IPhone game like Cards Against Humanity?

Cards Against Humanity doesnt have an iPhone app yet and I'm trying to find something similar but alot of the ones I played are crap. Anyone know an iPhone game like Cards Against Humanity that's actually fun?

Why can't I just have the normal average life?

I suppose this is kind of a summary of everything I've been asking questions about trying to fix.

From preschool until now I've never had a network of friends I can talk to or rely on, and I'm 17 now, few months off 18. I've never had the latest in anything, my phone only makes calls, which I don't use anyway because I don't particularly have anyone to call.

Puberty seems to have skipped me as well, got all the unwanted stuff like periods and underarm hair while all the other girls developed properly, I still look rather a lot like I did 5 years ago, just marginally taller.

I've never had all the normal child/ teen experiences, never had a birthday party, never been to a party, wether that be a kiddie one with a bouncy castle or a teen one with drinking shenanigans, never slept at a friends house or had one stay over at my house.

Now I'm in college my grades aren't as good as they once were, and I'm struggling to grasp subjects while all these people with their iPhones, normal bodies and networks of friends to go out with and have fun are excelling.

I don't want to be a hipster and revel in being different, I don't want to be rich and famous, I don't want to make some monumental impact on the world, I just want to be normal and have the average life everyone else seems to get so easily.

I just don't understand what went wrong somewhere down the line to put me on this path of just having to be happy with less than average.

This accessory may not be supported iPhone 4 help?

I have an iPhone 4 and I have a usb for it which I use to charge it up with on my laptop. Whenever I plug it in it will charge for like 2 seconds and then the message "This accessory may not be supported" appears on my iPhone and stops charging. I have to wiggle the usb wire around a few times before it starts charging again. Do I need a new charger?

IPhone 5C charger not working correctly?

I have a blue iPhone 5C and I needed to buy a charger off of amazon because the original Apple charger was bent and only charged when I had it at a certain angle. The charger I bought stated it was apple certified and did work for a while. However now, whenever I plug it into my phone it doesn't charge. Although when I plug it into my battery case it charges that which then allows me to charge my phone. Do I need to get a refund for the charger? I would prefer not to need to have my battery case on just to charge my phone if I don't need it. Any help would be great and only useful answers please.