Where can I get my iPhone 5 screen repaired?

Help! I just cracked my iPhone 5's screen. It's still working but it's difficult to read things. Where can I go to get it fixed? DIY is out of the question because I'm not good with stuff like this l. The nearest Apple store is a half hour away & I'm willing to go there if they will for sure be able to fix it without the purchase of a new phone. Thanks for your help!

Iphone 5s imessage problem?!

So i have an iphone 5s but i want to use it just as an ipod… How can i use the message app with my email like you do with a normal ipod…

How to get an upgrade on my iphone?

is their a website i can go to that tells me my plans and such and suggests upgrades? How far can i upgrade it? Do i have to have the iphone on hand when i get a new one? Basically walk me through this process please!1

Unlocking iPhone 5 with EE UK?

On their site, it says that it costs £20.42 to get an unlock code. I just have a few questions. Is the total price £20.42, or is that just a preorder cost; and you have to pay the rest of the cost after (like some other unlock services make you do)? Also, can you only pay using credit/the cost being added to your phone bill, or is there another way?

Is the unlock code permanent? Do they jailbreak your phone (although it is very unlikely, I just want to make sure)? How do they actually unlock your phone?

Thanks in advance. Your answers are much appreciated.

How to transfer music to iphone without itunes on PC?

Hey everyone!
Guys, I need an advise. I am currently searchin' for an app that will let me transfer media from iPhone 5 to a PC without iTunes sync.
I've been literally searchin' forever…

I've seen this one software from Softorino called iStick here:

and gosh its freakin' awesome, but its $40; works on any Windows - but it's $40; upload media with no iTunes sync - but it's $40; multiple iOS management - but it's $40… Well anyways you get what I'm saying

So yeah guys if you have any ideas - please let me know!

Looking forward to hear your suggestions!

Where can find this episode online free?

Can someone please give me a link to somewhere where I can watch the Big Bang theory season 7 episode 24 that's the season finale and I missed it I want to stream it online free I don't mind registrating for a free account just as long as it DOESNT ASK FOR CREDIT CARD INFORMATION! Also I am on my iphone but I can go on a computer that's no big deal please help I really want to watch this episode

Why do I look different in mirror, iPhone etc?

I've always wanted to see myself how other people see me since I don't really know how I ACTUALLY look like.

I look different in mirror than I do in pictures, videos and in "selfies" with my iPhone I literally look ugly. I look COMPLETELY different, especially in sunlight. Is it the light that does it or is that how I actually look?

I know this is a stupid thing to worry about but I get confused about how I look. People say I'm beautiful but I don't see that at all when I see myself in images. In the mirror I feel I look okay. So what's the most accurate way to look at yourself like other see you?

Best Buy physical coverage dropped if I jailbreak my iPhone?

Can anyone helpfully answer this question for me?:

I have an iPhone 5 that I want jailbroken. I have had an iDevice before, jailbroke it, then unjailbroke it, so I'm not stranger to jailbreaking. But now I would like to jailbreak my phone. The only problem is that I pay $15/month to have it covered through Best Buy and I hear that it voids any and every warranty on the phone (its been over a year since I got this phone, if that helps). What if I drop it and crack the screen after I jailbreak it and I can get it replaced for free at Best Buy, will they still cover me even if the damage to the phone is not related to the jailbreak itself?

Restoring iPhone/iCloud help?

Yesterday I dropped my iPhone 5, the screen cracked (badly) and the display went black but I could still hear Siri so I knew it was still working but the display had gone. Last night I was trying to look up answers and playing around with it a bit hoping to bring it back to life. One of the suggestions was to hold the power button and home button together, but that only ended up turning my phone off completely (I can no longer hear Siri or turn the phone on at all).

When I plug the iPhone into the computer, iTunes shows up and does recognise that my iPhone is plugged in which I am taking as a good sign. It also vibrates twice every 5 seconds and gets very warm. However, it does say it has trouble reading the contents of the phone and suggests I do a restore. When I choose this option in iTunes, I am told;

'Find My iPhone must be turned off before the iPhone can be restored. Go to iCloud settings on your iPhone and turn off Find My iPhone before restoring your iPhone,'

Obviously can't do that. On further research I found you can do it online by logging into iCloud. When I try to log in it says;

'Your Apple ID must be used to set up iCloud on an iOS device before you can use iCloud.com'.

Again, I can't do this. I'm confused. Can I basically not restore my iPhone then? I don't even know if restoring it would help. I'm not sure how serious the problem is yet.

I am taking it to the repair shop tomorrow but no clue whether it can be restored or not:(