Should I get iphone 5s or wait for the 6?

I have the iphone 5 and I'm wondering if anyone who has the iphone 5s or knows a lot about it I was wondering what I should get… I am not getting the iphone 5c because I already have the 5

How to reset/erase an iphone?

My sis just got me an iphone from a friend. Her friends stuff is still programed in the phone and i want to get rid of it. I went to settings then general and clicked reset then erase all contents/settings and varified erase iphone then it asked for her apple ID password for *** I deleted what i could and replaced it with my stuff but how do I reset the phone completly without having her account password… I noticed a teeny tiny hole on the top of the phone is that a way to reset it at the service store?

Trading iPhone 4S for iPhone 5c?

So I have the unlocked version of 4s and apple just said they were trading all the iPhone 4's for 5c and I was wondering if I could trade my unlocked version of iPhone (white 4s) for 5c. And also do I go to apple store to trade it? ( i live in manhattan) and the store is really close to my house

How to transfer pictures from one person's iphone to my computer?

I need help. Im a college kid without an iphone, If one of my classmates took a picture of all the work on his iPhone, and i do not have an iPhone to receive see the picture of all the work from my chem lab. How could he send that picture to my mac or my iPad? Is there such a way to do said task?

Please and Thank you.

How much would it cost to unlock an iphone 5?

Buying a phone from a friend and his phone is locked to vodaphone. I need it for the carrier '3' as they have a reasonable sim only contract.
How much will it cost to have the phone unlocked to maybe all carriers or just 3?

Ios 7 and my older mac products!

I have an iPhone 4 and the white macbook from 2009. My macbook currently operates under10.5.8, and tells me that there are no updates available. My iTunes is version 10.6.3, and tells me that there are no updates for that either. However, I've updated my iphone 4 to ios7 over the weekend, and now it tells me that my iTunes is too old to sync, basically. My mac products, specifically the laptop, from its brand new purchase in 2009, run perfectly fine to this day which is my reason for having such older versions… But I really am gonna need to be syncing my phone! So can anyone please help:(

I miss my iPhone but already have a new one?

So I bought the HTC one with a mobile plan contract. But I have a problem now because I really miss my old iPhone 4 really bad but my mother is using this one now. What should I do? I can't sell the phone 'cause that would be a waste of money I have spent on getting it (99 euro). Should I tell my mother and aks the phone back or should I move on and wait for my contract to end (2 years)?

How to block someone's mobile number?

Basically I just want to block someone's mobile number because they keep calling and texting me and some of it is quite abusive and I just can't deal with the hassle. I'm on O2 UK but I don't think they can block somebody's number without having to change your sim or your own number. Now I believe the new iOS 7 update allows people to block numbers from calling and texting you, however I haven't done the update on my iPhone but I have done it on my iPad so is there any way to block it on my iPad and link it with my phone or is that just wishful thinking? Any help would be much appreciated, thank you:-)