My iPhone 6 cracked and I didn't drop it?

Okay I got my iPhone 6 a couple months ago and today I was sitting on the couch playing on it then all of a sudden I heard a pop i looked aty phone and I had a crack across it I didn't drop it I wasn't even touching it when it happened it was plugged in and charging if that's has anything to do with it? This is the second time it happens the first time it happened it was a lot worse and I had to pay for a new screen, this time I really don't want to pay for something I didn't do! Anyone no why it would do that?

Why won't my iPhone connect to the internet or send text messages?

It was working completely fine until earlier today when I was using the internet and it suddenly said that it could not connect to the server. I thought the problem was my home wifi so I turned it off but it still didn't work. I also just realized that text messages are not going through. I have virgin mobile and in the top left corner of my phone it says I have service and wifi, but neither of those things are actually working. Please help!

Alarm on iphone 4 isn t working? No sound?

so as of yesterday, i have been setting alarms however when it is time, the phone makes no sound or no vibrations. It simply says the word alarm on my phone
anyone know how to solve this?

How to get rid of these iphone apps/ photo albums?

I know apple is trying to rip me off, and I will want to switch phones soon because of this stupid update Apple has been making for more money using iCloud. There are apps on my phone like Podcast, Tips, Health… Etc. And new stupid photo albums i cant get rid of just on my phone. Do you need to plug it in onto Pc and actually disable these apps or no? They re really annoying and I could use the extra memory, thank you!

What are the best music software programs for iMac or PC?

Recently I was watching a friend of mine make a song on Garageband using his iPhone, and it apparently is a lot more powerful than on my iMac, generating a far richer sound and was indistinguishable from an actual thrash metal song. Rather than invest in a pricy iPhone, since I already have the Galaxy S3, is there any alternative to Garageband for the iMac that would provide me a more thorough assortment of tools and instruments to create the kinds of things I was seeing him do on his iPhone?

Added (1). I do have a super old version of Audacity, so I may need to update. I definitely want to create quality stuff, and I'm giving these a trial run as we speak. Thanks guys,

IPhone 6 plus send blurry videos?!

When I send a video with my iPhone 6 plus it's very bad quality (blurry and pixelated) for the recipient. My husbands phone does this same thing. I was wondering if this has happened to anyone else and if you've found out how to fix it.

How to change the name associated with my email address?

A long time ago (when I first got my iPhone), I had set my name to be "Yasmine the Beautiful" as my contact name on my parents' phones (since Yasmine is my name and our phones are connected with iCloud). I was 12 back then so I didn't know what I was doing. Now, no matter how much I change my contact name, whenever someone emails me, it shows up as "Yasmine the Beautiful" and my email address beside it. It gets very embarrassing when my math teacher emails the whole class and everyone's name is normal and mine stands out as conceited. How do I change it?