What is the other that takes up 9 GB of my iphone memory?

When i plug in my 16 GB iPhone 4s iTunes shows that 9 GB are taken up by
"other" i only have 200 songs and less that 400 pictures 0 videos and delete my emails and texts and i restored it to factory settings christmas eve, what takes all this memory?

Probably data. I know that whenever you update your iPhone (ex iOS 6.1) it always ask that you need 2.3 GB of space or something

"Other" is a combination of things that cannot be placed into a specific category. News, data, articles, magazines, contacts, events, cache, among other things of the like. It may mean you have corrupt files, however. But because you've restored recently, I doubt that. I would suggest another restore. Or if you know you have some of the above, remove it if you want. I've left an article that explains this. If you're still confused, I suggest posting in those Boards, they will help you.

Other can contain a lot of different things including if you save email attachments, etc. That said sometimes it can be a glitch that causes this, and will require you to restore and or update to the newest software. It sounds like you have tried this and it didn't work, and it is probably because you restored to a backup.

If you really want to get rid of it then you will need to restore, to factory settings, and set up as new device. You can then sync all your apps, music, etc. To it, but you will probably lose some data like whatever was on your calendar, notes, etc. If you already have itunes backing up your data to outlook or other areas on your pc then you can still get all that stuff back.