What country does mobile number starting +353 (87) 099 come from?

This number keeps phoning my iPhone for the last month and has phoned me 9 times today asking for this Morgan person as well as sending texts. I've told him he's got the wrong number but he won't stop:( is there a way to block a number on iPhone?

It comes from Ireland. It's used by several companies that are selling things.

I know how you feel. I've had nuisance calls like that and out of frustration, I reported the phone number to http://www.callercenter.com and posted a complaint. It's not mainly to expose the prankster but to encourage the viewers to prank call him, too. And I'm sure he got a dose of his own medicine.

As for you, be aware that call blocking option is controlled at the provider level. So if you wish to block somebody, refer that to your telephone company. However, if the provider fails to offer the service, there's a couple of workaround you can implement instead:

1) If your iPhone is jailbroken, there is an app called iBlacklist that will allow you to filter incoming calls and SMS text messages. This is not a free app, though. It's current price is at $12.00.


2) Don't block calls, but use a silent ringtone. Although this will still allow the calls to come through, it'd be silent you wouldn't even notice. To set this up, download this iPhone silent ringtone, import it into iTunes, and sync it to your iPhone. On your iPhone, add the number you want to block/silence to your contacts and set the silent ringtone as that contact's custom ringtone.

I hope this helps. :)