Nokia lumia 920 or iphone 4s? - 1

Which is better and i wont have enough money to get anything more expensive.

or which phone is better and in the that price range

How to keep my iPhone safe while it's in my soccer bag?

So I have now broken my iPhone screen 5 times, and two of the times it has been in my soccer bag. I will just open my soccer bag and the screen will be shattered. I have always put my phone in the pocket in my bag and idk where else to put it. I don't want this to happen again so what should I do to keep it from breaking again? Should I like wrap it in something and then put it in my bag? Please help

Problems with my iPhone 5 I've had since September?

I got the iPhone 5 when it came out. The lock button is broken and when I charge it overnight it doesn't get to 100% and it drains really quickly do mostly all the lock buttons and batteries do this? It only started in June and is annoying! What can I do and if I get a new one is it likely it will happen again?

Can not delete inappropiate Safari google search on my iPhone 4S?

My friend thought it would be funny to search 'little girls nude' on my iPhone 4S, and let me see it when I get back. It wasn't, I went to delete my search history on Safari, and when I did everything I could to delete it, I went back, and it still appeared when I typed in the letter g, along the original page. Help? How can I delete this from my phone so that people won't see 'little girls nude' in the search history when they borrow my phone?

Added (1). EDIT: I already tried the typical 'delete browsing history' and 'delete cookies' attempt in the Safari menu in Settings…

Is she ignoring me? And should I ignore back!

Ok so my girlfriend and I have a pretty healthy relationship, we always text/call and what not. Since yesterday though, she has been ignoring me. I've tried to text her and she just reads the message and doesn't reply I know she reads it cause we both have iPhones and we both have it enabled to where you can see if they read it. Didn't really talk much this morning, just a simple "good morning" and around 12 she texted me saying she was tired and stuff so I told her if I can call for a little and she didn't respond, she read the message like 20 minutes after and I still got know response? Well what should I do? Should I ignore her as well or should just wait for her to text me first?

How to hook up my iphone to my car?

I have a ford taurus and it doesn't have a tape player, or anywhere to plug in a cord to connect my phone and the car. Are there any other ways i can connect them?

Iphone 4 people can't hear me during calls?

When i make a call or receive a call. The person can't hear me but i can hear him. And when i use viber or record voice on memo the microphone works perfect! What is the solution? :(