Why can't I send pictures from my iPhone?

I can't send or receive picture from the people in my family. Everyone else is fine. I have an iPhone 5s, my mom has an iPhone 5, my dad has a droid, and my sister well idk what it is but it is not a smartphone. We have Verizon.

My laptop won't connect to my wifi?

I have an Acer Aspire 7250 laptop. But 2 years ago, I had my hard drive changed to a Dell hard drive because the hard drive that came with it crashed. After I had it changed my wifi has been working all this time and now I'm on summer vacation at my moms house and I cant connect to her wifi. My iPhone connects and the other laptops and other iPhones in the house connects. But only my laptop won't connect.

How else can I get a ringtone on my iPhone 5s?

So I'm looking for this certain song on iTunes to buy for my ringtone and it just comes up as remakes of it like tribute acts, so it's not the proper version! I've looked for a different song I would like as my ring tone aswell and isn't coming up!
:( how else can I get ringtones instead of iTunes?!

Unlock my iphone but dont know the carrier?

i bought an iphone 5 from a friend that works at a hotel that he found. I want to switch to straighttalk and spent $63 on the bring your own device package but the sims aren t valid. I looked into unlocking my iphone but i dont know what carrier the guy who left it had. I know its canadian because i searched the phone number. How should i go about unlocking it?