New iPhone has simcard in it?!

I just bought a new iPhone 5s and I wonder it has a simcard inside it! Is it a new or it is refresh? Please answer quickly cause I want to return it back.

Sound distorted on IPhone 4s?!

I put my phone on the inside window ledge while taking a shower because it's a lot louder if I do (One speaker is already blown out from previous owner). Well as soon as I put my phone on the ledge it sounded distorted so I picked it up and one of my asshole brothers filled the whole thing with…conditioner. Right away, I wiped the conditioner off and it still sounds muffled so I restarted my phone and it still sounds the same. My phone is NOT updated because it's jailbroke (DO NOT SAY THAT IT ISN'T WORKING BECAUSE IT'S JAILBROKE) so trying to update with remove the jailbreak on my phone which I'm not sure I want to do that yet. Any ways to fix it with out updating? How much is a new IPhone 4s from AT&T?

Do you prefer iphones or androids?

I am looking for a new phone. Not really sure which to get. They both look nice, and have good reviews. I know it all boils down to what features I am looking for. So what do you like about yours?

Aux cable for car ( iphone )?

looking for aux cable good quality for car, i try to play music on my iphone 5s via car speaker, also does aux stream quality same as cd or less,

any recommand which one

thanks -

How to download apps to iphone with metro pcs carrier?

So im trying to help someone download apps witg metro pcs linked to their iPhone. Its unlocked but I think metro wont support apple since they dont sale the iphone. But anyways I did it along time ago I think moving my sim into the phone since im on a plan with att but I just dont want to repeat the hassel since I pay my bill not my friend and it uses alot of internet. Anyways I tried downloading with play store is it possible to use play store

Is there anyway to send voicemails?

My mom and I both have an iPhone 5C. My mom has a voice mail on her cell phone from my dad. My dad passed away a couple of years ago, and I would really like the have the voicemail on my phone. Is there anyway to send a voicemail from one phone to another?