How to turn vibration on, in my iPhone?

Okay! So I full have my vibration turned on my iPhone 4 but it still doesn't work and I don't know why? Any suggestions or anyone know the problem

Iphone 5 search bar messages showing up?

When you go to the search bar on your iphone 5, you'll type a few key words into it, and it will bring up old messages from someone you were talking to with that key word you typed into the search bar, my question is, are those messages YOU sent to that person, or messages that were sent from that person?

IPhone won't receive pictures?

I have an iPhone 4 and when some one that has any other phone sends me a picture it won't receive it and I can't send them pictures. Also I can't send group messages at all. What's wrong?

IPhone 4S won't play youtube videos?

I got a new router and modem and now I can't play youtube videos on my iPhone 4S. It's not the router because I can use my iPad and videos work and my family members iPhone 4S works as well. Why do videos just load until they time out even on the youtube app?

Which lovely case for iPhone 4/iPhone 4S/iPhone 5 should I choose?

I buy a Iphone 4s and I love it very much. So I want to buy a case for it. But I don't know which is the one I must choose. Help.
The first one:
The second one:

Transferring the app tiny tower data?

OK so i have an ipad1 and i have the app called tiny tower where you build up tower.yeah
anyways. It took forever for me to get it up to 174th floor+fanciest elevator. Im getting an iphone in a few weeks and i really want to transfer the data into my iphone! PLEASEPLEASEPLEASE I BEG YOU is there anyway? Cause this ipad1 is frkn heavy and after iphone i dont want to touch this thing.
so please please would tell me anyway that i could transfer this game to iphone?
Please! Or would it transfer automatically if i log on to gamecenter with the same ID on my iphone? Please im really desperate thank you

So I found this iphone at a concert?

I found a. IPhone at a concert like a bout a year ago if I take it to Apple will they take it from me because it's like stolen? Or can I say I bought it off a friend at school or something. Can they take it away?

Small but durable iPhone case?

Currently have an iPhone 4 with a otterbox defender case. It sort of protected it, but I'm tired of how bulky it is. I've already had a life proof case but when I made phone calls everything would sound muffled. So now I'm looking for a small but durable iPhone 4 case. Any suggestions? Thanks!

Am i really that hideous outside the mirror?

I'm a guy(15 yrs old), and i'm really good looking when i look at myself in the mirror, like so good looking that just looking myself at the mirror makes me happy… However when i take photos of myself with my front iphone camera(i noticed it mirrors the photos it takes, so i guess its how i really look) i look absolutely hideous.

My nose doesn't seem symetrical to me, my face doesn't seem straight, but actually curved at one and straight at other side, and i notice some scars that aren't noticeable by other people(other than a 3 cm long red line on my cheek that is sometimes noticeable)… Though my really good female friend keeps convincing me that i am not ugly at all… People have never told me anything about my nose or face either…

Am i really as hideous as i think i am? I know there are some things to be fixed on my face, i need braces to fix my teeth, i need to get rid of the scar, my long eyelashes(ew) and my thick eyebrows that need plucking at certain spots…