Will an iPhone 4S sim work in a Nexus 4?

I currently have an iPhone 4S and my contract ends in 3 months.
I want to buy a Nexus 4 sim free but will I be able to use my iPhone sim in the device?
Also will my data plan for my iPhone allow me to use to Internet on the nexus 4 or are they different data plans?
Thanks for the help

IPhone4 uses a micro SIM; nexus 4 also uses micro SIM. So yes, you can use your iPhone4 SIM in Nexus 4, and it will work.

Yes, as both use micro sim

Just to echo the answers you've had, yes, you won't have a problem.

Phones can come locked, but SIM cards do not "lock" to a phone. Therefore, you can use the SIM card in pretty much any phone that is unlocked and accepts micro-SIM cards.

As long as the NExus 4 you get is unlocked, you'll be fine.

Enjoy it, it's been a tough phone for people to get hold of.