IPhone 5s or Galaxy Note 2.?

Which one should I get? Why? Thanks (:

Added (1). @Abdulmalik - That's not a very good reason to why I should I get it…

Added (2). You're making no sense, give me reasons why? What's so good about it?

Added (3). Alrighty, thanks (:

Would you be embarrassed to buy an iPhone 4S?

Apple will give me the phone free. 8GB


AT&T will give me 16GB for 49.99

iPhone 5 is 199.99 and I'm not paying that for a phone.

Will it be embarrassing to even have that phone?

How to tell who cracked into your Gmail account?

Someone with a different Ip address (and with an iphone, which I do not have) than mine has been logging into my email account. I have changed my password, and since then that person has not logged in. I am pretty sure I know who it is based on the location, but I want more proof than just the Ip address location. Is there anyway I can find the area code of the iphone's number with just their ip address? Thank you.

Can i use and American iPhone in Ireland?

I want to get the iPhone 5C next week while i'm in America but will it work in Ireland(I live there btw)? I could bring it to a phone shop in Ireland and unlock it, but I'm not sure whether I can use an o2 sim card in an american phone. Thanks guys:)

Help about 25pp software pc?

I had an iphone 4 ios 6.1.3 non jailbroken
i downloaded 25pp and there are two categories to download games firswt is the p icon for jailbroken one
second is the hand of apple icon one for non jailbroken
well as i can see when i searched for dead space 3 or nfs most wanted in non jailbroken section it doesnt show up and in jailbroken section when i searched it showed up why is it not showing?

(OPTIONAL)and also in kuaiyong another software first it was running fine but now it always not search anygame just the reload option appear my internet was working and working but it doesnt load anything up why?

Why cant i send or receive text messages?

I have an Iphone 3Gs, and just recently I have not been able to send or receive text messages from one contact. When I try sending a message it says "received" but when we talk through facebook or anything else they inform me that they never got the message, and its the same with their phone, I never get the messages. Its becoming a big hassle and I just want the problem fixed. Can anyone help me out?

Do I need to buy a new sim card for iPhone 5?

I have the iPhone 4S and my friend is giving me her iPhone 5. Would I need to go to AT&T to get a new sim card or can I just put the old sim card from my iPhone 4S in it? Also, her iPhone is through a different carrier, I think Verizon. Would I still be able to use it even though I have AT&T?

What happens when you didn't pay an paid app in iphone?

I didn't know that I've downloaded an paid app on my phone. So I deleted it a day after I installed it. I use my brother's apple I. D. For all I know, if you wanted to download an app that is needed to be paid you'll need a credit card but I know that my brother doesn't have a credit card.

According to some users, if you deleted an app (paid app) before you sync it to your computer. You will have to pay for it. What I don't want to pay it?

Q: 1) Do I really need to pay it
2) what can I do to not pay the app?
3) Can I even not pay the app(paid app)?
4) what will happen to my brother's apple I. D?

*haven't synced my phone to my laptop. But I've deleted the app already.

What can you see on an iPhone bill?

Ok I'm thinking bout getting an iPhone, but like the music, videos, pic, apps(kik, etc), text, (etc) can you see all of what is on ur phone when you get the bill?! And can you somehow look at the pics from the bill? And know what apps r on it? And like kik, could you somehow see who and what ur talking to on the bill? Thanks! Ps I need to know the truth by today! :) xxxxx