Why is my iPhone 5 turning off and not turning back on?

This has happened twice now. My iPhone 5 has turned off in the middle of the night with a full charge and off the charger, and when I try to turn it back on it takes a couple tries.

Has anybody experienced this?

Try a different battery or take it back to the shop

answer mine everyone

I had this problem with iphone 4 The Best Thing to do is Reset your iphone to factory settings and do not restore it to your old iphone set it up as a new one or it will happen again if there is any other problem contact me or go here

and you dont need to waste your money getting it repaired i still own my iphone after i reset it i never had the problem again

Hmm. There could be many reasons for this. I will provide all th help i can Friend!

1) MANY people will ask you to factory reset. DO NOT even think about doing that! Factory reset will totally wipe your data and you will LOSE everything. DO NOT do that in any case. There are other solutions.

2) try to constantly close apps using the task manager (when you double click the home button, running apps come up). Maybe its a background app that does that.

3) reinstall any app you might think that is causing the problem.

4) try deleting your Messages. Maybe ur messages are piled up which causes that…
5) maybe its an LTE bug.keep taht off for some time and try. Maybe a few days.
That is all i have for now.

Hope one of these Helpss! :)