Does someone know how to develop a picture in Walmart using a USB?

Well I'm thinking to transport some pictures from my iphone to my laptop then put it on a USB. I don't know if i could use a USB to develop pictures, so someone please tell me.

Use a memory card or flash drive

Actually you do not need to "develop" digital images. What you need to do is get prints made from your image files.

If you use an USB flash drive, you can copy the images you want printed to it from your computer to the flash drive.

Printing kiosks can use CD's, USB flash drives or directly from memory cards

Download your pics from USB somewhere into a PC file; register at Wal*Mart's Photo Lab, upload your pics, and they will ready within time you specify;; at top of page, click on "UPLOAD PHOTOS" and just follow the prompts; easy! Good Luck