Will I be able to get the IPhone 5 on finance?

As I'm sure your aware the iPhone 5 is around the corner, although I don't think I'm alone in saying I dont have £600 lying around! Will there be anyone offering a pay monthly scheme just for the handset NOT a phone contract in the UK?

I think so

Umm, No!

More than likely.o2 have normally done it on contract before paying outright i seem to think.

If you get a phone on finance then it's basically like having a contract. I don't know if they will stock it straight away but, Bright House may be an option.

If I am allowed a little latitude Why? ( am I even allowed to ask)

The multi award winning smartphone in 2011 is (was) the Samsung Galaxy S2 I9100. No other phone including the IP4S has won more awards even USAIN! PENDLETON, HOY, WIGGINS.

The iphone4S was NOT the best DUAL CORE phone, you want to go for another DUAL CORE phone by the same maker.why?

The IP5 is IMO the IP4GS [ IP4S PLUS 4G the LTE] and Simultaneous HD video and image recording which is already on at least 3 other phone

Here they are side by side the '4GS' and 4S you should note the size has increased ALSO THINNER but the weight has decreased exactly 20%! So is it durable?


re £600 if you have that lying around get a better cleaner, ok kidding aside.

Relax its not that much only £529.00 16Gb / £599.00 32Gb / £699.00 for 64Gb

£529.00/ 24 "months" equates to a tariff of £22.05 PM

The price paid or tariffs commanded (no demanded) by iPhones… On any every network defy logic and gravity (I am sure 49% certain I saw one of the tariffs it will command being beamed down by NASA MARS ROVER… Yeah astronomical)

This I really do find funny

If you've got any existing iPhone accessories you want to keep using with the new iPhone 5, which has a smaller charger port, Apple is selling an adaptor. This Lightning to 30-pin adaptor costs £25… Apple is selling an adaptor NOT PROVIDING?

HI there Apple iPhone 5 is available here on contracts