Cant connect to the internet (Direct Connection)?

My problem is my PC just cant connect to the internet. I have a direct connection and the cable works with other PCs. I have no clue on what started this problem. I have restarted PC, modem, and nothing. I have also tried new cables and i just cant get it to work. The only thing that is different from when it worked and now is i uninstalled games. I have windows 7 home prem. Please help. Another thing is the wifi works, laptops, iphones, etc all have internet connection. The other ports on the modem work for other PCs. I honestly think its is only my PC that is being stupid.

How to clean my hot pink otterbox?

I got a hot pink otterbox for my iPhone 5c, and the pink rubber already has dark marks where my hands go! I saw people using bleach for white ones, but idk if it would be ok for my pink one? What's the best thing to wash it in to keep it bright and flashy(:

IPhone 5c Screen Protectors?

Should I take off the "sir lancelot" iPhone screen protector off of my 5c? Because it's just been showing so many finger prints and getting greasy even right after I clean it… And it's got a crack and dust under it and scratches. Should I? Also I want my iphone to seem kinda like I just got it, but should I? I under stand if you have had it on for a while and you take it off you can't re attach it, but is it a good choice?

Who are Apple's competitors?

I have an assignment about customer service in Marketing and one of it's tasks is to illustrate with the use of appropriate examples how apple has managed to create a competitive advantage over it's competitors. So first I wanted to compare prices, sales and profits of Apple and it's competitors and that's where it hit me. Who exactly are Apple's competitors. It can be Android but Apple produces iPhones and tablets while Android is an operating system used by Samsung, Nexus, and a lot of phone companies. When it comes to computers there's Microsoft but again apple makes macs while Microsoft is used by pc companies like dell, Sony and Acer. And still when I search about it Microsoft and Android come up.

Iphone 4 water damage - power button/home button not working right?

A few days ago I dropped my iphone in water, and immediately turned it off and let it sit in rice for 48 hours. Since then I've plugged it into my computer and it seem to be working fine. The screen is responsive, sound works, I can access all of my photos, etc.

The only issue is the power/lock and home buttons are unresponsive for the most part, and I have to press the lock button nearly twenty times to get the screen to light up. Once lit it works perfectly fine and doesn't seem to be having any problems.

Is there a way to fix this, or can the Apple store repair it? I don't want to go out and buy a new phone if I can save this one. It seems to be working fine for the most part, so I figured it was worth a shot.

What does Cellular Data Usage Current Period mean?

I have an iphone 5c and Unlimited calls, unlimited texts and 6GB of data. In cellular in settings it says Current Period: 8.4GB and Current Period Roaming: 0 bytes, am I going over my bill?! Help me asap

Why is everyone receiving my messages?

My brother and I just got an iPhone, and when I or he send a text say to my older sister my entire family receives our texts. We don't use the group messages. Would this have anything to do with the iCloud? Anything helps, thanks!

Iphone 4S and Straight talk?

I just bought an Iphone 4S on ebay that stated it could be used for AT&T, *Straight Talk*, and various other comapnies. I just got the phone. How do I even go about getting it turned on so that I can start using it, because with my old cellphone I just bought the card needed from wal-mart and put the code in. I dont understand what to do with this Iphone, in order to use straight talk.

How much will data plan cost on Sprint with replacing droid with iPhone?

I have a Galaxy S2 and want to replace it with an iPhone. I have a year left on my contract with Sprint and want to get an iPhone from Craigslist, not sure which one yet. I'm on a plan with my parents and have unlimited data, if I buy an unlocked iphone and replace the droid I have will the data plan have to change and the rates go up? And will the price depend on which iphone?