Queston about purchasing an iphone 5c?

I have a Samsung galaxy s2 and want to upgrade to an iphone. However my plan is not up yet so I know I would be paying quite a lot of money. Anyway, I have unlimited texts and internet, would that change by buying a new phone or not?

Iphone and ipod on the same account?

I have all my music on my ipod so when i plug it in to add music all my apps from my phone are going onto my ipod. Is there a way i can stop this?

How to get only the checked songs on iTunes to stay on your iPhone?

After I updated to the iOS7 on my iPhone, all the songs that I don't want are showing up on my iPhone. On iTunes, I checked the box that says only add check marked songs, but that isn't working. Its like whatever I had before the update is what I still have and I can't change it at all. Any suggestions?

Transfering GAME Data from an IPHONE to an ANDROID Device?

I'm getting a new phone either today or sometime this week. I play a lot of games so I would like to keep the data. If it is a big hassel I won't really worry about it, I'll just start over. But if there is any easy way to transfer the game data from the iphone to the android that would be amazing, like to go to Best Buy and have them do it? I don't want to download something that will give me a virus or pay for software.

Does a normal wireless router extend wifi range? About routers?

Basically, I'm in a military camp where they are offering wifi camp wide. But in my room I only get 2 bars on my laptop when standing near a certain window as the modem is in another room. My iphone doesn't even see this connection.So, if I fix a wireless router at my place, will I get better signal on my laptop or maybe my iphone will see and connect to it? Wha are the stuff /info that I'll need to setup a router? I only know the wifi password. Thank you.

How to earn this amount of money? I'm 13 but will be 14 in about a month?

I really wanted a new ipod because i love music and listen to it constantly, i wanted the new ipod touch 5th generation so that i could watch films in the car and places without taking my ipad or laptop. The ipod is £249 (for the one i would like some are £199) this got me thinking about how i need a new phone as mine is struggling to work properly and my parents get annoyed at me as i dont use it (i dont call people only text and i cba to charge my phone for just that) if i had an iphone i would use it as an ipod so always have it charged and on me. So i was looking at the iphones and i dont like the plastic of the 5c or the glass back of the 4s and then i fell in love with the black and slate 5s! Bad right! The 5s is £549! My birthday is coming up as i said, and then shortly after that is Christmas i usually ask most of my family for money so i can buy my own stuff this means from both christmas and my birthday i can probably get £300 at least £200 anyways. How do i get the last £250? Help! It might even be £300! And no i dont want another model and no i dont just want the ipod and yes i know you can get it so you can text on there but anyways. I dont think i would be able to find somewhere to do pot washing or anything. I could do some chores for my grandma and paint her fence and things but that wont get me much. Do you have any ideas? Thanks:) (sorry about the long writing haha)

Added (1). I don't have many skills apart from art. I could probably make lots of money with my art but i have no idea how i would do that!

Does the GPS system work okay on you iPhone 3GS?

I recently got a second hand iPhone 3GS. However it seems to have great difficulty locking on to the GPS signal. The phone gets an approximate location quickly, which I assume is using assisted GPS, but it is very difficult to get a proper accurate GPS lock. I got a good lock if I stood in an empty field but lost it if I walked away. If I left the phone right at the windscreen on a car journey it locked on but if I moved the phone away from there, it lost it again. So I can't use it as a car sat nav due to lock on issues and unreliability.

So what I would like to know is, is this normal for the iPhone 3GS? Or is there something wrong with it and I should return it as it was sold as fully working?

I heard someone say that GPS was terrible in later software versions?

(Software version 6.1.3)