What does it mean to delete your iOS update?

I m currently struggling to keep up a 16GB iPhone 6 storage. It s always telling me to manage my storage and how I can t update apps because of it. I go to Settings and Manage Storage and the IOS 9.3.1 is Third place when it comes to most used up. It gives me an option to delete this update, but what does this mean? Will be apps be deleted? Please let me know! :) thanks.

How much does a garage sale normally make?

I am still trying to earn money for an iPhone 6, and I am planning on selling some items there. How much money can I make if I sell clothes, a DSI, jewelry boxes, stuffed animals, and shoes?

What's an Android and what's an iPhone?

What's an Android and what's an iPhone? - 1

Added (1). After I told mom that all apps downloaded to only iPhone or Android, she said that my cell-phone is an Android. What is an Android then, and what is an iPhone?

Is there any good wifi hacking apps?

I used to always have android phones, and i always hacked the school wifi(to access instagram and snapchat) with HotspotShield… But now i have an iPhone and i cant seem to find a good app. Any ideas?

How to get pictures from a lost iPhone?

Lol my dad took my iPhone 6s and I think he broke it too(not sure) out of anger… But what bothers me is that I had some good pictures in there which I didn't get a chance to backup to my computer, and also I don't have icloud photo library backup enabled so the pictures are not on icloud either. Is there any way to externally control this? How can I get my pictures from the phone without physically having the phone with me? If there is any possible way then please let me know!

How to preserve an Otterbox?

I ve had my iPhone for a year and a half, and my Otterbox for just as long. It s now falling apart, and I need it to last another 6 months. Any tips? I don t have any other phone cases, and it seems silly to buy a new one this late.

Why dont iPhone users just download google hangouts? Instead of Facetime?

Works just like Facetime but you can video call anyone on any device. And you can have up to 15 people on a video call, and message and screenshare. Facetime can't do any of that. But iPhone users rather everyone buy a iPhone just to facetime when they can use hangouts and video call the same.