Randomly charge iPhone 5S battery?

Hi, I just bought a new iPhone 5s and I want to know if it's bad for the battery if I randomly charge it through the day, f.e.: I don't use it and it's on 76% and I put in on charge. Is charging often bad? HOw often should I charge it?

How to move my iphone and its contents to a new computer?

Our computer that we use to sync our iphones (same itunes account) has crashed. All of the files are saved to carbonite.com, which is great, but I am having trouble figuring out how to get the things that are on our iphones (that were not backed up the the old computer, and some that were) to sync with the itunes program on our other computer. I have plugged the phones into the new computer, and get the message about deleting the iphone's contents and syncing it with the new computer. We have our settings set so that our phone data is on icloud, but I have no idea how to get it back onto the phones after resetting them I don't want to do something I can't undo! Can anyone offer up some advice? If I "delete" the contents of our phones in order to sync them to a new computer, how do I recover our apps/music from the cloud, or will it just be there when I get through the process?

How to delete photos from an iphone that were imported from a Mac?

I added a photo album to my iPhone from my mac through iTunes a while ago and I'm not sure how to delete it now. I've read of going back to iTunes and unchecking the album that I don't want in my phone anymore, however I deleted that album from my mac too.

Is there any other way to delete this album? It doesn't give me a delete option on the phone so I'm not sure what else I can do. It's taking up some of my space and I don't need those pictures anymore.

How to put iphone update on other iphone from itunes?

I downloaded and installed a software update on itunes for one of my iphones. How to I get the update on my other iphone? I have plugged my iphone in and can see the download in my downloads but I dont know how to put it on my phone? Everytime I click update it tries to download the update again.

Please help.


I have the Nexus 7 and iPhone 4, upgrade to iPhone 5 or Nexus 5?

Is there even a point of having the Nexus 7 and Nexus 5? Like, does the 7 offer everything the 5 has besides the obvious phone features, making it more worth while to just upgrade to the iPhone 5? I won't really miss the "iPhone exclusive features" such as Facetime and iMessage, though my family wants me to get the iPhone simply for Facetime but in my whole life of having an iPhone I've used facetime a total of 3? Times. I feel a face to face convo could be held through skype, or maybe even the google hangouts app.

I really love my 7 and Google so I feel going full Google/Android and away from the yucky Apple iPhone is the way to go. Your opinions?

Why did this happen to my computer?

Ok so the weirdest thing happened. I rarely ever use my computer but this morning I did just up put music into my iPhone than I shut it down and put it away later today I brought it back out but it wouldn't turn on! It would start to reboot than just stop! Why is this this randomly happening my computer has worked PERFECT before infact I don't even use it. I only use to put music into my iPod which is like 1 every 2 months what do you think happened?