How to properly back up your iPhone before updating the software?

So last time I updated my iPhone to iOS5, I thought I did everything properly, and I ended up losing all my pictures, videos, and contacts; pretty much everything except for my music. I really don't want to mess things up again updating to iOS7, so could someone please explain in detail how to properly backup everything on my phone before updating?

Thank you very much.

Icloud prompt issue after installing new ios?

After installing the new iOS my iPhone consistently prompts me to accept the new terms and conditions. The options it gives me are either "not now" or "view terms". If it choose not now it pops back up a few seconds after. If I choose view terms it brings me to icloud settings and says unable to connect to server. How can I solve this so it stops constantly promoting me?
Thanks in advance!

What five jobs are associated with creating iPhones (Apple device)?

I am doing a technology current event about the iPhone 5s and I need to name "5 jobs/careers that are associated with building or using this piece of technology"

Help! And Please don't just put: "Apple Worker".
I'm talking about maybe a software designer idk or a type of technician? I'm not good with this stuff help!

My itunes lost all my songs put on from Cd?

I am ready to pull my hair out. While i was syncing my iphone i realized that the Cd i had put on the day before was not transferring to my iphone so i did some playing around with my itunes and all my songs that i have put on through Cd are completely gone over 400 songs. Is there anything i can do to get it back because it will take a very long time ( time i dont have) in order to get them back.

Retrieving a lost Pandora password?

Hi there!

First off, I should start by telling you that I created a Pandora account AGES ago, with an email that I no longer use today. Its with Comcast, ( and I stopped using it after they switched to "Xfinity"

With the new iOS 7 update on my iPhone, it signed me out of my Pandora account and the only way to get back into it is to sign in.
I can not use the forgot password option because it sends a link the same email that i do not know/use.

The only information I can give you is there its 14 characters long. Is there like a website to decode this or an option to give me a new password?

Please help, i really need my music


How to send pics through ios7 without the location of it?

I want to send a pic to someone from my iphone using the new software, ios7. I do not want them to know the location of the picture, is there a way to send a pic without them seeing the location of it? Both phones (mine, and the person receiving the pic) are using the latest ios 7 software. Any info will help on how to do this.thanks

Will Apple Replace this iPhone 5?

I purchased an iPhone 5 from AT&T as an upgrade to my plan 6 months ago, so it doesn't have AppleCare. Recently, the power button has stopped working, and I was wondering if there was any way they would replace it for free because of this. Thanks in advance!

Am I the only person who likes iOS 7?

It seems everyone hates it. I have it on my iPad and I find the Control Panel and app switcher easier to use than the iOS 6 versions. Is the iPhone version different?