My iPhone 4 wont screenshot?

Whenever I try to screenshot something on another app like instagram my phone will make the picture sound like normal but then when I go to my pictures the picture isn't there. Why is my phone doing this? Im starting to get really aggravated and im about to throw my phone out a freaking window

How much would you price a Iphone 4?

I have a iphone 4, 8gb and I want to sell it. It has no scratches on the back and none on the front either, mint condition basacally. It's locked to sasktel but can unlock it for 50$

IOS 8 Table View Controller performance issues?

After updating to iOS 8, my app has severe performance issues when scrolling in a UITableView - it didn't at all on iOS 7. It seems to lag or constantly jump a little.

It affects both older (2nd gen.) and newer (4th gen. Retina) iPads, but not iPhones, as my iPhone 5 scrolls fine through TableViews constructed in the exact same manner.

Important: It seems to only affect UITableViewControllers presented modally in a form sheet - not table views created manually somewhere else in a default UIViewController. Not even a modally presented form sheet of UIViewController with a custom Table View (as a property, for instance) is affected.

Instruments says around 3% of CPU time goes to cellForRowAtIndex method, with that one being the most consuming method. Of that 3%, 75% goes to the line.

Does gmail have a messenger?

a messenger we can use on a smart device? Iphone for example. The version of the chat box option

My plan isnt up until next january?

ok so i have the 2 year plan for my iphone 5c and it is up not this upcoming january but the next one. I really dont know how this stuff works but i want to get the 6+! I have verizon and i was wondering if anybody knows what a sister can do! Thanks:)