Help decide on Christmas gift 2013?

Should I ask for an IPhone 5c and beats earbuds or just an IPhone 5s? That's my main option or else a shopping spree I don't know which one which is better?

I forgot to do something at work- what should I do?

Welp, basically I forgot to do one of my closing jobs at work.

My day went along the lines of this- The person on the register by me couldn't find his iPhone. My manager had me look through my purse, and I found out my wallet was stolen. I called my dad and asked him if he could move the money from my bank account to one of his, then he and I eventually got into an argument about how I was getting home later. I went back to keep working, then the police found the guy so my coworker and I got our things back. We both had to write police reports. My wallet was all wonky when I got it back, but nothing was missing from it (I don't carry cash). I started feeling sick with a stomach ache pretty much right after that.

Later I did my closing jobs, and I forgot to do a couple of things. My mind was on figuring out how to get a different debit card, my stomach ache, and how I was going to get home. Today was just awful. It was totally my fault, but I don't know what to do. Should I talk to my supervisor and say I'm sorry? Or should I just wait and see if she'll notice? I feel so bad. It wasn't some super big thing, but I still forgot.

How to get an iphone 4 from verizon to have straight talk service? ASAP Help!

1st My first phone (Samsung Galaxy Centura) got water damaged and i didnt get the insurance so i needed to get a new phone. My service ended today but i have a 45 dollar card so im okay with that. My friend is giving me an unlocked verizon iphone 4. Do i need to cancel my account and make a new one for this? How do i get it on straight talk do i need to buy a sim card for it to work for straight talk? I know you need to jailbreak the iphone for mms and picture messages for Straight talk. How do i get the service for straight talk then & wifi for my phone? How do i call them and tell them i wont have the first phone but i want my number transferred to the iphone and i will have that on my plan instead of the samsung galaxy centura? If someone can give me answers super fast i would really appreciate it & in good detail so i know what im doing. Thank you!

How to delete my iPhone's whole camera roll?

I have an iPhone 5 running iOS 7. MY camera roll is using just over 2 GB's of space, and i have about 300 MB left. I want to delete every photo, i've backed up what i want. Any suggestions?

How to get iphone from working again from water?

So today my iphone dropped (with my case on). And got water on it. At the back ( its cracked from months ago)… Now it doesnt charge, neither does the volume work and i dont have warranty. Right now my phone is sittin in rice. What else can i do. What if it doesnt work tomorrow. Im not gonna have a phone

How to use unlocked SIM-card free iPhone 5s?

So if I buy an iPhone 5s that is unlocked and SIM-card free in the US, can I use it in New Zealand and China by using a nano-SIM card from a local GSM carrier in one of those countries? Will it be able to work properly and make calls?