Should I take my sim card out before I sell my iphone?

I just bought out my contract from my phone carrier and got the phone unlocked, and now I want to sell it. So should I take the sim card out when I sell it or leave it in?


Take it out.
They'll only put a new one in it when they get it anyway.

Depends, do you want the person that gets your phone to have all of your information and contacts?

Of course you should take your sim card. You don't wanna give your contact info to the person who's buying your phone ^^"

Take it out. It can't be re-used, but probably has a lot of your phone contacts in it.

Yeah, unless you want the phone's new owner making calls on your bill. The sim card is your account; anything that a phone does when it's installed is YOUR responsibility. You do NOT want a stranger (or most of the time even a good friend) having access to it.

You should take it out, do not leave Sim card in your handset.