I am confused over the originality of my new Iphone 6?

I just purchased a new Iphone 6 online from Flipcart this Saturday which got delivered by Monday, which was pretty cool, but the thing that was unusual was a complete different box &packaging compared to my last iphone 6 which i got last year. The charger also has a complete different look compared to the usual iphone chargers. To clear the doubt over the authenticity of the product i got the device checked from the service center. The device seem to be original according to them.Someone also said that the packaging and the box design have changed for the iphone 6 which are being manufactured now. Couldn't find anything related to this over the internet. Is there anyone here who recently got Iphone 6 & had a similar experience or if anyone can shed a light regarding the same?

How to unlock iphone in another country?

Due to my last iphone breaking and costing more than it was worth to get it fixed, I decided to treat myself to an iphone 5s which I bought on eBay from a UK seller but it is locked to vodafone. I am a vodafone customer in the uk and also in Spain, where I am living for a year, but my UK sim is a micro sim and doesn't fit in the SIM deck. I am not due back home till December so can't do anything about it.

The phone was wiped before being sent and when I put my Spanish vodafone sim in, which is pay as you go, I cannot set the phone up as it says it's invalid. I don't know the account details of the last owner and don't really know what to do in order to unlock my phone to allow me to use my Spanish SIM. Please help!

Is my iPhone using mobile data?

So, I just recently (2 days ago) switched from a samsung to the new iPhone 6s and I'm wondering if the phone still uses up mobile data while wi-fi is on? I know that with Samsungs, if your mobile data is on and you're connected to wi-fi at the same time, then the phone will just use wi-fi. Is it the same with iPhones? I only have 10 GB of data per month and I need it when I'm out but I've realized I don't get picture messages or group messages unless the mobile data is on. Can I leave it on as long as I'm connected to wi-fi?

What should I know before buying a used iphone 5s?

I plan on buying a used iphone 5s, i've no info about iphone as i've never used one. Been using a crappy phone since day, some info that i should know before buying iphone 6 and what about it too please thanks:)

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