WiFi on iPhone 4S is greyed out?

The WiFi on my iPhone 4S has been working perfectly fine until today. It is now greyed out and dim as if disabled, so I can't even access it anymore.

I have tried resetting network settings, toggling cellular data and airplane mode, hard reset, and restoring my phone, but it unfortunately does not do the trick.

I'm leaning towards the possibility of having the WiFi chip on my phone faulty, knowing I dropped my phone accidentally on the hard floor about a week ago.

Any help and thoughts would be very appreciated. Thanks!

It sometimes does that on my android, I turn off wifi and turn it back on.
Try unplugging your router and plugging it back in.
Since you already reconnected and all those other things.

I hand this same problem only the other day on my iPhone 4S, I spent hours searching the web looking at different forums, re-installing ios, resetting network settings everything that was listed.
I fixed my problem by turning off the Do Not Disturb function in settings and Notifications then restarted my iphone and straight away my WIFI and bluetooth was back.
hope this works for you

Back it up