Can I Bring These On A Plane?

I'm going to be going on a trip to Kansas. From California, to Texas, to Kansas. My flight will be 7 hours long, and I want to know if my heating pads will be confiscated.

I may be taking Southwest, not sure. I am not buying the ticket. But there is nowhere on the heating pad that says now much liquid it has in it.
Its one of those chemical reaction heating pads where you click the little circle metal button and almost instantly it becomes hot.
To compare its size, it is about the size pf two iPhones put together. Not too heavy at all.
It hurts to sit for that long and these 2 heating pads would be awesome to bring.

Can I bring them? I cannot seem to find a direct answer on Google, so this is my last resort, lol. Thank you.

How to transfer data from Ipod to Iphone? - 1

So i ordered a Iphone 4s and i want to transfer the apps and stuff from my Ipod Touch 2nd Gen to my new iphone. I have itunes on my computer so how do i go about doing this? Thanks:)

What are my chances of getting into these colleges?

I really want to go to either UCLA, UCSD, or UC Davis. What do you think my chances are?

GPA (not including Freshman year)-

Weighted: 4.25
Unweighted: 3.85

SAT score: Took it twice, 2080 first time, 2110 second time


-Running/(Interning at) a company with a friend of my dad's, selling custom iPhone and iPad cases. I haven't officially sold any yet but I tried getting a deal with my school but failed, but now I am in the process of designing my own from scratch.

-Bhangra dance: I took classes for this from middle school throughout freshman year, and have been dancing on and off. I have performed with my sister in front of large groups of people and at parties and stuff, but nothing like a competition.

-Playing basketball: I have been playing basketball consistently since freshman year, but not on my high school team. I trained hard to try out for varsity a few months ago at the end of my junior year, but fractured my wrist before tryouts. My high school is also arguably best in Cali so there's that.

-Enterprise Leadership Conference: I was selected to go to ELC, where high school students are placed into different groups of eight and given three days to get to know each other, design a product and business plan, and present to judges. We won first out of twelve groups.

-Volunteering: I have volunteered at a place where we feed and clothe the homeless, about 20 hours each year, although it was mandatory to do so.

So, what do you think my chances are to get into my top schools? I feel I needed more EC's, but then again I don't know.

How to get Iphone 4s connected to straight talk?

I bought a used Iphone 4s that is supposed to be unlocked but when I put my straight talk sim card in it (from my current straight talk phone), it says "no sim". I've left it in for over an hour, powered the Iphone off/on but it still doesn't recognize my sim card. Does this mean that the phone is locked? How would I go about transferring my current straight talk service to the Iphone?

Songs won't delete from iPhone?

A song I bought from iTunes won't delete off of my iPhone. I've upgraded to iOS 7 and I swiped to left to delete the song. All it did was put an iCloud backup icon on the song. I've tried logging in and out of my iTunes account and it hasn't worked. I've also tried doing it via iTunes on desktop but it shows the song as not present on my iPhone.

How/Where can I unlock my verizon iphone 4?

I have an iphone 4 from verizon that I want to unlock to use on sprint and I cannot find a decent video on youtube that is actually legitimate! This phone has no sim card so any sim unlocks will not work. And if I cannot do it myself, where can I get it done?


Why is my iphone 5c dying so fast?

So idk why it's dying so fast. I barely got it and idk. Is it iOS 7? Is it because I charged wrong the first night. I didn't let it die all the way because I heard it wasn't necessary. Help please should I go to the apple store?