ITunes not Transferring to iPod/iPhone?

Every time I plug my iPod or iPhone into my iMac the iTunes doesn't transfer my music or videos from my iTunes onto my iPod or Phone. Any reason why this isn't working?

It all syncs and the music or videos that were already on my Phone or iPod will replace themselves but nothing else will get added to it. My iPod has 40.69GB left so I have enough space.

Please help (:

Why does my iphone5 receive text messages twice?

When my iphone5 is on the lock screen and I receive text messages, unless I respond or look at it right away I will receive the same text message a minute later. Does this happen to everyone? How can I turn this off? It's very annoying!

GTA V iFruit App! Licence Plate help!

I have the iFruit app on iPhone and I can change the licence plate both on and offline.
The problem is, I made the licence plate say Smily which I wanted it to say, but now I'd like to change it to LSPD or Police.
Is there any way I can change what it says again or am I stuck with Smily. I tried deleting and reinstalling that app and turning on the tutorial again but nothing works.
It's really shitty if it can't be change, but that's R* for ya!

IPhone 4 with newest update not showing movies?

I have the 4s. I have 6 movies and one music video. When I click on the video app or whatever it's called, the 6 moves popped up for 2 seconds then it went to my music video, the only options at the top are edit and store, I've closed the app out and went back in and it still won't go back to my movies. Anyone know how to get my movies back?

Bad iPhone 5s quality of calling, what to do about it?

So I've brought a new iPhone yesterday, and it's perfectly fine, but when someone calls me or I call someone I can't hear the other person very well. I can hear it really silently. How to make it louder?

Added (1). Tried to increase the volume already!

Apps appearing on my iPhone 5?

My iPhone 5 is completely new and is not hacked or anything. Apps have been appearing on my iPhone; apps that I've never downloaded before. For example, a cute game called Mandora was downloaded to my phone just now. It was not there a few mins ago.

It doesn't look like any sort of malware but I just want to know if this is happening to anyone else. Is this some sort of marketing strategy?

I get a upgrade in Feburary of Next year?

I have three options
1- I can get an iphone 5
2- i can a galaxy
or 3 i can keep my current phone

which would you recommend i have the droid razr m, and i've only had it for 7 months but that's because i washed my oringal. I mean i like it, i'm just getting tired of the screen shaking and stuff like that.

Why does he interject but he can't respond to a simple message?

I am friends with this guy but I am kind of angry with him right now. He has on his iPhone a thing that shows when he READ a text message. We had texted and my last one he left unread! He didn't even freaking read it.what'd he do delete it? And the same thing happened with facebook - facebook says when the person read the message, if at all. He never even looked at my last message. WTF?

well then i wrote something in this comment thread and i guess he just had to interject. He wrote a comment right after mine, addressing me, tagging me, saying something directed at me.

I don't get it. How could someone not even look at a a message somebody sent them, on TWO different avenues, and then stick his nose where it doesn't belong and address that same person. I just don't get it.