How can somebody else have the same IP as me?

Okay, so I was getting into an argument on a website with some people, then this other person was like "oh, they're just arguing with themselves", and at first I was like "what?", but they also posted a screen-shot, and what do you know? At least one of the other people has the same IP as me. How is this possible? Also note that I was on an iPhone using cellular data and 3G.

Added (1). Oh, and I should have pointed out that I have been using a fake IP proxy for the past week (securoty reasons).Is it possible that somebody could happen to coincidentally have the same IP as my fake one?

What time should i go to bed?

i have to wake up at 6 to go to my private school and my parents have me go to bed at 9 i always end up staying up to midnight on my iphone and ipad how do i stop?

How to use a bad esn verizon iphone 4 as an ipod touch?

I bought a bad esn verizon iphone 4 to use it as an ipod touch. The iphone doesn't have any locks on it. The seller said that I just have to put the airplane mode on and turn on my wifi. But is there another way besides having to put the airplane mode on? THANK YOU

What is the best speaker for a car? And MP3/CD Deck for a car?

Eventually when I get my main car, I want to get great speakers for my car. I know BestBuy sells most of the speakers for cars. But i'm wondering what good speakers for cars are. Not the brand but what the Best Features are for car speakers. I would also need to get a iPod/iPhone-Ready CD Deck, so I also need to know good brands and features for that. Thanks so much.

Should I get a iPhone 4 with virgin mobile?

Opinions? I heard it good. Also of you have an iPhone 4, is it worth upgrading to iOS 7. Heard it went really slow at first, but I figured they would have fixed that with 7.0.4

How to power on an iPhone if lock button is broken?

I have an iPhone 5 and the power/lock button on top is broken. I know that I can use the assistive touch thing to power off the iPhone. After powering it off, is there any way for me to power it on without plugging it into the wall or my laptop?

Could I get into trouble for scamming on craigslist?

I was talking to some guy. I am supposed to be sending my iphone 5c(perfect condition) for his gold iphone 5s which can't be used because he restarted it and forgot the Apple ID and password. We are both sending through the mail. If I receive his iphone and don't send mine would I get into trouble? Craigslist says don't ship only deal locally. This guy knows my address email and phone number.Ps: he thinks my address is my cousins address

Does the Iphone stay on while charging?!

I have a 4s, just got it and im now charging it. I turned it off, plugged it in and it basically turned itself back on because when I hit the home button it turned on. Does it turn on automatically when charged and then off when its finished?! I think thats pretty dumb its just wasting battery being

Added (1). Aha! If you turn it off WHILE you charge it, it stays off… I just had it off and then plugged it in.

Added (2). Aha! If you turn it off WHILE you charge it, it stays off… I just had it off and then plugged it in.

Can I remove the password from a smashed iphone I found?

So I found this iphone 4 or 4s im not sure on the side of the road all smashed and stuff, the led light still turns on and it still connects to the computer everything seems to work fine, if I paid for a new screen I could use this phone, but it has a passcode on it when i plug it into my computer, is there a way to get rid of this passcode and use the phone or should i throw it out? It is a perfectly good phone if it were fixed but I don't want to pay good money and not be able to use it, help.

I have heard of some ways to do it but it involved the screen to work.