Wifi greyed out and some apps won't work?

I have the iPhone 4S updated to everything most recent. I have looked up this question many times and everything with the wifi graying out has to so with an update. For me, this is not the case. One day my phone just wasnt registering to my wifi, so I turned my phone on and off. When my phone came back on, the wifi button wouldn't turn on. I noticed that with this problem I also can't use a few of my apps like castle story, flixter, and whisper. They all just shut out *** soon as I click them. My phone automatically fixed itself about 3 days ago, but the exact same thing happened again. If anyone has ANY solution that doesn't involve sending the phone back, that would be awesome! (I don't want to send it back to get fixed for 100 dollars when my contract is almost up)

Thank you so much!

Added (1). I have tried turning my phone on and off, resetting the network settings, letting my phone completely die, even restoring it!

Hold the lock and home button until the phone turns off. Do not slide to power off. Just keep holding. When the phone is off turn it back on. Then turn airplane mode on and back off