Why is the iPhone 5 more expensive than the iPhone 5C?

Well iPhone 5C is newer and had a little improvement (not much of a difference, I know) but why is it less expensive than iPhone 5?

They are still selling iPhone 5 here in our country I'm wondering why the price of 5C is lower than 5 even if it has sort of improvement.

How to unlock a verizon iPhone 4s?

So my friend gave me an iPhone because he wasn't using it. He had verizon though and I have AT&T. I went to the AT&T store and they said once I unlock it, they can transfer a sim that would fit the iPhone(currently have an android that doesn't have a sim that would fit) I'm trying to find a way to unlock my phone without having another sim or anything. Is there a way I can unlock it through a jailbroken source? Please help! Thanks

Will this solar panel charge my iPhone 4s?

Hey Im wanting to charge my iPhone 4s with this solar panel, is it possible? And if not, what needs to be changed in the product to make it possible to do so?


How to transfer CDs from one computer to another?

I have a cd on one computer thatI had loaded a while ago and put onto iTunes and my iPhone. My computer has recently broke and I can't get anything off of it. So I just got a new computer and loaded all of the songs that I purchased off of iTunes onto it but the ones from the cd didn't transfer. How do I get the songs from the cd (that is now lost) that I loaded onto my phone, onto my computer? Thanks.

Factory Unlocked iPhone means any plan?

So, my birthday is coming up soon. I've had a Samsung for a year now, so my mom finally agreed to buy me an iPhone but ONLY if I could find the best plan so, I was thinking of buying a factory unlocked iPhone and getting a Family Mobile Sim Card into the phone. Would this work? Many people say I can buy it factory unlocked and put any plan I want on it? Can someone please explain?

Is iPhone 5 still worth it as of now?

They are still selling iPhone 5 here in our country. It's still worth it right? I don't want to buy 5C because I believe that there's not much of a difference. I don't 5S because I don't really need all that fingerprint shiz and whatsoever.

Will I regret buying iPhone 5 now?