Need a durable case for my iPhone 5?

Hi, so I need a durable case for my iPhone. I don't want something super super huge, but If I have to, I'll find some way of fitting it into my pocket. It should be waterproof, I dropped my old phone in the bathtub so many times. But most of all, it needs to be DROP PROOF. My old phone had a plastic case, and it was only until I decided to take it off that I realized it was doing nothing. My phone was all smashed up on the back from dropping it so many times, like, its insane how many times i'll drop my phone. It should also have some sort of screen protector cuz imma messy person/

Verizon iPhone 6 personal hotspot: How much data?

I have some different scenarios for you:

1. How much data would a personal hotspot use if watching videos?
2. How much data would a personal hotspot use if my phone were on a wifi network while it was running the hotspot?

I've made a stupid decision and need some advice?

Okay, I don't know why I done it but on an iPhone application I made a fake alias and used a picture of another person (I'm really camera shy) and I know that it isn't good but I was just wanting to get to know some people as friends. From that account I've met a girl who I am developing feelings for and don't want to just stop talking to. I'm fairly sure she enjoys talking to me for my personality and I want to be honest with her. I'm not sure how to say what I've done to her in order to not lose her. Any ideas would be much appriciated.

My iPhone 5 3/4G isn't working?

I've had my phone for just over a month and it works perfectly when I have wifi, I'm with O2 and they offer no help in this category. I can send texts without wifi or 3G but when I turn on my 3G it doesn't let me use the Internet, it says it's turned on but at the bottom it says

Use mobile data for:
I have all these turned on but there is no option to turn the internet on, any advice?

Moving photos from iPhone to Mac?

I'm trying to get some pics I edited on my iPhone onto my mac laptop. I plugged the iPhone into the USB port and used Image Capture to transfer all my photos. It looks like all the original photos I took transferred, but the ones that I edited are missing. They're all still visible on my phone, but they do not show up in Image Capture or on my computer. I don't have wifi or data on my phone, so this is the only way I can think of to try and transfer these photos. Help!