My iPhone 5 isn't connecting to computer?

The charging works good. But when I connect it to a computer via USB port it won't connect, and then later on my car has a USB port I can use to charge my phone and play music on the car stereo and now I can't do any of that.

Water is stuck under my iPhone 5S Screen?!

I went swimming yesterday and I used a waterproof case. After I was done with my swim, I removed the case just to see if it actually worked in protecting my phone: it didn't. There were water droplets around the edges of my phone. And there was also some water stuck beneath my screen which looked weird when I was using my phone. I've switched it off and on once since then. The water just seems to be spreading more with time. What should I do?

IPhone, music info not showing new changes?

So when I added some new songs on my iPhone, I changed the info on the Artist and Album field. However on my phone when opening the music, it shows the same details when I originally put in the song on iTunes.
Ex. Before changes
Song: I Just Can't Stop Loving You
Artist: Michael Jackson ft. Seidah Garrett
Album: Bad

After Changes
Song: I Just Can't Stop Loving You
Artist: Michael Jacson
Album: Bad

Now when I go to the song itself, it shows the before changes info. What do I do to show the after changes on the song.

iPhone 5s iOS 7

Thank You Very Much!

What does this mean on my iPhone? - 1

This always happens sometimes my phone and it takes a picture of my screen lock. It does this rarely not all the time. Why does it do this?

Good quality iPhone photography apps?

I'm too poor to afford a good softwhere installed on a computer, or too get a good professional camera, but I really enjoy takeing pictures (mainly modeling pictures) an editing them so they look somewhat professional, afterlight is a great app but is there any other apps like it? They maybe just have more options? Or like make the pictures color pop more? Just any good apps that greatly improve quality of pictures. Free or paid ones either works:)

IPhone 4s wont connect to itunes?

i bought an iphone 4s from someone off ebay and before i got a case i dropped it and cracked the corner so i couldnt click one of the buttons in my password (i also havnt connected it to any account yet) so when i was told to open itunes on the computer hold the home button while you connect the cord i did about 10 times it always connects to my computer and starts charging but itunes never says theres a device connected like its says it will can anyone help it will be much appreciated.

Would a girl lie about her texting plan?

Today I asked for a girls number "just in a case I need help with an assignment". She said yes and I let her put it in my phone then she told me she has limited texting and she's not ignoring me if she doesn't reply. It just seems a little weird to me because most people have unlimited plans, plus she has an iphone. She had positive body language also. I know no one can know for sure but I'm just wondering if girls say this to be nice or if it's likely legit.

Is there Ipod touch wifi to go or Iphone wifi to go?

I have an ipod touch and is there a way that i can put internet on it where ever i go. I'll pay for it. Same with iphone, can i just pay for the internet connection? Cause i have a really good application that can message and call for free. Just need the wifi for facebook, twitter, ect. Thanks in advance

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