How much would a Nintendo ds lite 15 games and accessories sell for?

I have a used pink Nintendo ds lite along with 15 games and a bag, 2 cases, 5 stylus, a big case to hold 16 games and 3 smaller ones which hold 2 games each. How much could I sell this for on ebay? And would I get enough to buy an iphone 4? Thanks!

Added (1). Oh and there is also a car charger and a battery charger! Also the Nintendo itself does look well used but is in full working condition!

Just bought a iPhone 4s on ee having trouble activating sim?!

tmobile site is asking for 14 digit sim serial and my card pack only has 12 digit serial.
no 14 digits anywhere on the pack, even the digits written on the sim are only 12.
please help

Added (1). can't even call 150 to make a top up, full reception and 3g showing.

What emoticon or emoji is this?

I have an Android phone &the friends with iPhones forget &the always include emojis in their texts. One friend told me to "figure out" what this one is: X=^ Someone help lol!

Why is my iPhone 5 C not letting me download music from Youtube?

Note: I really do not want to hear: That's illegal or why don't you just go buy your music. I know its not exactly legal. Anyway. On my old iPod Touch I was always able to download music off of Youtube. I would use the I tried to get my download to my iPhone library and it said something about it not being correct or something. I don't know. But if anyone would be able to help me it would be greatly appreciated:D

How to add a school email to iphone?

Good morning, I want to add my school email to my iphone but i do not know how. I go to EPCC, if anyone can help. It asks me for an incoming mail server and things like that but i do not know how, i would apreciate it very much. Thank you!

Is my iPhone 5s draining the battery too fast and if so, how can I make it last longer?

I got the iPhone 5s a few days ago. I discharged the battery and then charged it for 8 hours. After that it seemed like it was draining power fast, so I looked for some solutions online. I disabled Location Services, some Push Notification, Auto-Brightness, and some apps processing in the background. It was fully charged several hours ago, however, I've been using it for approx. 3 hours now and it's at 52% as I type.
Is it draining battery life too fast, or is this the normal pace? Or does this always happen in the beginning. Are there other things I can do to prolong battery life? Thanks.