Im getting my first iphone on friday. Its a iphone 6. Need a good case?

Im always on the go. I love to hunt fishing and bike im always in the woods or on the water and i need a case that will stand up to it. Im loooking to get a otterbox defender with it. Is the case all they say it is? Ive heard the screen isnt as responsive and touch ID dont always work. What do yall think? Is it worth getting?

How to make a good photoshoot of a product (a milkshake) on a budget?

Okay so here's the thing. My friend is selling milkshakes, and he wants to do a photoshoot of his products in the style of Apple (white background and white reflective bottom), but from what I understand the photographer who shoots the Apple products uses a very intricate and elaborate setup of lights to achieve this style. Now, he's just starting out his business, and I'm currently on a tight budget as well, so I was wondering if anyone knows the best and cheapest way to achieve this look, or at least a very similar look to this.

We have considered using solid white acrylic tiles as the base to place the milkshakes, using a combination of a small LED light that we've managed to acquire, and iPhone flashlights as the lighting, and possibly use Photoshop to create a reflection of the milkshake, but if there are any better ways we can use to achieve this look, we're open to hear suggestions. Thanks!

Iphone 5s slow app store downloads?

i can't even seem to download the facebook app, it take too long i tried booting into safe mode + i ran a test on my connection speed and everything seems to be just fine.
Is it possible that the bulgarian app store server is dead?

Why is Siri so slow on my iPhone 6?

Hi, all!

So… I have an iPhone 6, and Siri is INCREDIBLY slow. It's the slowest when I ask it to send a text. After the message is all typed out, it'll ask "ready to send?" - I'll say "yes", and it will take like 45 seconds to actually send. I had an iPhone 5, and Siri was lightning fast. I have other family members who have older iPhones, and their Siri's will send their message super quick. With my 9 month old iPhone, it takes FOREVER.

Any clue as to why this would be?

I don't think it's a connection issue. I have Verizon 4G LTE and strong WiFi at home.

Thanks! :D

How to discover the password of an iPhone?

I am 14 years old, me and my little brother and sister want to know what is our iPhone password since our mother change it we all have the same password so if someone discovered it we will all know.
Now I will return to our mother she told us since we spend too much time on iPhone she would only write the password when she think it is okay so we can enter and I thought it was an opportunity for me to ask this question eagerly waiting for an answer.
Please help!

Looking for app to create a fake website offline to practice?

I'm looking for an application for Android, iPhone, or Windows computer to create a fake website, and be able to create it offline. I'm thinking about going to school to make a career of computer technology and i'd like to experiment with it first, to make sure this is what I want to do before enrolling in anything. I want something to practice with that won't be released online. Of course, I would prefer it to be free, but it if anyone has suggestions (free or not) it would point me in the right direction. Any (relevant) advice is welcomed.