Is the iPhone 5s extremely breakable/fragile?

Is the iPhone 5s extremely breakable/fragile? My dad just got me one and I'm worried because I have a tendency to drop phones. If I drop it, will it always shatter? Or just sometimes if you're unfortunate?

Also, are there any types of cases for the phone that you would recommend? Ex: hard, soft, rubber, etc.


Unlocking a iPhone 5 what is on EE?

I've bought a a new iPhone 5 (apple replacement) which is locked to EE. I've been quoted £139.99 to get it unlocked! I know EE will unlock it for £20 odd if you are a customer for at least 6 months. Well my sister is a EE customer and also happens to have a iPhone 5. Can I use her details then give them the IEMI number of my phone?

Home button on refurbished iPhone 4s is bad?

I bought an iPhone 4s from Verizon in August of this year. We insured it with Asurion. Sunday, I dropped it and the entire screen shattered. No biggie. I have it ensured.
So, today, I received a refurbished iPhone 4s. An empty envelope intended to hold the broken device is included. All is going well, until I notice the home button. The button is rotated 10 degrees to the left. Also, the button doesn't make a click sound when pressed, and also requires a SIGNIFICANT amount of pressure to activate. In essence, the home button is virtually useless.
I'm aware of the Active Touch Assistance. I hate it. It's not an option.

What do I do? Do I call Asurion? At this point, I don't even want a refurbished device, I want a brand new one that is hopefully covered by the insurance.
The nearest Apple Store is 10 miles away, so I'll only go if this is the best option.

How can I get a new device without paying the $169 deductible I already paid for the refurbished device?

Is 500 Mb data good for my iPhone 4S?

I don't watch YouTube videos or anything on my phones 4G (But on Wifi I do). But I do basic web surfing and messaging. I don't do any downloads unless I'm on wifi. So is 500 MB a lot?

Does it make sense to buy an iphone 4s?

so i want to get a new phone and it will either be through metro or virgin but idk what phone to get! I was thinking an iphone but it would be the oldest version of the iphone 4s 8gb and idk if that makes sense since the iphone is changing so often! What do you guys think? Get an iphone or another 4g phone?

Swapping networks with the same number?

Ok so i'm currently with 02 on a contract, I've recently just got the new iPhone with EE. I was wondering if there was a way I could take my 02 number which i have had for over a year to EE? The only catch is that my 02 contract is still in a contract until May - my mum is going to be using my old phone with 02.

Any help would be helpful Thanks:)

What do i need to do to get this to work?!

For Christmas im thinking of buying a Toshiba 40L1353B 40 inch tv (Toshiba 40L1353B 40 inch 1080p Freeview

I also already own a Logitech surround sound speaker set that connects through audio jack, similar to the one that connect headphones into iPhones.

I was wondering if it would work if i plugged the speakers into this tv and work. If not, is the anyway to make it work. + im open to anyone making a suggestion on what tv this would work on.



How to wirelessly connect iphone to windows media player?

I have an iphone 5 on ios 6. I downloaded some movies in mp4 format to my windows media player on windows 7.Is there a way to Wirelessly connect my iPhone to the Windows media player to play those movies to my iPhone? I would transfer them to my phone through iTunes, but i don't have enough storage. I connected my PS3 to the Windows media player wirelessly and I can watch the movies from my PS3 but how do I do that iPhone? I found an app on AppStore called my media center, but I'm not sure if this will work? Any suggestions on what to do? Thanks

Verizon or AT&T, which is better?

I've had Verizon for about 2 years now, and my contract is coming to an end. While I like the coverage and the fast internet, I find that they're customer service sucks and they're quite expensive. So I was thinking about switching to AT&T because I've heard they have much better customer service but I've also heard they don't have as good of coverage. Would it be worth switching to them? (I'm wanting the iPhone plan, if that makes a difference).