I cant delete my iPhone Pics?

So… I was syncing my iphone into my old laptop, and i got this My Computer album… And i bought my new laptop and i want to delete it via itunes and i cant. Please help:(

ITunes wont recognise iPhone?

Can anyone help? I can t seem to get itunes to pick it up:


Is the iPhone 6 better in silver or gold?

I currently own a white 4s. I don't want the space grey because I like the white front but. Which of the two (silver or gold) is better and WHY? Ta! I think the gold could be pretty but also tacky? And the silver looks nice and would match everything but would it be boring or mark easier? Whats your opinion? Most answers on the web dont say why a certain colour is better.

I've always been bad at decision making haha!

How to get iCloud lock of an iPhone 5s (iOS 8)?

So I found an iPhone in the street a few days ago. I set it back to factory standards and everything's off it. When I turn it on it asks me to pick a language, my region, wifi, and then it asks me to sign into the apple account the device is on.

I've tried finding videos on it but all I get is ways to contact the previous owner. I've been in need of money and wanna sell it.

How can I get rid of the iCloud lock so I can sell it?

Transferring songs to PC: Iphone back up?!

HI there.

My laptop was stolen and therefore lost my iPhone backup, music, contacts, photos everything. I have exhausted what feels like every 'program' to try and transfer my data from my phone to my PC so I can then put back on iTunes. None of the programs I have tried, unless they are a trial (which only lets you transfer a limited amount of songs).

Please if someone knows an actual program that works, preferably free, that would be greatly apprciated! This is driving me nuts!

I dropped my iPhone 5s in a creek and got it out after a few seconds but the water was dirty?

I put it in rice for many hours and it won't turn on. If i put in in the charge it'll just continuously vibrate and now for some crazy reason i can't even put the charger in. No matter how hard i try it just won't fit into the slot. The front camera is fogged up so I'm guessing my phone is done. I doubt apple will insure for it 2. Is there ANYTHING i can do?

Average price for Iphone 5s per month?

I want to get an iphone 5s but I need to know what the average price for it including the plan would be per month. And which plan would be the cheapest for a single person without a family plan. Id prefer verizon wireless.