Why is my iPhone 5 C not letting me download music from Youtube?

Note: I really do not want to hear: That's illegal or why don't you just go buy your music. I know its not exactly legal. Anyway. On my old iPod Touch I was always able to download music off of Youtube. I would use the listentoyoutube.com. I tried to get my download to my iPhone library and it said something about it not being correct or something. I don't know. But if anyone would be able to help me it would be greatly appreciated:D

How to add a school email to iphone?

Good morning, I want to add my school email to my iphone but i do not know how. I go to EPCC, if anyone can help. It asks me for an incoming mail server and things like that but i do not know how, i would apreciate it very much. Thank you!

Is my iPhone 5s draining the battery too fast and if so, how can I make it last longer?

I got the iPhone 5s a few days ago. I discharged the battery and then charged it for 8 hours. After that it seemed like it was draining power fast, so I looked for some solutions online. I disabled Location Services, some Push Notification, Auto-Brightness, and some apps processing in the background. It was fully charged several hours ago, however, I've been using it for approx. 3 hours now and it's at 52% as I type.
Is it draining battery life too fast, or is this the normal pace? Or does this always happen in the beginning. Are there other things I can do to prolong battery life? Thanks.

Why are people so against us?

Why do people discredit my relationship? So I’m 19 and my GF of a little over a year is a Hooters girl. The day we met, a buddy and I headed down there because, well, we’re poor single guys, foods cheap and then there’s the girls ☺ I remember our entire conversation because I knew instantly that I liked her. She brought us our drinks and I was on my iPhone googling pick up lines
Me: Let’s say hypothetically I were going to flirt with you. What number would I be?
Her: You’d be the 5th guy to flirt with me.
Me: Well because I’m a gentleman, I’ve googled “ pick up lines” now I’m going to rattle off 3 and then you pick the one you like the least and I’ll use that.
Her: * picks her least favorite *
Me: * recites line *
We continued small talk throughout the meal. She put a ☺ on the check I left her a $20 tip and my phone number, she wrote hers, and here we are. Nobody sees our relationship as “ legit” because we aren’t classmates who dated and we didn’t meet at a party. Why the bashing? And by " people" I mean people that I live in the dorm with and know who I'm dating.

How to know if iphone is using carrier instead of home wifi?

hi, i jsut got my brand new iphone today, first time that i have those touch screen phones so its a big change. However im wondering if it is using my phone service wasting money, instead of my wifi, I have connected to the home wifi, but i want to amke sure that its using the wifi and not the 4G

Why I'm I not getting my text messages?

I have a iPhone 5 from t-mobile and I've been noticing these past 2 weeks that I'm not getting my text messages. I can send messages but not receive them. I receive them sometimes but not all the time.
Is it my phone or do I need too go too t-mobile? Help!

Which is the best cellular connection in Canada?


I am a new immigrant arriving in Calgary in the 2nd week of June. I would like to know which cellular network is the best these days in terms of plans and coverage. I have my own iPhone.

Also, can I buy plans at airport?