What Coding Language to learn first?

I am 13 years old and I want to grow up and become a video game maker/developer/designer(whatever fits there) with really any Xbox 360 or Xbox One or whatever company that make games for console gaming. I also want to create my own game for iOS.(iPhone, iPod, and iPad) I know to create games/apps for any iDevice, you should use the Objective C language. (I read that Apple recommends that coding language for designing apps) I also know that most leading programming or just professionals in general use the C++ language to code and I know that you can learn C++ and Objective C easier if you already have learned the C programming language. Just please someone help me out here and tell me if I should stick with the C programming language or go down to something more simple or up to something a little harder. And keep in mind that I am 13 years old. (Well turning 13 on December 28, 2013) Also please don't say "Well it depends what you want to do." or something like that because I have already told everything that I want to do. Oh, and one last thing I would like to do would be make a mod for Minecraft. All your help will for sure help me! Please help now! Thank you in advance!

Mobile Printer Recommendation?

I need a Mobile (battery-powered) Wi-Fi Printer that prints 8.5"x11" paper, Color and BW from an iPhone 5 using its personal Hotspot. Can it be done?

I would like to be able to print on-the-go from my truck when there are no outlets or internet available. My plan is to use my iPhone 5's personal hotspot to talk to whatever battery-operated wifi-enabled small printer that I purchase (based on your recommendations!) Thank you! The end result must fit all parameters above!

**I call out Wi-Fi specifically because I don't think it is possible to print via bluetooth from an iPhone to a bluetooth printer.

Looking for an app for iPhone?

On this app you can take pictures of yourself or whatever but by making certain hand positions you can make shapes. You take multiple pictures and they all go into a collage. Anyone know what this is called? Thanks

First contract! Iphone 5s or 5?

This is my first contract! I've always been on sim Only, I've ordered the iphone 5s for £189 upfront and £32 a month but is it worth it or should I buy the iphone 5 for £499 and then £12 a month sim only? I'm 17 and only have a part time job, I really need some help!:/

Teen girl Christmas list! Help!

My parents are asking for my Christmas list, and I have no idea what I want! Help? I'm a thirteen year old girl. I'm kinda girly though.

So far, on my list I have:
Curling wand
New straightener
iPhone case

Any more suggestions? I Really need to start getting stuff on my list, and I have no idea what I want. Thanks! :)

Some of my music won't sync to my iPhone?

The other day some of the songs on my iPhone stopped working. I've never had a problem before but out of no where the songs would skip over if I clicked to play one and then erased off the phone. They're still in my iTunes library and play fine on there but I've synced it many times and they won't move back to my phone. My purchased music still syncs but this is only happening to the songs I downloaded from YouTube and didn't purchase. I've tried deleting the songs and putting them back on and it still didn't work. Any suggestions would help out a lot! Thanks!

Would replacing the battery on the iphone 5 fix water damage?

I want to buy a water damaged iphone 5 from someone. He said it was quickly token out but was completely submerged. He said all he tried was a can of air but that's it. Should I take the risk and replace the battery? Would that work? What else could I try? He's selling it for 200

How to get the static noise to stop?

I have a Toshiba NB 305. Yes, I know not the best computer but it is faster than the modern computers. Anyway I have recently gotten into loving to watch scary movies on a website I discovered. So for about 2 months I watched these movies laughing, screaming, not flinching. It doesn't effect me in any way shape or form. I always put in ear buds. The kind from apple since I got an iPhone. When I put them in after those 2 months there was a little static. It didn't bother me that much so I let it go. Now lately, It's hard to here anything they are saying and I have been trying everything and anything to get it to stahp but it won't! Any help?