Why does my Iphone 5s memory say other?

Okay so I updated my Iphone 5s to IOS 8 and since then when I connect it to my laptop, in the memory usage on Itunes it says "other". What is that and how can I delete it/ lower the space it takes? Thank you!

Does iCloud automatically transfer data?

I have an iPhone(1) with data on iCloud. Then I log into another iPhone(2) with data on that as well. Does the data on iPhone(2) transfer to iPhone(1) automatically or do I have to back it up?

Just downloaded iOS 8, iMessage and Facetime not activating? Help?

I own an iPhone 4s and recently updated my phone to iOS 8. Before, I was able to freely iMessage and FaceTime people without any problems. After updating, I am now not able to activate my iMessage or FaceTime at all. When turning on the iMessage, it always returns to the "Activation Unsuccessful, turn on iMessage to try again" or a pop-up that says somewhere along the lines "Unable to Activate/Connect to the Network." I have tried everything I could find to get this to work yet none of them are specifically for iOS 8 and they are not working. I have even restored my phone, reset the network settings, and many other supposed "solutions" due to my desperation. I've logged in and out of my Apple ID and made sure my phone number was connected to that Apple ID multiple times. When in the "Send and Receive tab" the Apple ID is checked but my phone number is grey and unable to check. The only solution I haven't tried that I have been told to try is the factory reset. It has been 24 hours Please Help!