USPS stole my package! What do I do?

I hate USPS! I found a great deal on an iPhone on eBay, came just fine. I shipped it to my friend and he never got it! I sent it 3 Saturdays ago first class mail! I have called USPS countless times but nobody really cares! They say "oh well at the mail recovery centre we search the package to get it back to you" well guess what? Knowing they would lose the package I put All my contact info on a sheet of paper in it and nobody has called or emailed me! Somebody stole the iPhone and the employees are protecting each other! ARGH! I spent so much money what can I do! People say oh buy insurance or a tracking number. I shouldn't have to buy all that s**t to send a package! And I am too cheap to use ripoff UPS or Fedex. Any help appreciated. Thanks!

Keep complaining. File report. Talk 2 management instead of just a worker.

Call the postal inspection service. Phone Us at 1-877-876-2455