What is the cheapest iphone plan? - 2

I currently have a pay as you go phone which costs me around $30 a month. Is there any iphone plan that comes close to that? I really need a new phone and I don't care if I need a new number or not…

Cant connect to my wifi on my iphone?

Ive restord network settings on my iphone and ive even put my phone to factory settings
it find my wifi but when i put in the password it it says incorrect and i know is 100% right,
my laptop is connecet fine so it must be a problem with my phone i was going to ask apple but because my phones out of warrenty they want me to pay for a answer
doesanyone no what i could do?

IPhone 5 watch online matches can you do that?

I want to watch the online match Liverpool and Manchester United is there any way you can watch the match on the iphone ( without having to pay or anything? Thanks

Straight talk iPhone 4S problems?

Ok I've went to the unlockit.co.nz thing and downloaded there apn settings. And only call and txt worked. And went to the other one. Something like lapnupdatedstraighttalk. I went to that one too and it got Internet working as we'll. So now only the mms won't work and I read that if I had another SIM card (other than straight talk) I can switch em out and do something and switch em back (I have the instructions I'm just not listing them all) so will that get my mms working. Does it have to be a certain SIM card other than ST

IPhone wich is running iOS7 can get into your phone?

I have heard some say it is possible to get into your iPhone if you are running iOS7 if so is, then they can get into your phone, view photos and share them. I have seen on a site where it shows that it is possible but I can be mistaken. Do Apple know this problem? (if it is a problem)

I don't have a iPhone, I just wanted to say if it is true then keep your phones a place where no one can find it, beacuse if you don't someone can take it and share photos if they know the bug on iOS7 (Not sure if it is true thats why I'm asking here if someone knowed it)

Thank you for taking your time reading this.

I want a one on one no disqualification match with apple iPhone customer care?

I just downloaded new ios 7 update for i phone i have slow connection so it took almost all day and after downloading it says download interrupted i watch 6 or 5 sec to finish the update myself on itunes i da not done anything and the error occurs and now they are saying re download the whole software can someone tell me where i can find apple customer care please share the link where i can directly negotiate with them?

thank you for reading just share the link and get 10 points…

What are the Best iphones cases?

Im going on holiday to a foreign country next month and my insurance don't cover what happens abroad. I know you can get otter box cases, but i was wondering what cases there are that are like otter boxes, but not so bulky? If not whats a good brand of iphone cases to buy?