How to transfer the music from my iTunes library to my iPhone?

Basically, I recently had my iPhone replaced and it was backed up with iCloud, so all of my information transferred, including the music I purchased on iTunes. The music that I did not purchase through iTunes, however, like CDs that I downloaded onto my computer, didn't transfer, but they are still in my iTunes library on my computer. I currently have 891 songs on my iPhone, but I should have 1116 if the ones from CDs were on it too. I want to replace all of the songs currently on my iPhone with my iTunes library that is on the computer rather than having to sort through all of my music and figure out which songs I need to download onto my iPhone. Is there any way I can do this which is absolutely guaranteed to work? I don't want anything to get deleted from my iTunes library. Also, since I will be connecting to iTunes on the computer, should I turn off iCloud backup?

How accurate is the Iphone data usage tracker?

I have an iPhone 4. Right now i have an unlimited data plan that i was grandfathered into, but i now dont think i need. I went to settings, cellular, on my iPhone, it says the last reset was september 18, 2013 at 6:53pm, and it says my cellular data usage is 288MB. Does that mean that since september 18, i have used 288MB? I am thinking of getting a 200MB or 300MB data plan thats cheaper, but dont know if thats what i need. I dont want to go over my data limit. Thanks in advance

How to text her after this conversation?

Recently me and a girl were texting and us being together was brought up. I said "I'm tired of people thinking we're together but I have to tell ten you don't like me," she replied "I don't want to date a guy right now because I'm still hurt from the last one I dated." I said "alright but that sucks for me." She said "date (said a girl I barely know)" "I don't want too. And I don't want to talk about this anymore." She said "fine."

This was about 9 hours ago, and now I feel bad. Like, I feel like I should ignore her but she's so cool I don't think I could do that. I just want to get a conversation going and make things go back normal.
I sent a snapchat of my face saying "I don't want you to be mad" she opened but didn't reply.

Ignore any typos, all typed from iphone.

What does it mean to buy a used iPhone?

What does it mean to buy a used iPhone or any smart phone in general? By that I mean, would I be able to use it out of the box without having to activate it or sign a contract? In other words, could I just use it as a wi-fi device?

AT&T iPhone 4: Two-Year Contract Plan?

I want to cancel my iPhone 4 contract with at&t. I've had my iphone since May 2013 and been paying every month. What will at&t do if I cancel my contract?

I got an iPhone 4 from at&t and they gave me a new sim card and a 2yr contract plan. Do I have to pay monthly for 2 years? When can I cancel my contract with at&t? Can at&t sue me for cancelling my contract?

Where can I buy an Iphone 5S but with a lower price?

I would like to buy an I phone 5 S… In my country the phone costs 1000$, but I heard it's much cheaper in the USA. I searched on e bay and found some results tihin 200$… Are those phone false, like repliques or real original used but in a good condition phoneS?
If you have time to spare, can you give me some advice about where can I buy an Iphone 5s with a lower price, or where can I buy an other good smartphone within 200 $ max?

Is there someone/a company who can create an iPhone app for me?

So I have this idea for an iPhone app. I'm quite positive there isn't one already like it, & I think it could become a big deal if it were to be created. Problem is, I don't have the knowledge or expertise to even begin creating an app. Is there any sort of company or anything out there that will make an app for you? Perhaps if you pay them to make it or if they want a share of the profits it could make?

Either way, my main question is, is there any sort of service you know of that will take your idea and create an iPhone app out of it?