SIM card from carrier not supported under the activation policy?

I have an iphone passed down to me when the original owner upgraded. (its legal right?) I had my SIM card cut down size and now the phone tells me the SIM is not valid. The first owner was on contract with a company which is different to mine. Mine is EE. What do I do? I'm sure im not doing anything illegal.

What are some good iPhone 4S cases for cheap?

I have an iPhone 4S and my mom is planning on getting one too. I want to find a case that will protect my phone well that doesn't cost as much as another iPhone! Right now I'm bumming an otter box from my friend but I'd like to get my own cases. It doesn't have to be waterproof or anything, it just has to be able to handle shakes and drops.
Any answers would be awesome:)

If I get an iPhone 5c will my phone bill go up?

I used to have an iPhone 3GS, and around a year and a half ago I upgraded to the iPhone 4S. My cell provider is AT&T. My mom swears that when I upgraded my phone from the 3GS to the 4S, her phone bill went up even though we didn't change my plan or anything.

I want the iPhone 5c, but my mom is afraid that her bill will go up if I upgrade. Is there any truth to what she is saying? I don't believe that it would go up as long as we didn't mess with the plan.

Help to block a number from iphone4?

I am being blackmailed by my ex she is threatening to contact my new partner via txt's sending old texts that I have sent about patching things up, or calling and basically stirring and making up complete
I have Coe clean to My new partner about mistakes that were made in past r-ship, also about the possibility of ex calling / txting.
My ex went through my old phone (no lock)
The ex has an iphone5 my new partner has an I phone4
How can she block my ex number so she will not be able to call or txt
Advice appreciated

Why does my iPhone 5 have poor reception in my office?

I have gone from a iPhone 4 to an iPhone 5, and lately whenever I go in my office i cant hear the conversation that I'm having, but as soon as I step outside my office I can hear the person talking fine. I need to be able to sit in my office and talk to people with my computer screen in front of me and I cant do that at the moment. I must also add that I live in a small town and work from home, so my office isn't like on of the ones in the city, its just a small room outside.

Verizon iPhone 4 at an EcoATM?

How much would I get for a Verizon iPhone 4 at an ecoATM? It's a 16gb and works absolutely fine. The only problem is that it has a crack across the front screen. I was hoping to get some money to use towards a new iphone 5c:)

Can I reconnect my battery and the part that gets screwed in?

I ordered a new battery replacement for my iphone 4 & I ended up getting the iphone 4s battery replacement. (there is a difference, unless my phone is older) The kit the battery replacement came with, was only half useful. A screw inside the actual phone didn't have a screwdriver to undo it. So i basically pried it off (bad choice). Before I knew there was a difference between the battery I tried putting it on. Now the iphone 4 battery is disconnected from the part that gets screwed into the phone. Is there anyway I can attach them back together? The connection between the battery & the part that gets screwed in is like a wire but flat… Like a tab.