Attractive in person but not on camera?

I'm a 15 year old guy and before I start this off id like to say I'm not being egotistic however I do have high self confidence with my appearance. I know for a fact that I am attractive, I am literally complimented on my looks by most of the girls I meet! I also look in the mirror and think that I look very attractive with all of my features. But in almost every picture of me, whether it's a selfie or someone else took it, I find myself to look fairly ugly. It makes my face look uneven and distorts my features at pretty much any angle of photo. I take my pictures with an iPhone 5 so the camera quality is good.
girls I know or meet online and such don't find me to be attractive in my pictures. I was kind of thinking of trying some teenage modeling because I know I'm attractive in person and my body type is right. But with the way I look in pictures I don't like my chances. I don't think training would really make it better but does anybody know if agencies can fix or have this problem

I can't use my Apple ID to sign into the iTunes Store?

When I try to sign in it says I can't use this id and I have to use a different one. I have the iphone 4 fully updated, I know I typed in my password correctly, hard resetting doesn't work. Is this just some problem with Apple or am I screwed?

Should I put music on my iPhone? - 2

This is just an opinion question:

Should I put my itunes music library on my iPhone, or just put it on my iPod to save space on my phone?

Photo editing help! How do you get your pictures to look like this?

I was on Instagram, and this chick is always posting her pictures dark-like. I love the way it makes her pictures look.

If there's an app I can download to get this, that would be the best help! I own an iPhone btw. Thank you guys! :)


i've been trying to delete my iphone messages to free up space so I deleted them by swiping them and it didn't work? I restarted my phone and everything. Help

What can I do on an iPhone without service?

If I get my hands on a new smartphone, I want to know what I can do without service. I can't afford it. I need someone to explain to me what an unactivated SIM card is, what limitations I have without internet, and WiFi. First of all, with WiFi, do you have to pay for it like service on cell phones where you have free service for a certain amount of time, or do you have to pay for monthly?

I don't care about calling, texting, Facebook, Instagram, whatever. It would be nice to have them, but I just want to be able to play games and apps.

How easy is it to transfer t-mobile account?

I had amazing Credit score and i basically messed it up the past year, as a result i know i will not pass the T-mobile credit score to get the iPhone 5s (Worth about £700).

So i am convincing my mother to get it for me but i want to have total control of the account, i heard they allow Account transfers, do they allow it?

Data is all gone after 1 day?!

I have a sprint iphone 5C & I guess I didn't qualify for the unlimited everything for $65 a month, so I have unlimited text & calls but I only have 1 GB of data a month & that's $70. I just paid my bill, and not even 2 days within my new cycle all of my data is used up?! I hardly ever go on my phone unless there is wifi, I usually listen to a couple songs on pandora in the morning with cellular network while driving to school. But like do I need to turn something off or what? Somebody please help me! My bill isn't due to the 26th & my data is all gone already! :( I previously had verizon & 2 GB of data but it was expensive, but I hardly ever went over 1 GB of data a month with verzion? Is it something with sprint?