I was at Olive Garden and the two kids next to my table yelled at the top of their lungs "Chucky Cheeses!" For a solid two hours. They ran around the tables and laughed and yelled. Later that day at Office Max or Staples, A 7 yearold screamed for 5 minutes straight. Later at Kroger I saw a 12 yearold in the buggy. A 12 yearold… I was at the doctors once in the waiting room and a stranger kid walked up to me and asked if he could have my iphone 5. Umm no… Why do kids chase eachother and scream? I think they are hurt or being raped and I should help but they cry wolf constantly. Next time a little girl screams, adults will assume she is playing tag.

How to make an international call. For free?

This is an emergency - it's personal but I really need to make a call to Algeria. To a mobile phone. For just a few seconds. I'm desperate… Is there anything I can associated with google or an iPhone 4 app or anything! Please! I'm desperate and this is an emergency:(

Repair water damaged iPhone?

So I dropped my phone in a toilet and it stopped working. I used a hair dryer and rice to try and fix it but that did nothing and at the time I wasn't very knowledgeable so I kept trying to turn it on but it would never work and I ended up getting a new phone. A year has gone by and I'm teaching myself about repairing broken and damage electronics so I figured I'd look at the iphone I dropped in the toilet. I took it apart and there isn't much corrosion on it really but the battery is definitely done for and of course the water damage indicator is red. I just want to know is it possible to fix the phone with some cleaning solvents and a new battery or would I have to buy brand new components for it?

Why does my iPhone say no service? - 2

Well I took a trip to Wisconsin and my Verizon iPhone stopped working the minute I got here! It keeps saying no service then it will search for about 5 min then say no service! There's no Verizon towers anywhere! And I don't have roaming on because I fear the charges? Well I don't know does Verizon charge for roaming?

Laptop will NOT connect to wifi?

Ok we'll for awhile my dad had wireless turned off from the router. Today I came home and he had it on but changed the password. Everyone else's devices connected, iPhone, iPod, ps3, desktop, and my moms iPad I'm using.
Well I was finally happy to see it back on and when I went on my Toshiba it wouldn't connect.So, since he had the password changed I went to the properties and changed it to the new. Well, that didn't work. I did everything I possibly could! I changed multiple settings in many ways, but no matter what I did it wouldn't connect.
So, my dad is. I guess you could say an "expert" when it comes to wireless stuff and computers/devices. Well he did everything he could and NOTHING worked. So I restarted my laptop and that was the only thing I didn't do. And no it still did not work.

** Info to help you help me ** ;

- My router name and connection are showing, but it just won't connect
- My router has been fully unplugged and more, but nothing
- Ethernet cable isn't an option, my parents are asleep
- I personally can not touch the router or mess with it
- My laptop settings are fine
- Other devices including my dads desktop are connected, it's just mine that won't
- My laptop is a Toshiba; it's never had this problem before. Help!

How to fix iphone audio bug? Picture?

How do i fix this? It won't play audio out of the speakers and can't change the volume. I tryed cleaning where the charger goes into theiphone but it just plays then stops again heres the picture don't mind the apps bae