Whats the difference between a smartphone, android, iphone and all that?

What "types" should I know about, and what are the differences between them?

A smartphone is basically a phone that can use the internet and has a touch screen.iPhones and Androids are just two types of the various smartphones that are available.

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So you're confused between smartphones, android and iphone…
Let me clear your confusion
First "what is a smart phone?"
- smartphone are phones that are more better than our normal phones. That can make our life easier by applications built in and some amazing features.

What is android?

- android is basically an operating system or a platform for applications. Like in our computer we have windows operating system as well as in some mobile phones we have android operating system. This operating system is found in some smartphones.

What is iphone?

- iphone is a smartphone designed by apple in California. And runs on ios operating system.
Like android we can download apps on iphone also.

So I hope that now you have understood the difference…
These things are interrelated
Thanks and regards

Smartphone is a phone which uses operating system just like computer does. It has many capabilities like a computer.
Android is one of the operating systems for these smartphones just like windows for computer.
iPhone is the brand name for smartphones manufactured by Apple Inc.

If you are planning for a nice phone that can do a lot of things, buy an android phone.

The people above are right. But android and IOS aren't the only operating systems. There are windows phones as well.

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A smartphone is a mobile phone that offers more advanced computing ability and connectivity than a contemporary basic 'feature phone'. Androids and iPhones are types of smartphones. Some other types of smartphones include Blackberry smartphones and Windows smartphones. There are many differences among all of them, but I won't list them all. The most important difference is that different types of smartphones run different mobile operating systems; e.g. Android smartphones run the Android OS, while iPhones run the iOS.

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