My iphone emails keep showing a J?

Ok, everytime i send an email to someone, they keep saying that i have a "J" at the end of the message. Can any genius tell me please how i can stop this on my iphone?

Thank you

3G not working on iPhone 5s?

3G doesn't cut in when I turn my wifi off on my iPhone 5s even though I've got mobile data and enable 3G on.

Why do people love Apple iPhone 5S over other Android Phones?

I own a Samsung S3, and I do love iphone 5S. But I haven't used any other iphones or ipads in my life.

I can't afford to buy a new iPhone 5S because either they are costly or they just remove it from the store when the price decreases.

Don't tell me iOS is so smooth while android's lag. We got lots of unwanted apps which makes it lag, so we just disable it and it runs as smooth as an iOS.

Thing is I love both these Apple Products and Android Phones [not a fan of windows and blackberry]. Wish some one would tell me why do people love Apple Product.

I have an iPhone 5s that I bought online. Is it real?

It all looks legit, including the os. However, the info on the back cover looks different. It has the usual "Designed by Apple in California Assembled in China", but all the stuff below is in Chinese. There are only two icons/logos lined up at the bottom. Neither of them are on the usual iPhone. Is it fake or made for china or something?

Selling someone else's product on eBay for a marked up price?

I am just wondering if this is allowed on eBay…

Lets say I go and find an eBay user that sells iPhone's for let's say for £269.99… And then I go away and make a listing on my own account and sell exactly the same product for let's say £279.99. Same product, same everything just £10.00 more.

We can assume it is likely because this product is so popular that before long, someone, somewhere, will not shop around properly and decide to buy my iPhone for £279.99. They then pay me for it and I then go back to the original seller, pay him £269.99, give him my buyers address and keep the £10 difference.

The customer gets the iPhone, the original seller get's his money and sells one of his items and I get £10 as the middle man. Is this allowed?

I have an IPhone 3GS on 4.1 firmware?

i have an iphone 3gs on 4.1 firmware apparently all the images which is in phone i can't get it becoz they are no longer in my pc and itunes doesnt detect it becoz they do not support that firmware i need to get all the images, videos and music out of it can some advice me how to get it?

My Daughter Hates middle school?

My daughter Skye just started middle school. She says she hates it because of EVERYTHING! She especially says that she hates these the most.

Her Crush Likes Another Girl
She Doesn't Have an iPhone
Her best friends ditched her
She is the Only Girl Who Hasn't Been Asked Out
Her Locker Is Embarrassing
Her Science Teacher Hates Her
The Other Kids Call Her Metal Mouth Because of Her Braces
She Can't Have Cool Clothes.

She is in 6th Grade and Will Be 12 Soon!

Added (1). She Wants Advice Not Stupid Answers

Added (2). I truely am. Read my other questions if you don't believe me

2012 nissan murano aux jack?

i have a 2012 nissan murano and i can not find an aux jack. I do see where i can put in a cd and play it there but i want to play music from my Phone and it is not a iphone, but an android. I heard there is a wire which goes into the spot where the phone charges, but it doesn't charge the phone but acts as an aux cord. Thanks for any help.