I message isn't working after ios 7?

I have an iphone 5 and I updated it to ios 7 iMessage was working fine before but now it's not working. It's on in settings but it says waiting for activation so I put my password in for my Apple ID to sign into iMessage but it just loads for ages then says check your network connection and I've tried it on wifi and 3G. Help -_-

My iphone 4 home button won't work? - 1

My phone has been taken very well care of I haven't dropped it and its never had water damage and today out of no where the home button just stopped working. This is ridiculous. Is there any way I can fix this that doesn't cost money because I shouldn't have to pay money for this. Will apple fix it for free?

Does rechargeable iPhone 5 work when you have ios 7?

I have an iPhone 5 and just download ios 7 last week, but I'm wanting to buy a rechargeable phone cover but I've been told they don't work when you have ios 7 installed. Is this true?!
** already downloaded ios 7**

IPhone 4 wont charge even after bat.replace?

Hello guys,
I have a iP4 and had an issue, that the battery wouldnt charge. There was this lightning symbol. Now I bought a new battery and it didn't fix the problem. As long as the battery was charged the phone worked, but now it is at the lightning symbol again. Any idea?

All the obvious stuff like testing with another cable/charger/port was done. My question is should the dock connector or rather the logic board be replaced next? Where are the charging electronics placed?

Why does gmail keep moving emails to trash?

Hey all. Recently gmail has started moving emails from certain senders to the trash (not spam) automatically. Senders include Groupon and LivingSocial but also a wildlife newsletter, amazon and some other newsletters. I only access my gmail from Chrome (maybe once a month) and the Mailbox app (by Dropbox) on my iPhone. I have no filters or additional folders set up. How do I make it stop?

Iphone 5 now or wait for a year?

I'm not sure whether i should get the iphone 5 now for about $600, or wait until my upgrade in February 2015 which will probably have the iphone 6 by then? I'm a pretty impatient person and my current phone is pretty bad.

Battery Draining in 4 hours with my iphone5?

I charge my Iphone 5 to 100% and 4 hours later reguardless
I have tried turning off Turn off
-Background app and content refresh
-Turn off Siri's Raise to Speak
-Turn off Location Services
-Turn off Push Notifications
-Turn of Notification Center widgets
-Turn off Spotlight indexing
and the phojne is still draining at a rapid pace someone help?