Which iPhone 5 deal is better?

A perfect condition used iPhone 5 16 GB for $460
A iPhone 5 32 GB with minor damage around 3 corners and a scratch in the back (looks great when inside a case though) for $460

Iphone 4 or 5 (wich is better)?

So my parents have gave me the choice of getting a iphone 4 or a iphone 5 I know that iphone 5 is lighter and taller than the iphone 4 and I also have heard that the iphone 5 some of the people I know who have it didn't really like it. So wich one is better to get and what are the the pros and cons of each phone?

Is it possible to unlock a disabled and locked iPhone 5 and if it is how?

Ok, so I was messing around with my iPhone and decided to lock it multiple times and type in the passcode incorrectly and eventually it said, "iPhone is disabled, connect to iTunes." I connected to iTunes and it said it couldn't connect because there was a passcode on my phone. I read the FAQ's and it said to restore my iPhone. I Really DON'T WANT TO DO THIS BECAUSE I HAVE ALMOST All THE PICTURES I EVER TOOK ON THIS PHONE AND FOR SOME REASON I CANNOT FIND THE BACKUP. Please help, I am very scared:(

How to find out who called husband?

He got a call around 1:08 PM today and he went outside to talk to whoever called. I checked his phone history and the 1:08 time was cleared, and the time closest to it was 1:13, which was when my daughter called him. How can I figure out? He has an iPhone if that helps.

Can i use a iphone i bought online before its blacklisted?

I decided to buy an iPhone 5 online to save some money. I checked the phones IMEI number online and it came up clean, not blacklisted. As i did more research I read that some people buy iphones that are not blacklisted at the time but then later become blacklisted. Now i'm worried that if the phone i got was lost and not reported yet but becomes blacklisted in the near future and i put my sim in it while it's clean. If i activate this phone (with att) and it later becomes blacklisted what happens? What should i do, should i trust that it's clean?

Added (1). Also could it be that the original owner did not block the phone so they can catch the first person who activates it? And use the IMEI to trace it? It was a sketchy sale. I hope i am not setting myself up for trouble or a waste of money.

How to talk to random people?

I have an iPhone and want to talk to people. I've tried Omegle and chat lobby but that's just a bunch or horny guys! Any ideas!

Iphone 4S Activation, No Sim. Help!

So I just bought an Iphone 4s (Outright, No Sim/Contract).
Tried to Activate it, but I dont have a Sim Card. I do but These New Iphones require Micro Sims.
So i have got an iphone 4s with no sim or no plan/contract. Is it going to be hard to get my Iphone to work?
I wanted to get a Prepaid Plan (Telstra), like I did with my old Phone Samsung Galaxy 5.
Is a Micro Sim all I need for my Iphone, or do I need more then that.
Please Help.

Added (1). ***Also, Any Idea how much a Micro Sim would cost for an Iphone 4S

Shoul I Buy A Mophie Air Charging Case For My iPhone 5?

I have been thinking about getting one of these cases for a while now. I currently use a otterbox commuter series for my iPhone and it works great and offers a lot of protection as my phone still looks brand new. So I am not a 100% sure how well the Mophie cases are on protection. I read one article saying that the Mophie cases offer good protection but not nearly as good as the cases from the Otterbox series. My phone does tend to die sometimes during the day so I carry my charger with me most of the time. However, I can not always find outlets close by to me to plug the charger in. That's why I was thinking about getting a mophie case because I would be able to charge my phone whenever, and wherever I want to.

So do you guys think that getting the Mophie case is worth it for $100.00?
Or should I stick with my Otterbox Commuter case and just keep carrying around my charger?