Why won't my iPhone charger work in my car?

I have a duel charger adapter in my car. One cord I use for my iPhone and the other I use for my kindle. My iPhone cord was working fine and one day it wasn't charging my iPhone anymore. I took the cord out and tried to use it at home and it still didn't work. My kindle charger still works in my car though so it can't be the outlet. I thought maybe it was just a bad cable so I used another iPhone cable in my car and it worked the first time and after that it stopped working too and I don't know why my iPhone cords aren't working but my kindle cord is. The iPhone cord won't even work at home anymore. Does anyone know why this might be happening?

The connection on your phone might be bad, where the cable plugs into. Mine is bad and I always have to wiggle the plug to get it just right to charge. Or it might not be bad but there could be some crud in there, look and make sure it's clean.

Turn you iPhone completely off. Then try charging it. It should work. It seems that folks can't charge their iPhones in their car when the phone is on, but if you shut it off and try charging it, it will charge!