Why does the iphone 5 charger suck so much?

It literally never works and i have to have the cord in a certain position if i want it to work, ive had the phone for about 2 months i dont understand

I've had mine for a couple months now and nothing's wrong with it. If you've been pulling on the cord a lot or it's gotten run over by a chair or something, that might be why.

I agree, it's rubbish. I also had to pay £30.00 for an adapter so that I could attach it to my docking station - total ripoff!

No see, it only works Without a cord

How should I know

The phone itself really s**ks get a samsung note or a samsung galaxy s the best seller on the market and reasonally price

What are your views about the term ' Warranty' ?

Omg I don't know! Mine will work & then it won't work anymore! It's so annoying!

On my third iphone 5 charger and its barely working anymore for me, I literally just got my phone in December.