If you were to die in 2 years what would you do?

if money were not an issiue what would you do?

i would first travel the world about 6 months. Then i would go to china and find the best factory and make a phone better than iphone and Samsung. Then a tv the best in the world. Then i would go to space and have a nice time with my GF. :)

what would you do?

Imessage does it show on your text log for verzion?

hello I am wondering if I am using imessage, will it show up on my text log who, when, and how many times I am sending text messages because my girlfriend text me from her ipod while I am using my iphone and somehow my dad saw that I sent a text at 530 am I didn't think you could see them if you where using imessage please help?


If you got this far thanks for clicking on my question an it would help if you gave some advice

So I have an iPhone 4S with IOS 7 and I was wondering weather it was possible to set up an online magazine? Or make some money through my phone online?

Best way to protect an iPhone 5s?

I got one for graduation and I'm super excited about it, although terrified to leave the house with it. Defiantly not something I would have bought for myself since I have shattered an iPad, iPod touch and an lg. What I'm most worried about is the screen, not to worried about scratches on the body. I plan I getting both a case and a screen protector but all I have currently is $20 so it's one or the other. Which will keep my phone from breaking the best? What is the best brand? And is otter box really worth the price or is it more of paying for the brand? And what are some other good ones that are a lil less bulky and what should I look for (gel, hard)

My iphone 4 plug on charger vibrates screen not on?

Okay so I'm on my phone 24/7 their moments it will charge 20 30 40 percent n take it off the charger to use it so yea It been on low battery for half of day I put it to charge n screen goes black usually give it couple minutes of charging screen light turns on this time it vibrated n screen light not on I'm worried:( I use different outlet different chargers I'm worried I press the circle bottom the top button couple times n no light nothing just vibrate wen I plug it on charger n so far nothing else

Best website for astronomy geeks?

I love astronomy but there are so many websites out there dedicated but full of pictures that are not real. I am just searching for pictures of space that are NOT artist's renditions or fakes. If anyone knows of a forum for astronomy geeks too that would be great.

Another thing I am looking for is an iPod or iPhone app that is in the same league of interest. Are there any maps of the solar system that include all the probes and satellites we have sent out as well? I would like to see and read up on this stuff.

I can't wait till the James Webb observatory is launched.

I dropped my iPhone 5S and now the touch ID won't work?

So I ended up dropping my iPhone, and the screen would lag pretty bad for the first few minutes. I restarted it and everything seemed fine, but the fingerprint ID wouldn't work. I went to the ID section in settings and my fingerprints were deleted. I tried to click on it, but the letters are grey and it won't let me. I tried to restart my phone again a few days later and it still won't let me add fingerprints. I don't have a warranty so I'm not sure if I should take it in or not? I'd rather try and fix it myself, if there's any way.

How to unlock my Sprint iPhone 5C?

its IOS 7.0.4 and I can't seem to find a video or instructions to unlock it. I'm planning to use with Metro PCS or any other carrier that doesn't require a 2-yr contract, any help would be awesome. Thank you in advanced (:

How to change my caller I.D. For my iphone 4s?

Recently, I called a buddy of mine and instead of it saying my name it said something like karma or coral and it was me when he answered. I was just curious if there is an app or software for that for iphone 4s's. If so, can you refer me to it? Thank you.