Why Iphone is faster than android phones?

First of all, I AM NOT FANBOY! I have Galaxy s3 and my mother has Apple Iphone 4s. No matter what the hardware and the specs.her phone never EVER has delay or lags… I mean wtf? I have quad-core processor with 1gb ram. And that iphone has dual core processor… My GS3 should be twice as fast… But it isn't:( . Can someone please explain this to me. But in simple words, because i dont know very much about cell phones.

Its a much better production

All apps on iOS are worked and intertwined with iOS but not with android.

There are a TON of other features on android while the iPhone has absolutely nothing extra so there is a lot of free prosesses.

Are both phones on the same network. I have a galaxy s2 and its super fast, never ever lags or slows down etc. Im on 3network in uk.

I have siii too.
the main reason is that iphones use built-in memory and it takes shorter time for accessing data and processing. That is the trick apple uses to produce faster cellphones.
but in androids, here s3, you can use memory cards too and it takes a bit longer time for processing.
but to be honest, s3 is fast enough.

If you had pure android then you would have no problem with lag. Touchwiz ( Samsung's software slows every thing down. Of you had by sense of LG ui then it wouldn't slow down. Also for the fact that the exynos 4412 isnt that great. The US variant has 2 gigs of ram and a better processor. If you don't want a phone that lags the HTC One is the phone to get. It's faster then even the s4 and iPhone 5.

Nobody has yet come up what is a lag, so the nanosecond shaved or the benchmarks posted go in the PLUS BOX
In the NOT PLUS BOX are

1) Everyone recommends the IP5 and NEVER mentions the price. IPhone prices / tariffs on any all networks defy logic and gravity

2) Slick advertising does NOT mention this

THREE as "3" was just too short )
The Samsung Galaxy S II (2)was released in MAY 2011 & has 1.2Ghz Dual Core processor with an 8Mp camera.

18 months later November 2012 Apple puts a 12Ghz Dual Core processor & 8Mp camera in a phone and call it the IP5

4) iPhones play catch up what is on an iPhone came out months before on other makes.Eg the iPhone4 was the FIRST iPhone to have a camera flash yeah 2010.

A total of 9 things are missing as All IPHONES do NOT have BLUETOOTH MEDIA TRANSFER! So NO sharing SGS II 9 MORE, SGS III 9 MORE S IV 9 MORE,

The IP5S released anytime within the next 3 to 4 months it being an S will be a tweak so still Dual Core IMO the other IP5S will NOT surpass the BB Z10

If the IP4S in an unscientific test performs better be magnanimous and accept it after all it was OVERpaid for with cash money http://www.itproportal.com/2012/09/06/8gb-iphone-4s-version-be-introduced-iphone-5-launch/

Its just better hardware, people get caught looking at stats and really have no idea what they are looking at, because stats are meaningless, its more about how well the hardware runs. Its also why Iphone 5 has such a smaller battery and why the phone is so much lighter, while other phones try to put a car battery in it yet iphone5 has just as long battery life.

A number of things that may slow down your smartphone. Apps that constantly run in the background do take system resources. And when combined with other apps running in background can really drain its resources.

A virus may have gotten into your Android handset. IPhones rarely get viruses. Rarely, not saying their vulnerable to infections.

Simple explanation. The integration of hardware & software. Apple makes both in the case of the iPhone therefore they work perfectly, without the need for (on paper) higher specs. This explains why a phone like the iPhone 5 smokes a quad core Galaxy S III.