Is she cheating on me? Should I be worried?

Me and my girlfriend broke up for a month and a half I left her and she ended up talking to this new boy she works with, they talked for a few weeks had sex, and he eventually stopped talking to her and then we somehow ended up back together, they stopped all communication and unfollowed each other, anyways we got into a argument a few days ago and haven't really seen each other since, anyways I looked on her Twitter and today she refollowed him and he followed her back. I blocked his number in her iphone, anyways the worked together tonight and I checked her recent contacts tonight and he was in there, but she deleted any messages so only i Could see that she contacted him. The number was still blocked though. Could that mean anything? What should I do?

IPhone OTA Softer update not working?

I have an iPhone 5s. I have always used the software update feature on the iPhone since the OTA updates were added. Recently, however, I have not been able to use it because it just sits on the "Checking for Update…" screen and never does anything. I think this has been since the start of iOS 8. Has anyone else had this issue and does anyone know how to fix it. I have had to keep update my phone through iTunes and it's a big download each time and takes forever. And it still doesn't work after each restore so don't bother suggesting I restore my phone. ThanksIPhone OTA Softer update not working

Why can't I change the home and lock screen background on my IPhone4s?

For some reason I can't change the home or lock screen on my iPhone 4S. It is not jail broke and is still on ios7. I've tried turning it off and back on but hasn't worked. This has happened before in the past but resolved by turning it off and on. I don't know what to do about.

Should I get iPhone 5c or iPhone 6?

Should I get iPhone 5c or iPhone 6?

Added (1). I won't get an iPhone 4s because it's too small for me. I live in Lebanon where an iPhone 5c 16 GB costs 460 dollars and an iphone 6 costs 789 dollars. Which one should I get? I

How to learn basic coding/programming?

Well I know you have to go to college/uni etc…, But a friend of mine told me he learnt it on the Internet, Basically I don't understand coding and how it works, I'm serious about making my own app for iPhone I'm not a quitter I will not give up because I don't believe in "can't", So please help me out here I really get the hang of things fast my brain learns fast I was sharp in school too but I just want to understand the basics after that I'll figure the rest out by myself

Australians, what other places of interest that are worth digitally editing?

I need to find other places that would match this setting in a video. 1st row of men would consist of them bearing a flag up in the air, 2nd row would consist of men marching with machine guns, and 3rd row would alternate between tanks and armored vehicles. The dictator would sit behind a podium, on an elevated surface

Me and my work colleagues have decided to play a game by making each our own dictator with sinister sounding manifestos, matching videos and song that compliments it

I was thinking of placing the podium here with AA guns and spotlights mounted on the roof:

Matching song:

Added (1). I have both my DSLR and Nokia Lumia 1020 ready for action.