I want IOS 7 not IOS 8, help?

I just got a new iphone 4s and it has IOS 6. I currently want IOS 7 but when I go to software updates its only for IOS 8. Is there any way of getting IOS 7? Anything from jailbreak or what not? Please help, Thank you c;<3

Iphone headphone JACK having trouble playing music?

Everytime i listen to music on my iphone 4s with headphones in i have to pull the headphone thing out alittle bit for it to play, i've tried to clean out the inside of the headphone jack with tape and stuff but nothing seems to work. Can anyone help?

I've tried many different headphones, its the headphone jack switch, when i put the headphones in it continues playing out the speakers.

How to unlock an iPhone 4s with ios 8?

I found an iphone and no one ever came to claim it so I got to keep it. It had just been updated to ios8 so no one was able to use it to call. I tried to reset it but I keep getting stuck at a part where it asks for the Apple ID. The previous owner's id is still in their so it won't allow me to continue.

Do I have to jailbreak it? And if I do how?

Policies regarding employing own children?

From what understand my father is a manager of the IT department of a smallish business. It came up in conversation if he'd be able to employ me into the company, but he wasn't sure if it would be against some sort of company policy.

I was wondering what the policies are in relation to employing your own children. To reliterate, he is not the man in charge of the entire company - just the IT department. Would I need an interview like everybody else? Would he be able to take me on as a sort of apprentice? Help would be appreciated.

Apologies if this is horribly written and/or is full of spelling errors. I am writing this on my iPhone.

Thanks in advance…

Can I transfer things from a lost iPhone to an android?

I lost my iPhone a couple days ago. My contract had already expired so I just got a new Android. Is there any way to transfer my music and stuff using icloud or iTunes without the iPhone?
Thanks in advance

How to delete songs completely off an iphone 5s?

I downloaded a song from the itunes store on my phone and whenever I try and delete it it's still there but faded and won't let me play it except if I download it again. Is there a way to erase the songs completely from my list b/c it's getting annoying.