Why would he act like this with me?

I'm nearly 30 years old and so is he.
I told him my friends waited in line at the apple store for the new iphone. They're very into technology and so am I even enough to wait in line if I had the time from work. They did as they own their own business.

Well this guy I'm friends with said "saaaaad" that they waited in line! Just put them down.

Then I told him about this girl that contacted me out of the blue. I felt uncomfortable by it (it was a very old friend that was never too nice to me). I told him I felt cautious about talking to her and that sometimes I feel people just want to use me for something- last time someone contacted me like her and the way she did this happened.

He told me I should have cats. He meant this in a way of me being crazy for feeling that way.

It just is weird, once in a while he acts like this with me. I feel down after talking to him and don't feel like talking to him again.

Last night I think he accidentally messaged me instead of someone else and just played it off. It was weird to me. I decided to not text him again.

I dunno, is he sounding harsh? I feel not so great after talking to him.

Added (1). Another thing too is I showed him something I made and he asked how much I sell it for (jewelry). I told him and he was like"omg I didn't think they were that much!" But he then apologized at least. Kind of hurt my feelings though.

How to fix bad wifi after updating ios 7?

I recently updated my iphone to ios 7 and the wifi became SUPER slow. Do you guys know any solutions possible?
(its not the wifi itself that is slow because it is really fast on my laptop)

Is it possible to go back to iOS6 from iOS7 in iPhone 4?

I got an iphone 4 and updated it to iOS 7… The OS was laggy but i thought the next update will fix it… But i checked my friend's iphone 4s and found it to be as smooth as ios 6… I figured it's a problem with my hardware so it's never gonna get fixed… Is there a way to downgrade to ios 6?
why update the iph 4 if the hardware couldn't handle it? Im disappointed with apple… They probably did this intentionally to force users to upgrade…
now my iphone 4 feels like a low end android phone… I was perfectly happy with iOS 6…

Can I safely update to ios7 without the original SIM card?

Guys i have an iphone 4s running ios 6.1.3 and I'm wondering if I can update it to ios7 without the original sim from Verizon, right now I'm just using it like iPod,.by the way I'm from the Philippines and the phone was just given to me.
Thank you.

Move Itunes library to Other User on same PC (Windows)?

My boyfriend has recently purchased an iphone and we dont want to share an itunes library. I had created a library on his laptop for myself but now he will need his own. I have created myself as a new user on the PC but I dont know how to transfer the music over so that only I can access this library? Then he could import all his own music and have his own library.

if this is not possible is it possible to create 2 libraries within itunes so that I sync my phone to the existing library and he can sync his to the new one?