How to get a factory unlocked iPhone 3GS out of recovery (connect to itunes) mode?

Once the iPhone 3GS is in DFU mode and plugged into iTunes, the restore and update process begins. The restores process are as followed:

Extracting software > Preparing iPhone for restore (blank screen) > Preparing iPhone software for restore > Restoring iPhone software > Verifying iPhone restore > Restoring iPhone firmware > The iPhone cannot be restored. An unknown error occurred (1).

I clicked on the more information tab and was taken to a website with some troubleshooting. I did what they suggested (based on the error #) and still no luck. I've tried to restore and update about 10 times now but the same message keeps coming up at the end. What should I do now?

P.S: I have the latest version of iTunes (11), my windows is up to date etc…

How to download songs on your iPhone without a computer?

I want to add new songs on my iPhone, but I don't have a computer so I can't use iTunes or anything like that. Are there any apps that work good for this? I downloaded songs using the "Free MP3 downloader" app, but I have no idea how to actually add those songs to my music on my iPhone.

My iPhone 5 says it's disabled now to incorrect password?

My little sister put a password on my iPhone and then she couldn't remember the password and now my iPhone says it is disabled and I can slide for an emergency call. I have a few possible passwords I can try.

How to I get to a different screen? I can't seem to restart my iPhone. AND I do NOT want to reset; this is a business phone.

The apple site isn't that helpful;

Got in an argument with bf and he said this and I'm not sure why? Really short?

Me and my bf got into an argument. We weren't really speaking afterwards. Then he texts me "So you don't love me anymore?" And I said " I always love you" and he started typing for a bit then just stopped and never said anything back. We both have iPhones so that's how I saw he was typing.

UPS lost my T-Mobile iPhone? What happens next?

So I ordered an iPhone on the 12/26.It was due to arrive either today or Monday. I checked this morning and it says
"Merchandise is missing. UPS will notify the sender with additional details.
Damage reported. / Damage claim under investigation."
I contacted UPS and they basically said to take it up with T-mobile.
So I contact T-mobile and tell them, but they aren't willing to give me information because only my mom has authorization of the account. She's on vacation and I'm currently waiting her to call me back to authorize me or whatever.

But I'm still curious as to how this will play out. The T-mobile person only told me that there would be an investigation but wouldn't tell me how long or anything.
Has anyone had this happen? Does T-mobile investigation mean even longer before I get my phone or do they just send me a replacement while still investigating UPS on my missing phone. I mean since it wasn't even in my possession will they can't penalize me right?

Is CenturyLink ripping us off, or is something actually wrong?

I will occasionally come back to my parents' house for Christmas break and such, and I'm thinking I will be back for one or two more summers, too. But the internet here drives me up the wall because it's so freakin' slow! My parents live in Denver, and choices of internet providers are already pretty slim. We, unfortunately, have CenturyLink.

For the past year or so, the internet has been Really slow. As in, I've never see the link speed get up to 2 Mb/s. It tends to crawl along at 1.5 Mb/s. I have no idea what data plan we have with CenturyLink, but I doubt my parents would even know. It used to load youtube videos without stopping to buffer them, but as of this week it takes 2 minutes to load a 1-minute video. Sheesh. We have 6 computers, a few gaming consoles, a Roku box, and four of us have iPhones, but it's rare that more than 2-3 devices are using the internet simultaneously. I consider this slow because my brother and I are really into MMORPGs, and I watch videos on YouTube and hulu very regularly. I've given up on having friends over because I'm embarrassed by the fact that we can't even play a hulu video on low quality without it buffering every 20 seconds or so.

My parents recently bought an upgrade to the internet because CenturyLink promised them faster internet, and we will supposedly see an improvement on Tuesday. I'm naturally wary of this claim, since CentryLink is known for its swindling and the internet has only recently gone downhill. Could something be wrong with the router box? Are the neighbors finding a way to get past the 20-digit password? How do we tell without downloading seedy-looking network monitoring software? I've run the speed tests (at last check it was a pitiful 1.81 Mb/s download speed), diligently checked for viruses on all computers, made sure consoles weren't needlessly sucking up internet… I've even gone so far as to turn off/unplug all but one electronic device. No luck.

Could it simply be that programs and websites these days require higher bandwidths? Or is it possible that CenturyLink deliberately slowed down the internet to strong-arm yet another set of customers into dumping more money into their greedy little porcine hands? I really wouldn't be surprised if this was the case. My parents mean well and are doing their best, but they are constantly being robbed left and right because they don't know how to make educated financial choices.

My whatsapp data deleted itself on my iPhone?

i was using my iPhone 4 normally and was using whatsapp daily. Today in the evening when i opened my whatsapp it start saying restore from icloud. How? And all the data is deleted itself. Now i have a very pervious backup. Now how to bring all the data back of so many days. My chats and photos were there in it. My icloud backup was also turned off. I m disappionted from this thing. How to recover all this. I need a big help.

How to delete Documents and Data on iPhone 4S?

My iPhone is running out of memory so I have been deleting things I don't need. I noticed that "Documents and Data" takes up 4.2 GB out of the 16 GB I have. I don't know what the Documents and Data are and I do not know how to delete them. Can anyone help?

Can't get 4g to work on my iphone 5c?

I just got an iphone 5c today, it was a replacement because my last iphone was water damaged and unfixable. Vodafone have texted me saying I need to update my settings to use the internet and given me a link to download them from. However I can't connect to the internet wirelessly to open the link as the 4g doesn't seem to be working and safari says it can't connect to the internet. Any help? Why isn't 4g working?
Thanks a lot.