Which is better, the iPhone 5S or the iPhone 5C? - 1

Which is better, the iPhone 5S or the iPhone 5C?

Added (1). I am in the market for a smartphone and I am considering purchasing either an Apple iPhone 5S or 5C. However, I do not know which one to choose. I have researched both phones and looked at what each phone has to offer. However, I do not know which one to choose. What I am looking for in an iPhone is call quality, sound quality, reliability, durability, good camera features. Which one is better?

Nikon d70? Is is a Good camera?

Hello I found a "deal" is a nikon D70 with the 28-200 mm for sale $200 I m not a professional photograph but I really love to take pics ( with my iphone) you know tress, the clouds, views after the snow, stuff like that so I found this camera nikon for sale do you think that worth it? I know it came out on 2005 so is old… Should I buy it or get something new.
Thank you people!

Teens: I hate school, I wanna die, I hate my life?

Everyone hates me
And makes fun of me for no reason they beat me, throw me, throw my stuff, destroy my things, they have destroyed 2 books and my iphone which pissed me off real bad i was about to fight back but they threatened to murder me and my entire family if I snitched, no one wants to be my friend because I'm Canadian and just moved from Toronto to California 2 years ago (I'm a sopomore) and everyone seems to hate Canadians at my school besides the beating and the ruff insults they call me "Canadian bacon" and "dick boy" and I tell them to go **** themselves but then they yank me and through me and the teacher sent me to the principles office because I sweared. I tell then all kinds of clever insults that leave them speechless but then they all just curse me off and beat the **** out of me, I told the police, and all they did was say "yeah right kid, now go home" I tried telling the principle but they saw me in his office and laughed at me I said all the things they did and said to me, the principle said "do you have proof" I said no then he said "then go, you need proof" I had a secret go pro camera and they beat me really hard that day, I showed the footage go the principle he said "I'm really sorry, our hands are tied" same with all the teachers, I showed it to the cops but they said it was fake, my parents didn't believe me, I went back home and they followed me and threw rocks on my window they wrote "u snitched u die" I'm really scared and awake In my room. WTD?

Are there any apps where I can listen to music for free?

For iPhone. I want to be able to lock my phone and for the music to carry on playing. I would also like to be able to get videos from YouTube, and add them to a playlist. I used to have iTube, but it turned all glitchy, so I deleted it. Please note, sometimes I listen to some foreign songs, like J-Pop. Thaaankks:D

Does iMessage use cellular data?

Does using iMessage instead of regular texting on my iPhone eat up data usage? Seems kind of dumb to have something use data when I could be using my unlimited texting and calling.

Ways of transferring photos from an iphone 5c to a computer?

ive broken my lead which connects my phone to my computer, ive had to buy a temporary one and seeing as its fake my omouter rejects it. I need to transfer a whole bunch of pictures for a project and therefore email doesnt help me seeing as you can only send 5 at a time. Is there any other way of doing it?

Silence on pebble smartwatch?

I'm thinking about getting a pebble smartwatch, mainly because they are really cool but also because it would help out in my daily life. The one thing I can't seem to find anywhere though, is if it has a silence option. (I have an iPhone 5s) I know the watch vibrates when you have a call or text, but if I'm in class would my teachers be able to hear the vibration, or is it pretty subtle? If there was a silence option that would be great. Thanks

I can't import All of my photos from my Iphone?

I've connected my Iphone 4s up to my laptop (running windows 8) and clicked the 'import photos and videos' option. I started the download but realized that it was only importing around 3000 photos which is half of the amount of photos Itunes is telling me I have on my Iphone which is around 6000. (I know I have a lot of photos) Why is this happening?

If it helps it seems to be importing photos going from oldest to most recent. The import isn't done yet, does this mean that the more recent photos won't be imported.

Is there a software to transfer iPhone content onto a mac computer?

I had to reset my Macbook Pro so there is nothing on it, but I still have all my music, apps, etc on my iPhone 5s. Is there any software that can be downloaded or purchased to take all iPhone content and put it into itunes? Not all of my music was purchsaed from itunes so I cant just redownload everything.

I can't keep my iPhone bcoz of my grandma?!

My parents just bought me the iPhone 5 and when i told my grandma she said i HAVE to have her stupid, tiny LG. I have no idea what to do and i really want my iPhone.

I need help? No answers like: "it's your life, your choice" because it aint gonna work. Already tried. Real advice please