When A Girl Looks Away Quickly?

Two week ago she Looked Away Quicky When I Turned in her direction in class. Could she just have drifted off? Also my iPhone has a very unique case and was on the table and she was sitting behind so she could have been looking at that.

She is a very attractive girl and I wouldn't say I'm that attractive.Last week I think I saw her looking at me in the corner of my eye.

Can an iPhone case be too tight?

I have a tight fitting case for my iPhone 5C and I was wondering if maybe it's too tight? My dad suggested that it could be the reason for my speakers not working and my phone not picking up wifi signal? I don't think so… But second opinions?

How to fix an iPhone 5c speaker?

Hi, sometimes I like to bring my phone in my bathroom and take a shower while listening to my music on my phone. All of a sudden my speakers started to mess up, they still work but it's not as loud an the quality sounds bad… What should I do:/

Should I stop using an iPhone (forever) And get a different kind?

Seriously, My iPhone is so glitched and so slow and every once in awhile some message pops up that says "Voicemail password incorrect" so i just press cancel on that. OH and the fact im trying to jailbreak it (dont judge) and it always gets screwed in some way.

How to activate my old iPhone 5?

My iPhone 6 is ruined so now I have to activate my old iPhone 5 and I don't know how. I tried *228 and it says the number is not allowed. >:(

I dropped my iPhone 6 in the toilet and it won't turn on?

Yes I know I am idiot. Last night this happened. The phone fell out of my back pocket and right into the toilet. I'm so depressed. I wasn't home so it was like 45 minutes before I could get it in rice. The screen was black and it still is black. Nothing is working on it. :( Right after it happened the screen kept turning red. I feel like I should of took the battery out but I think it was already fried plus a mini screwdriver was not handy. What can I do? What would you guys do? I don't have insurance on it:(

Added (1). Lol, you people are so rude.