Best music player for iphone?

i switched to iphone from android, its the best phone for everything but i am totally disappointed with the music, its very simple there is no good bass and treble, i am a big music lover and the music quality on android is amazing as compared to ios(i used POWERAMP in it) , i have dr dre. Beats Solo HD headphones. If you have used any music player app on ios which is good then please tell me. Thanx in advance.

My iPhone 5 bottoms speakers aren't working?

Okay I split a little bit of hot chocolate on my phone it got in the bottom speakers. Now I heard rice will help but I don't think it will because I keep looking at the little speakers and it looks like it hardened or something my speakers aren't working even when turned up all the way all you hear is a faint noise what do I do?

How to restore my old OS on my iPhone? - 1

I backed up my phone the other day and without asking me, the phone installed the new OS. It's the 4s It also deleted all of my apps that I have installed. It will not allow me to check the weather nor log my resents on my call list. I'd like to just revert back to the way it was.

I know, I should have gotten a better phone than the iPhone but I have what I have for now. I just want to go back to when it worked better until I can get something better.

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How do I restore all of my apps?

How to rest Ford Expedition sync 2012?

Last week I put made my iPhone to forget SYNC by accident and now it just say Carkit. I couldn't connect because i need the password and I don't have it. So how do I rest SYNC settings and re do it again from the beginning. My car is 2012 Expedition XLT with out navigation system


I cannot access my email account from IPhone, IPAD and get error message?

It won't let me sign in and get an error message. Tried to change password with no luck. Then I tried signing in via Explorer and get a message that you are conducting maintenance. I have been unable to get my mail since Monday evening.

On my iphone and ipad I get an apple error message that says my passwords are incorrect. My husbands accounts (2) both work.

What the heck is happening?