Why does UPS deliver like this?

I ordered two iPhone 5s's more than a week ago… It was supposed to be delivered this past thursday, but was delayed because they forgot to package my sister's phone and tell me mine will stay in ohio until my sister's arrives so they can package them together so we'll get them the same day… Apparently mine wasn't in ohio, mine was in TX and then TN and is now in OH. I called AT&T and they said they often will tell you they will package them together but sometimes it's easier for them to package them separately and separate times… Mine is expected by tomorrow, my sister's is expected by monday… Mine arrived in OHIO at 10:52 AM yesterday and still says arrived in ohio at 10:52. Why isn't it in Michigan and ready to deliver today? How many hours after do they send it to the next state and how often do they update it?

Supposedly unlocked iPhone won't activate throuh iTunes?

So this lady I know got this iPhone from eBay in the US. We don't live in the US so obviously an iPhone locked to AT&T is of no use to us.

So the person she bought the phone from sent a paper with instructions on how to activate the iPhone through iTunes. To me this all sounded like the kind of process you're supposed to go through after you've IMEI unlocked a phone. In fact I made some research ad even call AT&T and realized this is exactly the same thing you're supposed to do once the unlocking process is done. Connect phone to itunes, update/restore, accept any carrier update and done phone's unlocked. So I went along with it, I figured this person might have unlocked the phone through IMEI as well so all I had to do was the iTunes part.

Problem is, once the restore process is done I can't activate the phone because iTunes keeps showing this message that the Sim card in the phone isn't compatible. It basically says that the carrier on that Sim card isn't authorized. So I'm stuck. Any ideas? I updated to iOS 7.0.4 and before this the phone had iOS 7.0.2. I don't get the "congratulations" message and the phone keeps saying "No service". And by the way, before this I could navigate the phone, someone had previously activated it somehow.

I'm not sure what am I supposed to do now. I'm starting to think the lady got scammed ad that the phone isn't unlocked at all! I don't know. Any ideas on what could I be doing wrong?

Last bot not least, I've considered using an AT&T (because I know from the time I could navigate the phone it said AT&T) to activate the phone, though I don't have one… But wouldn't this be counterproductive? I mean, if I buy and unlocked phone doesn't that mean I'm already planning to use it with a different carrier? Why would it demand an At&T sim card before allowing you to finally insert one from a different carrier, hypothetically speaking? I don't know. Any help will be kindly appreciated. Thanks for the time.

PD: I don't know the firmware, I can't navigate.

Added (1). I tried using a different Sim card from Movistar and it didn't work either. Also I took the phone to the carrier the lady intends to use it with and they said "The phone isn't unlocked" which I already knew. At that point, of course the phone wasn't unlocked whether the lady was scammed or not. The whole point of connecting it to iTunes is to finally unlock the device.

Added (2). On the paper sent by whoever is it that sold the phone it says the phone is Factory Unlocked, so how am I supposed to interpret this? In the paper says that in the event of having to use a carrier other than T-Mobile (they tested it with that) follow the instructions which pretty much are connecting the phone to iTunes and agreeing to any carrier update, like I said above. But again, I can't even go past the activation part cus it says the Sim isn't compatible, and I've already tried Sims from two different companies and one of them is Movistar which is the AT

Ragebreak ios 7 jailbreak? True or not?

I've been searching for jailbreaks in my iphone but until I see ragebreak in search tabs and even on youtubes is it safe to use it? Here some sample link of ragebreak search https://www.google.com.ph/?gws_rd=cr&ei=8LCUUon5O8GriAfQwoHoBg#q=ragebreak

I like to know if this is true or not thanks

Regression analysis project ideas?

I have to do a regression analysis project for my Statistics class and I need some good ideas to do it on. Some of my friends have done how many people have iPhones compared with their gender, and things like that where they poll their friends on Facebook.

Any good simple ideas are appreciated! Thank yall:)

Att iphone 5 5s 5c 4s factory unlock service?

Where can i get the att iphone factory unlocked i have the iphone 5 5s 5c and 4s models somewhere reliable and trustworthy i know its harder now and alot of people claim to get it done so please who has done it lately for you thank you

How to Edit Video Clips onto a DVD?

I am want to make a DVD for my girlfriend for Christmas, I want to record all of her friends and family saying reasons on why she is amazing but I want to prove to her that im not the only one who thinks she is amazing, but im not sure how to do it I have an iphone and a camcorder I can record all the videos but the actual putting the videos on a DVD and how to edit them to shorten them and just make it perfect any idea? I'm Clueless

I'm a 16 y/o who wants to learn how to make iPhone apps?

Okay, I'm in high school and I really want to create an iPhone apps. Do you know any good websites or books that you personally recommend. I want to read something and learn something useful during those classes, where they teach us complete bulls**t. Than you.

I have done MCA, i want to go in to the Development field?

I got a Job offer for Mumbai for Business development. A small company has selected me to join their Mumbai office for handling clients pitching stuff of the company. Company works on Web designing, android/iPhone apps.

Added (1). MY BAD, i forgot that i am interested in development field actually.
I am good in.NET.

Question is: as i want to go for development, this opportunity is given to me. And company is not even working on.NET. Its in python, ruby.
SHOULD I TAKE CHANCE OR WAIT FOR MY INTEREST. I thought 20 k is good, thats why i asked, but it is for Business Development

I am a heavy sleeper and can't wake up from alarm?

The problem is that I m a really heavy sleeper. I wake up sometimes after 12 hours of sleep. I use 5 alarms on my iphone spaced like 10 mins apart and still I can't even hear them but when I wake up they are turned off by me and I don even remember that.
Sometimes I do wake up and just don't go out of bed as its cold and I don't wanna take a bath and go to school.
Even when someone comes to wake me up i start making excuses to myself like i feel a bit sick, schools not worth it today etc so that I don wake up and don feel guilty about it.

I need some good tips on how to wake up. And please be in detail with a list of things i can do.
And don't gimme answers like sleep early cause i do.