Phones? What type of iphone?

which is the best iphone to get? Could you give me some detail. And also if you know any keyboards (instrument) that are good quality but cheap

How to text someone who has you blocked on their iPhone?

I cannot text my ten year old cousin because his mother hates me. His dads (real dad and stepdad) don t agree with her and in all forms what s she is doing is wrong. He doesn t know I m blocked on his phone but I would hate myself if he thought I just abandoned him. Please help me. He s my tiny cousin and I would literally never do anything manipulative or hurtful to him. I just want him to know I miss him and I wish I was around for them.

How to send and receive Imessages as texts?

Just bought my first Iphone SE and realized you can only send and receive imessages with data or wifi on. I turned of imessage so now i can send out messages just as texts without the wifi but i still cant recive imessages that way. Is their anyway to make it so you can recive imessages without using wifi or data?

Should I update to IOS 9.3.2?

I have an iPhone 5s. I am repeatedly seeing a pop up about updating my phone to the IOS 9.3.2. I've looked it up whether I should and I've seen some bad things about the update for iPads. But not really an exact answer on how it would effect MY phone, the 5s. Should I update my iPhone 5s to IOS 9.3.2?

IPhone 4s running really slow?

So my parents stopped letting me have my phone and iPad in my room at night so I resorted to my old iPhone 4s to keep me occupied. This hasn t worked out too well because my old phone takes 10 minutes to load 1 minute of video and will never continue if it has to buffer. I ve tried re installing YouTube so it is not the app. I haven t used this phone for about a year. Anyone know why it is so slow and how I can fix it?